Healing Love through the Tao

Cultivating Female Sexual Energy

The sexual guidance and exercises presented in this book are being introduced plainly to the Western public for the first time. For thousands of years Taoist masters taught these secrets only to very small numbers of people in the royal courts and in esoteric circles, who were sworn to silence. Now, a young Taoist Master and his wife, themselves practitioners of this ancient sexology feel the need to share this knowledge with the world.

There are two main practices that the authors teach women to cultivate and enhance their sexual energy. One is Ovarian Breathing which can shorten menstruation, reduce cramps and compress more life force energy (CHI) into the ovaries for more sexual power. Another, the Orgasmic Upward Draw can be done solo or with one's sexual partner. When this practice is mastered one can experience a total body orgasm that is beyond ordinary vaginal orgasm without loosing life-force energy.

There are two other preparatory exercises taught by the Chias. They are a series of exercises with an egg of wood or stone, which is used to strengthen the urogenital and pelvic diaphragm, the glands, tendons and nervous systems. These exercises lend themselves to titters by the uninformed but in fact have been successfully practiced for thousands of years to enhance the potency and pleasure of the woman fortunate enough to know about them.

Here is a typical rave review of this book:

Essential for Women serious about taking Sex Higher,

"This book is absolutely essential to those serious about taking their sex, and really their entire life, to the next level of spiritual fulfillment. I have so many good things to say about this book. It was discontinued for years and I finally managed to find a copy of it for my collection. After introducing the reader to some basic Taoist principles of energy and stress and spirituality, which it explains very well and in clear discourse, it launches into the main part of the book - direct application.

The book is not just about sex, it is about sexual energy. First the power and different uses of sexual energy is explained, then the book goes over exercises women can do to harness the power of their latent sexual energy to vitalize their body and spirit. This part requires great practice and is frustrating sometimes because there are so many parts to the exercise and some parts take a long time to master. Completing this is best, but not necessary, before moving on to the interactive lessons of the book.

The Egg Exercise alone is worthy of buying the whole book! This part also shows how to transform some of the sexual energy created during sex into spiritual energy. The third part is very interactive and spells out techniques to employ during sexual activity. And good things come to those who wait because this portion is the easiest to learn and master. Techniques range from those designed to create longer and more intense orgasms to those designed to heal physical imbalances in the body to those meant to strengthen emotional connections between partners to those meant to be a supra-meditative experience where you "touch the face of God" even.

It's amazing and there is something for anybody. The book concludes with a few loose ends that get tied up, including a brief section for lesbian women! Seriously, this book is an awesome and powerful tool. And it needs to be taken seriously by those who really want to awaken their entire selves, souls, hearts to the joyous experience of living. Your partner will thank you for the rest of your relationship. Most importantly, you will thank yourself for the rest of your life:)"
- Grateful Reader from Maryland

ISBN 0-935621-05-9

B06 $15.95