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Jade eggs have a high vibration. The Chinese have always valued jade more than gold because of its balanced yin-yang energy. Jade eggs are preferable because they are sturdy. smooth and non-porous. For our purpose, jade can be drilled, so that a string (dental floss works well) can be attached for easy removal or for "chi weight-lifting" exercises.

The use of a stone egg to strengthen the vagina is a practice which evolved in ancient China. As legend has it, the secret of this practice was first obtained from Taoist adepts by the emperor. It remained in the Royal Palace and was taught only to the queen and concubines of the most powerful nobles.

Many ladies who mastered the technique experienced very good health, remaining young and beautiful, with sexual organs in old age as tight and resilient as those of a young, unmarried lady. The vagina is often stretched during childbirth. This is the only method we know that many women have successfully used to restore the elasticity and tight muscle tone of the vagina after being injured during birth. This can save a relationship that is under the stress of many simultaneous changes at the time of birthing a child.

Originally the Egg Exercises were used for improving health, both physically and spiritually. The Jade Egg "sexercises" provide more power to the Chi Muscle to lift the sexual energy inward and upward, where it can be circulated to the other vital organs and help to balance the monthly flow of blood and daily cycle of hormones.

The womb of a female is the most powerful center of gravity in the body. Unfortunately. t he womb tends to concentrate unprocessed (often negative) sexual and emotional energy. The egg "sex-ercises" can help to move that stuck energy and help you to own the inner space of your womb, which is the core power of the divine feminine.

In meditation, the sexual energy stimulated by the Jade Egg can be transformed into higher spiritual energy in the core channel (chong mai) of the body, as well a used to open the front (ren) or spine (du) channel. For this, you will need training in Qigong Fundamentals 1 & 2 to maximize skillful use of these energy channels and develop awareness of how your vital organs control your emotions.

The Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and Micro-cosmic Orbit taught in Qigong Fundamentals 1 & 2 will give you powerful tools for releasing your emotional blockages and to manage your energy flow to keep all your hormone-regulating glands in harmony. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that Jade Egg practitioners also get the Qigong Fundamentals 1&2 package along with your Jade Egg. The Qigong & Tao Store offers other excellent books and audio homestudy aids that will speed your mastery of the Jade Egg.

The egg sex-ercises are fun, and a marvelous way to strengthen and control the Chi Muscle. It is easier to practice control of this muscle with an egg inside the vagina since, as the egg moves, you can feel the direction in which the Chi Muscle moves. Controlling this voluntary muscle means control of the many involuntary muscles in the vagina that are normally unconscious.

Also, as you master the use of this muscle of the vagina and perineum, you simultaneously tone up the lower abdomen. Thus, your performance of Taoist Ovarian Breathing, the Orgasmic Draw, and the Vital Organs Internal Orgasm greatly improves.

Healing Tao improved on the ancient egg practice by drilling a whole through the egg. It was Mantak Chia who had this idea, to allow women to increase the isometric tension in the Chi Muscle of the vagina by hanging light weights from the string tied to the egg. This is an optional practice, that requires training. Other women find the string very helpful in easy removal of the egg after practice.

Net result? Jade Egg sex-ercises are a very effective way to increase the internal flow of sexual hormones. This supports the transformation of sexual energy (jing chi) into spiritual awareness (shen) deeper meditation, allows for more vibrant sexual love (solo or dual cultivation). It keeps your vital organs healthier and your skin and hair looking younger and more beautiful.

If you want to learn how to integrate the Jade Egg practice with other energetic practice, consider attending the "Healing Love/Taoist Sexual Secrets of Health & Bliss" course at our summer retreats in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. You will learn the inner secrets of Jade Egg and Healing Love practices to achieve whole-body orgasm from a female Senior Instructor. The course is open to both singles and couples interested in learning how Tao sexual energy cultivation can positively improve sexual relations and spiritual growth.

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