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Guided Audio CDs
with Joyce Gayheart

"My Body Moves Easily:

I Feel Graceful & Light!

Feldenkrais Super-Learning for Primordial Qigong

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 Joyce: – listen to sample audio

“It’s impossible to merely like you, Joyce. I can’t help but love you!

You are amazing – a true Moving Body Goddess. Thank you for giving me a Way to change my struggling body into joy!  - Meryl, NYC

This 4-part audio CD series is guided Feldenkrais Awareness-Through-Movement integrated with Alexander and qigong. They were recorded live at a Tai Chi for Enlightenment/Primordial Qigong workshop. They are fun, super-easy, and very powerful. Essentially, it’s qigong done lying on the ground, free of gravity, similar to Tao -Yin exercises.

Moshe Feldenkrais, Israeli physicist, studied Chinese-inspired movement arts in Japan. He broke it down into smaller moving parts to heal his own injuries. The result? A brilliant, effective way to speed up learning & improve the natural feeling of grace in ANY qigong or tai chi movement.

Joyce’s wonderful soothing voice transports us into a deeply relaxed state. She guides a series of small but effortless conscious body movements that add up to a deep feeling of joy and ease.

The primary benefits of Primordial Qigong/Tai Chi for Enlightenment are dissolving disease and smoothing difficult karma. Get all 4 Audio CDs to dissolve unconscious body resistance to that happening quickly and effortlessly.


Turn Your Torso Easily

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Somatic theory overview, how body-mind split can be resolved by completing developmental movements many missed as babies. Learn to roll left and right without struggle. Use counter-force of separately turning head, pelvis (kua), and knees to unwind trapped or frozen tension in the body core.

   Qigong application: Supports continuous spiraling turns, Earth and Heaven cycles. Turning is about choosing the right direction in life.


Pelvic Rocking: Spine Awakes, Wag Your Tail

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This simple exercise is the single best way to prevent and heal low back pain. It quickly restores suppleness in the heel to tailbone to neck vertical movement of the spine. Includes use of rolled up towel as prop for advanced work. Learn to shift left to right side of body without leaning – use your tail bone as a “third leg” to ground.

Qigong application: Opening and closing vertically allows deep chi flow in  joints and bones. Pelvic ”kua” opens, whole body pulsates with subtle energy.


Free Up Frozen Hips & Shoulders

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Explore relationship between shoulder tension, scapula, and our ability to lengthen our arm span. Let your inner child make “Snow Angels”, using arms as wings. Counter-force between hips and shoulders. Amazing what happens when the ribs suddenly open up and you can breathe easily again! Qigong application: Supports grounded chi flow between upper and lower body in both Heaven and  Earth cycle.


Arms Reach Easily to Gather Heaven Chi

$20.00   ORDER NOW

How to integrate tailbone, hip, spine, shoulder, scapula and arms to reach as a single body movement. Allows our arms to be supported in grasping what we truly need in life. Stretching and turning simultaneously is a very complex movement, requires counter-force down tailbone and legs while arms extend up.

Qigong application: Supports whole body gathering chi in Heaven cycles, and grounding it down through legs. In Earth cycle supports ease of spiraling movement up to Sun, Moon, Stars.



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