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Moving from the Source
by Joyce Gayheart

For the past 30 years I have been exploring the synergy of the ancient Eastern energy systems and modern somatic disciplines. In somatic and energetic as in spiritual practices, awareness is the key. Through the cultivation of awareness, we have unlimited potential to increase coherence.

One of the easiest ways to develop awareness is through doing subtle movements and noticing how our whole self responds. Why subtle movements? There is an inverse relationship between awareness and effort. When we do less, we are able to notice more. The greater our awareness, the less effort required.

In the interplay of movement and attention, we fine-tune our perception and our functioning. In just a few moments we can increase coherence and enter into deeper relationship with ourselves and the whole web of life.

I have found that interweaving subtle elements of Feldenkrais® and Chi Kung is particularly potent. Feldenkrais Awareness® through Movement explorations are a fast and easy way to free ourselves from limiting, habitual, non-coherent patterns of thinking, feeling, perceiving and moving.

Feldenkrais movement sequences are based on developmental patterns. As we play with them, we enliven all that we have inherited from those who have come before us on Earth. The dances of amoeba, starfish, frog and bear awaken in us. If we look carefully we can see that these same ancient patterns are also present in tai chi and chi kung.

Through Feldenkrais movement explorations, we can easily learn a chi kung form and have a deep energetic experience in a fraction of the time normally required. As we are lying down for many of the Feldenkrais movements, we can let go of the excess effort we use to hold ourselves upright. We are free to learn new ways to relate to Earth and to accept the support that is always present for us.

We play with variations on the chi kung movements while lying down. When we stand up, we find that we are both more deeply grounded and much more light and buoyant. As we move into chi kung we find that our movements flow out effortlessly, easily and gracefully.

From our experience of chi kung we can develop awareness of chi and energy pathways. This awareness deepens our experience of the Feldenkrais movements. Weaving back and forth we can amplify the effects many fold.

Over time, inner awareness and outer awareness become one coherent Whole. We can experience moving from the matrix, from the Source, in communion with all life. We can experience what the Taoists called wu wei, doing without doing.

Many of us are experiencing some problem or limitation in our lives. Any experience of limitation involves a loss of coherent, fluid, natural movement.

Our experiences of feeling restricted, separate or in pain can be seen as directly related to our culture's extremely limited definitions of body and movement. We tend to think of our body as a separate, static object. We think of movement as just something that we do rather than the vibrant multidimensional dance we are.

We can redefine and expand our understanding of what it means to embody ourselves and to move freely. We can remember ourselves and our Wholeness.

How do we begin? I invite you to notice, with loving attention, how you are in the moment. Can you simply notice, without judging or resisting, any sensations or feelings? Now do any movement in a much smaller range and much more slowly than you normally would. Notice the quality, how you are moving, and ask yourself, How could I do less? How could this be even easier? Can you notice with curiosity and wonder how your whole organism responds to your question?

After a minute or two of moving in this way, come to rest. With your attention open, be aware of how your whole organism is responding. Notice what is different for you. Are you aware of more flow and movement inside and out, a greater sense of the Whole? Can you allow this dance of life to continue?

Any movement can be done in this simple, easy, effortless way. Through subtle movement explorations, we can open up many new possibilities.

This article was first published in the February, 2001 issue of the International Holographic Repatterning Association newsletter.


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