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Joyce Gayheart
I have been facilitating learning, healing, creativity and conscious evolution for individuals and groups for thirty years.

My training is in a spectrum of movement, energy, healing, spiritual and creative arts. I feel blessed to have studied personally with many great teachers. They have inspired me to go deeply into my own explorations and discoveries.

In both individual and group work, I honor each person's natural abilities, unfolding process, and inherent wisdom.

My study and training include:
•Somatic Experiencing® trauma healing (2002-Present)
•LIFT® Listening Fitness Training based on the Tomatis work (2004-present)
•Feldenkrais Method® with Moshe Feldenkrais 
   (Certified practitioner since 1983)
•Mantak Chia's Healing Tao chi kung and internal alchemy
  meditation (Certified Instructor since 1984)
•The Alexander Technique with Marjorie Barstow (1984-91)

•Process Oriented Psychology with Arnold Mindell 
  and associates (1989-92)
•Authentic Movement (graduate, Center for the Study of 
  Authentic Movement 1989-92)
•Holographic Repatterning® with Chloe Wordsworth and associates (1998-2003)
•Wave Form Optimizing with Tom Stone (2000)
•Functional Voice (3 year training with G. Rohmert, Lichtenberg,
  Germany 1997-2000)
•Body-Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (1979-84)

•Taoist internal alchemy with Michael Winn, my partner since 1983
•Chinese medical energetics, tai chi and chi kung with
  many teachers (1978-Present)
•Body-Centered Process with Josef Dellagrotte, Ron Kurtz and 
  Ruthy Alon(1978-80)
•Polarity Therapy with Pierre Pannetier (1975-77)
•Inner Sound Meditation with Charan Singh (since 1975)
•Nutrition, herbology, biodynamic gardening since 1969 

•All but dissertation completed for Ph.D in English and American
  Studies (including literature, history and anthropology) 1971
•Living in Peruvian Andes, doing anthropology field research (1969-70)
•M.A. in English, Indiana University, 1968


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