Astrology book - Under One Sky - by the late Joyce Gayheart,

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500 page book

Joyce's Book

Under One Sky

Joyce's Life Story
Age 0-60 (read her complete life story)

This unedited version of Joyce's autobioography is nearly twice as long as the one that appeared in the fascinating study of astrology, "Under One Sky" by Rafael Nasser (who is also a student of Taoist inner alchemy). Included are the "sensitive" outtakes, such as her contacts with Aliens, a sexual affair, and many fascinating details of her life that there was simply not emough room to include in the book. Joyce labored for three years to distill her life down into this long version

Under One Sky has astrologers from twelve different schools, many of theim quite famous, do blind readings of Joyce's birth chart. The idea is that the reader can decide whose reading most accurately reflects Joyce's actual life. Each astrologer also describes their process of reading a chart, and their ideas on fate, destiny and the use of astrology. This is the only book on astrology that offers an objective way to test the validity of astrology by comparing Joyce's actual life to what her astrology chart predicts it should have been like.

Rafi chose Joyce as his subject because she had already lived a full 60 years of life, by which time any planetary influences should have had time to manifest.

Rafi admired Joyce personally and found her life interesting, as you will likely also find it. Joyce's story is of a women struggling against huge odds and repeated tragedies and physical suffering. Her drive for spiritual dvelopment trumps her suffering with light and grace.

Everyone who knew Joyce agrees she was a being with remarkable spiritual presence. She was a talented healer, movement artist and teacher, and writer. Her life touched many people, as evidenced by her Life Celebration service after her passing.

Healing Tao USA is pleased to carry Under One Sky. 500 pages. $25. Of the 12 readings in the book, Joyce thought four were excellent, four were half-accurate, and four had misssed the mark completely.

The readings are from 12 amazingly diverse schools of astrology: Evolutionary, Medieval, Vedic, Mythological, Modern Western, Uranian, Archetypal, Asteroid Centered, Psychological, Western Sidereal, Light-Hearted, & Hellenistic.
Under One Sky


A must for any Serious Lover of astrologer!

The twelve astrologers that analyze Joyce's birth chart are true masters, titans of modern day astrology. I had no idea there were so many valid ways to approach a chart. I believe I learned more from reading this book than I have from the last 17 years of studying astrology. The author also presents some unique and compelling arguments for a causal basis of astrology. There is no doubt that Under One Sky will be required reading for students of all serious astrological institutions and organizations
- S.K, a Deeply Impressed Reader

Ground Breaking - Exuberant and Passionate!

Under One Sky is a ground-breaking quest to burrow beneath the mystique of the astrologer's craft....some are brilliant, others are exuberantly eccentric, a few ae both. All are passionately dedicated to their art.
- Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology

Astrology's Secret Truths Finally Revealed

I had no idea there were so many different fields of astrology - so many different ways of reading a chart. Although I felt that Joyce's bio was a bit long, it was well written and gives you a good idea of who she is, and what her life has been like. So when you read each astrologer's interpretation of her chart, you can immediately recognize an accurate reading of that aspect of her personality/life. After interpreting a part of Joyce's chart, the astrologers tell us which planetary aspect led them to their conclusions in that area, which I found interesting, even though I recognized half of the planetary names and the charts look like Greek to me. I especially enjoyed "The Astrologer's Forum", where each of the 12 astrologers answers questions relating to astrology, consciousness, karma, reincarnation, fate, etc. After reading the book, I was so impressed with one of the astrologers, I made an appointment for a phone reading. I won't tell which one, I think it took a lot of guts to do a "blind reading" for publication, and admire them all.
- Star Gazer, NYC

Twelve Astrologers In One Volume! For Beginners or Experts

This book is a wonderful exploration of the many facets and formats of astrology, from the simple to the sublime. I had no idea there were so many different traditions, from A (asteroid-centered) to V (vedic)!
Providing Joyce's biography -- after all the astrologers had submitted their readings, of course -- was a stroke of genius. It lets the reader compare the accuracy of the blind readings with the actual events of her life.
I would recommend Under One Sky to beginners and professional astrologers alike. Everyone who picks it up will learn something from it.
- M. B, San Francisco


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