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Taoist Internal Alchemy: Meditation as science of change

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Article Title Author Submission Date
Lao Tzu: LET GO of Struggle. But HOW?
American Tao Masters - at Summer Retreats
Michael Winn 05/27/13
On Taoist Internal Alchemy
Interview with Michael Winn (good overview of system)
The Empty Vessel: Journal of Contemporary Taoism 01/23/02
Daoist Alchemy as a Deep Language for Communicating with Nature
Ground-breaking 30 page article, Conference of Daoist scholars and adepts
Michael Winn 01/28/09
Magic Numbers, Planetary Tones and the Daoist Energy Body as Musical Instrument
42 pages, 23 illustrations, Includes musical origins of I Ching, and evolution of Tao inner alchemy into global sacred science. 1.8 Mb Acrobat PDF
Michael Winn 06/26/03
Inner Smile, the Secret to Being Simple and True
Published in the Immortal Child, Newsletter of the Healing Tao Instructor's Association, in 2000
Michael Winn 01/23/02
Becoming The Immortal Child
The Egyptian Book of The Dead as Inner Alchemy Text
Translated by Normandi Ellis 07/17/03
Taoist Alchemy & Breatharians
5 Days in a Huashan Cave (Qi Journal article)
Michael Winn 02/18/02
On the Taoist "Pure Water Method" vs. "Water & Fire" Method of Alchemy
Thoughts on the Mind as Fire
Michael Winn 01/23/02
State of the Universe Address
Year of the Water Horse
Michael Winn 02/18/02
On Immortality, the Body, & Wuji
Michael Winn 01/23/02
Looking for Taoists in China, Mortal and Immortal
Michael Winn 01/23/02
Story of Mantak Chia Meeting Taoist Adept One Cloud
Introduction and interview with Mantak Chia by Michael Winn, written for PBS book by Francesco Garripolli accompanying his PBS film Qigong: Healing Art of the 21st Century
Michael Winn 01/23/02
Taoist Dream Practice
Embrace the Dark Side, Manifest with No Resistance
Michael Winn 08/27/08
Clearing the Confusion Over Fusion
Article for Immortal Child Newsletter, Healing Tao Instructor's Association, 2001-2002
Michael Winn 01/24/02
Healing Tao goes Breatharian
Eve Adesso 01/23/02
On The Day YOU Were Born
Deborah Frasier 01/23/02
The Dream of Life
from Readings from World Scriptures - by Prof Andrew Wilson
Chuang Tzu 01/23/02
Silent Tantra, or Spontaneous 2-Person Alchemy
Tao of Doing Nothing Together
John Mann 09/30/09
On Alchemy, Iraq, and the Metal Element
Michael Winn 03/12/03
Taoist Dream Practice & Inner Alchemy
Juan LI 11/03/13

Michael Winn's Lecture Transcripts

a. Qigong Fundamentals #1:
    Way of the Inner Smile (sample eBook chapter)

b. Qigong Fundamentals #1:
    Five Animals Do the Six Healing Sounds (Shamanic Qigong)

c. Qigong Fundamentals #2:
    Open Chi Flow in MicroCosmic Orbit

d. Qigong Fundamentals #3 & #4: Internal Chi Breathing

e. Fusion of Five Elements #1:
    Cultivate True Feeling & Transform Negative Emotions

f. Fusion of Five Elements #2 & #3:
    Open the Eight Extraordinary Vessels to the Macrocosmic Flow of Life

g. Healing Love: Taoist Sexual Secrets for Health and Bliss
    Sexual Qigong: Tao Path to Completing our Human Identity

h. Inner Sexual Alchemy (Lesser Kan & Li):
    Alchemical Art of Coupling Inner Male and Inner Female
Michael Winn's US and International Teaching Schedule

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Article Title Author Submission Date
Come to Tao Garden for Healing Tao's 30th Birthday Party!
Tao Congress Sept. 5-14, 2010
Michael Winn 07/13/10
Asheville Workshops FALL 2016/SPRING 2017 UPDATED
Seeking a Peak Experience?
25 Amazing Tao Summer Retreats
Michael Winn 04/12/09
Tao and Sexuality

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Article Title Author Submission Date
Transforming Sexual Energy with Water-and-Fire Alchemy
Book Chapter excerpt from "Daoist Body Cultivation"
Michael Winn: 07/06/09
Soul Sex: Hidden Driver behind Romantic Love?
Physical Sex vs. Subtle Body Sex
Michael Winn 03/27/09
The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm
Daoist and Tantric Sexual Cultivation in the West
Michael Winn 11/26/02
The Tao of Cultivating Sexual Energy
Element Books (Nov. 2000)
Michael Winn 01/23/02
Happiness, Sexuality and Love
Tao & Tantra: A leap into the Inner Heart
Marco Bizzozero 09/23/08
Sexual Alchemy: Female Blue Water Snake Year 2013
Mythology of Serpent, East & West
by Michael Winn 03/06/13
My Spirisexual Self
Raven Cohan 01/23/02
The Sacred Art of Relationship
Divine Union of Male & Female
Estariya Venus 09/11/09
Spirituality, Sex Energy, and Relating
Lar Short 01/19/03
The Forces of Love, Eros and Sex
Eva Broch Pierrakos 01/29/02
The Sex Principle
All of Creation is Sexed
Walter Russell 04/03/13
Chi Kung (Qigong) as art and science of healing

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Article Title Author Submission Date
Multifaceted Health Benefits of Medical Qigong
Kenneth M. Sancier, Ph.D. and Devatara Holman MS, 02/13/05
Can Qigong Qi (Chi) Emission Inhibit Cancer Cells?
Summary of Scientific Studies
Kevin Chen 02/22/09
A new American Qigong
Michael Winn 01/23/02
Healing Cancer with Chi Kung Therapy
Michael Winn 01/23/02
Qigong Therapy as Alternative/Complementary Medicine
Michael Winn and Don Lonsdorf, MD 01/23/02
DNA Tricked By Inactivity Causes Major Health Problems
Obesity Sleuths find chronic diseases are linked to a breakdown response to what our human DNA is expecting
Frank W. Booth and Espen E. Spangenburg 07/19/02
Qigong Therapy and TCM
Oriental Medicine of the 21st Century
Michael Winn, Past President, NQA 01/23/02
Medicine in Crisis
Science, Politics and the Making of TCM
Heiner Fruehauf, Ph.D., L.Ac 01/23/02
Is "Chi" Real? Yes, Beyond Any Doubt
Michael Winn 01/23/02
The Gentle, Easy Way to Pack Your Iron Shirt
Secret of Relaxing into Your Root
by Michael Winn 03/02/06
Integrating Taoist Principles into modern science and society

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Article Title Author Submission Date
Daoist Qi Science vs.Western Science:
Which is more real? Imagination is the power behind Science
Michael Winn 12/25/10
Why "Hard Science" is Based on Faith
Paul Davies 01/01/08
Evolution Depends on Memory Held in Fields of Morphic Resonance
Rupert Sheldrake 01/01/08
Acupuncture, Liquid Crystallinity, and Coherent Energy
Institute of Science in Society: Science, Society, Sustainability
Talk presented to British Acupuncture Society, 2 October, 1999
Mae-Wan Ho 01/29/02
Bio-Mimickry, the Ultimate Taoist Science
Technology based on Nature's wisdom
Jay Harmon, Bioneers 12/08/08
Are Science and Religion Compatible?
Einstein, Bohr, Pauli, Heisenberg Debate the God Factor in Science
Werner Heisenberg 01/01/08
The Biology of Free Will
Journal of Consciousness Studies 3, 231-244, 1996
Mae-Wan Ho 01/23/02
Reality is a Novel
Physics vs. Metaphysics in a Sequences of Possible Universes
Rudy Rucker 01/01/08
The Tao of Free Energy Devices
Peter Lindemann 02/18/02
Researchers find sense of "Self" in the Right Brain
Discovery News 01/23/02
The Biology of Globalization
Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D. 01/29/02
Organism and Psyche in a Participatory Universe
The Evolutionary Outrider. The Impact of the Human Agent on Evolution
Mae-Wan Ho 01/23/02
Gaia and the Evolution of Coherence
First presented at the 3rd Camelford Conference on The Implications of The Gaia Thesis: Symbiosis, Cooperativity and Coherence, November 7-10, 1989, The Wadebridge Ecological Centre, Camelford, Cornwall; revised 10.8.93
Mae-Wan Ho & Fritz-Abert Popp 01/23/02
Bioenergetics and Biocommunication
Mae-Wan Ho 01/23/02
I Ching: Book of Unchanging Changes

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Article Title Author Submission Date
A "New" Method of Tossing I Ching Hexagrams
Way of the Total I Ching by Stephen Karcher

Stuart Harrop

Book Review: Cosmic Way I Ching
by Carol Anthony & Hanna Moog
Michael Wiinn 01/31/11
I CHING on LAW (Original Shen) and Unfoldment of CHI
Michael Winn 02/10/06
Daoist Scholars Illuminate the Way

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Article Title Author Submission Date
Primordial Tai Chi (Book One Introduction)
Awaken Self-Love with Sacred Movement ( 6.3 MB. PDF)
Michael Winn 10/14/16
8 Branches of Tao Healing Arts
Origins of Chinese Medicine, Internal & External
Jeff Nagel 09/30/16
Primordial Tai Chi: Way of Enlightened Self-Love
Book One & Book Two: Table of Contents
Michael Winn 07/24/16
ONLINE DIRECTORY Michael Winn articles, book chapter excerpts, conference papers
Daoist Neidan: Lineage and Secrecy Challenges for Western Adepts
Journal Daoist Studies, vol1, spring 2008
Michael Winn 07/10/16
Daoist Internal Alchemy in the West (excerpt)
15 pg. rom chapter in Internal Alchemy: Self, Society, and the Quest for Immortality, edit. Livia Kohn (Three Pines Press)
Michael Winn 07/10/16
Healing Tao as Postmodern Movement
by Elijah Siegler 01/23/16
Destiny , Vital Force, or Existence?
Meanings of Ming in Daoist Internal Alchemy and Its Relation to Xing or Human Nature
Fabrizio Pregadio 01/29/15
Dao de Jing & YIN XI: The Guardian of the Pass
Yin Xi's Relation to Lao Tzu as First to Recieve the Scripture
Livia Kohn 12/25/13
China Gets Religion!
Daoism and Christianity under Communism
Ian Johnson 12/05/11
Daoist Methods of Dissolving the Heart-Mind
Journal of Daoist Studies 2009 (vol. 2)
Michael Winn 03/21/09
Internal Alchemy ( book preface)
Self, Society, and the Quest for Immortality
Ed. Livia Kohn & Robin Wang 02/16/09
The Subtle Body Ecstasy of Daoist Inner Alchemy
Daoist Mystical Experience
Livia Kohn 11/24/07
Daoism and the Origins of Qigong
Livia Kohn 11/25/07
Levels of Qigong Practice for Attaining Immortality
Seen from Traditional Daoist Worldview
Livia Kohn 05/06/07
The Idea of Immortality in Chinese Thought
And Its Influence on Taiji Quan and Qigong
Arieh Lev Breslow, M.A. 05/06/07
China: Short HIstory -Why it survived 2000 years when Roman Empire Failed
Kaiser Kuo, 10/12/14
Attaining Sagehood & Immortality in Daoism
Laozi, Chuangzi, & Confucian Ideals
Antonio Claret 05/06/07
Women in Daoism, Buddhism, & Confucianism
Daughter/Wife/Mother or Sage/Immortal/Bodhisattva?
Joseph A. Adler 05/06/07
What is Taoism?
The Foundations of Taoist Practice
Dr. Jampa Mackenzie Stewart 12/19/09
Daoist Alchemy in the West:
The Esoteric Paradigms
Lee Irwin 05/06/07
A History of Early Daoist Visualization
Roots of Internal Alchemy in the Eastern Han (20-220 CE)
Louis Komjathy 06/13/10
Imagination & Inner Alchemy
Marsilio Ficino, Ignatius de Loyola, and Inner Alchemy Process
KC Voss 06/10/07
The Doctrine of the "Mysterious Female" in Taoism
A Transpersonalist View
Eugene Tortchinov 10/12/06
"Chi Flows Naturally" Tao News Archive

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Article Title Author Submission Date
Breath is Root of Life: Get Rooted!
Michael Winn 11/27/16
Awaken Self-Love with Primordial Tai Chi?
Michael Winn 11/07/16
Micro-Cosmic Orbit: Why is it So Famous?
Michael Winn 10/12/16
Lao Tzu's Transmission on Hangu Pass -
China Photos
Michael Winn 09/18/16
Wow! Super Yang Solstice + Full Moon
by Michael Winn 06/20/16
Let's Dance in the Cosmic Disco!
Michael Winn 05/23/16
15 Fantastic Tao Summer Retreats - Reserve NOW!
by Michael Winn 02/01/16
China Dream Trip August 12-30, 2016
Return to the Root in Sacred Tao Mountains
Led by Michael Winn 12/29/15
Is Santa a Shaman?
Michael Winn 12/20/15
Breathing + Rooting = Grounded Spiritual Work
Michael Winn 11/30/15
Primordial Tai Chi: Whole-body Beliefs vs. Head Trips
Michael Winn 10/27/15
Micro-Cosmic Orbit & Super Moon Eclipse
Michael Winn 09/27/15
White Dragons, China Trip, Fall Tao-Wow
Michael Winn 09/07/15
Love Yourself by Feeling the Qi!
20th Anniversary Healing Tao USA Retreats
Michael Winn 06/19/15
Super Qi Summit Report: How Attain Tao?
Michael Winn 06/07/15
EGO Happiness vs. SOUL Awakening:
Can we have BOTH?
Michael Winn 04/26/15
16 Fantastic Tao Summer Retreats - Reserve NOW!
by Michael Winn 03/23/15
Green Female Goat Year 2015
Sure-Footed Good Fortune:
Michael Winn 03/11/15
Cultivate True Feelings & Dissolve Negativity
by Michael Winn 02/26/15
Deep Water, Dark Mystery: Winter Solstice
Why Black Dragons are Your Best Friend
by Michael Winn 12/18/14
Laughing Baby Emerald (video):
What I'm Most Grateful For
Michael Winn 12/02/14
The 4 Rings of Love Qi in Primordial Tai Chi
by Michael Winn 11/02/14
Can an 8-Month old Infant Master Tai Chi?
Creativity + Sexual Qi = Life's Secret Sauce
Michael Winn 09/19/14
Our baby Emerald's Death & Rebirth
70 China Photos & 20 Hot Tao Retreats!
Michael Winn 06/08/14
20 Amazing Tao Retreats: New Website
by Michael Winn 05/16/14
Highest Destiny: How to Achieve it?
Qigong and Wealth: mp3 audio + video
by Michael Winn 03/28/14
Can Qigong Attract Wealth?
FREE Call Tues. 9 pm (March 11)
Is Our Body a Nuclear Reactor?
Fusion of Five Elements as Internal Nuclear Process
Creative Explosion: Year of Green Male Wood Horse 2014
Does a New Year = a New Self?
40% Savings until Jan 10
Michael Winn 01/03/14
Love Your Sexy Winter Body
Michael Winn 12/21/13
Turkey Whisperer: Are You Grateful for Suffering?
30% Savings on Winn DVDs & Audio
What's Beyond Unconditional Love?
China's Crown Chakra: Mt. Changbai
Lineage & Origins of Healing Tao- PHOTOS
Want a Lucid Dream Life?
Fall 2013 schedule, London Dream Conference
Michael Winn 08/01/13
Qi Flow! Secret of Creative Living
How I went from Clever Monkey to Infinitely Creative Monkey
Michael Winn 04/28/13
True Feeling or Chronic Emotion?
Emotional Alchemy: Fusion of 5 Elements
Michael Winn 04/01/13
Galactic Orgasm: Did You Have One?
2012 Solstice review, Year of Snake summer retreats
Michael Winn 02/04/13
Are You Dancing Your 2013 Change?
Capture the Power of New Year's Eve
Michael Winn 12/31/12
Winter Solstice: How to Create a New Timeline?
Q & A on Earth Changes, Dark vs. Light Side
Michael Winn 12/21/12
Mayans 2012: Does Galactic Alignment matter?
How to stay Grounded with Open Heart...
Michael Winn 12/12/12
How GROUNDED are you? Ready for 2012 meltdown?
Holy-day 30% off sale
Michael Winn 12/03/12
The Dragon's Watery Lair: Iguacu Falls
Tai Chi for Enlightened Love Nov. 17-18
How is YOUR Dragon Year going?
America's Spiritual Axis: Denali-Grand Canyon.
Honeymoon pics!
My Wedding Photos atop China's Mt. Hua
2012 China Dream Trip Photos
Do You Love Yourself Deeply?
Qigong Self-Cultivation = Direct Path of Self-Love
Michael Winn 05/06/12
Enjoy Super Creativity: Male Black Water Dragon Year 2012
Grasp the Power of Taoist Cycles in your Self-Cultivation
Michael Winn 03/14/12
Cultivate the Spiritual Power of a Dragon
Spring 2012 Trainings & retreats
Michael Winn 02/20/12
Dragon Year Begins!
Plan NOW - 21 Fantastic Summer Tao Retreats
Michael Winn 01/23/12
Tao of Calendars: New Year's Day History
What is Tao? video
Michael Winn 01/01/12
Jem on the Tao of Love
Winter Solstice Dark Goddess
Michael Winn 12/23/11
Qigong Master: Life & Secret Teachings (book review)
Dec. 10 Full Moon-Winter Solstice Meditation
Michael Winn 12/09/11
Are You Energetically Grounded?
Tao of Giving, Receiving, & Thanking
Michael Winn 11/24/11
Do you love your Primordial Self? 11-11-11 numerology
3 Kinds of Love: Conditional, Unconditional & Pure
Michael Wiinn 11/05/11
Come to My Wedding on Mt. Hua!
China "Water Dragon" Dream Trip
Michael Winn 10/14/11
Spinning Dragon Orbit: Effortless Alchemy
Michael Winn 09/30/11
Retreat Photos from Mars!
+ Equinox Concert Sept. 23, Spring 2012 Dates
Michael Winn 09/02/11
Tao Basics: Direct Way to Feel Amazing Chi Flow!
Retreats in Mars Hill and Crestone Colorado
Michael Winn 06/26/11
Medical Qigong and Shamanic Tai Chi?
Book Review: Medical Qigong Therapy + 3 retreats
Michael Winn 06/20/11
Yellow Emperor on Tao of Sex
Book Review & Sexology Retreats
Michael Winn: 05/04/11
Dr. Love Raps: "Why I Do Qigong"
Sizzling Hot Tao Summer Retreats
Michael Winn 03/11/11
Healing Tao Summer Retreats Move to Mars!
Michael Winn: 03/11/11
Year of the Golden Female Rabbit 2011
Alice Goes Down the Rabbit Hole
Michael Winn 02/05/11
How to Cultivatie Winter Chi
Winter Sale on DVDs- Mantak Chia Books 40% Off
Michael Winn 01/23/11
Holy Trinity of Taoist Daily Life: Giving, Receiving, Thanking
Winter Sale on Mantak Chia books
Winter Solstice + Eclipse = Double Celestial Orgasm
Michael Winn 12/20/10
On Loving the Death of My Mother
Primordial Ceremony Smoothes the Way to The Great Beyond
Michael Winn: 11/27/10
China Dream Trip May 2011 - 30 photos!
Dear "Dreaming of China" Adventurers
Michael Winn 11/08/10
Elephants, Tigers, & Taoists in Thailand. WILD Photos
Chi Flows Naturally
Michael Winn 07/30/10
Equinox: What are YOU Birthing this Spring?
Spring Equinox Ceremony Suggestions Easter 2010
Michael Winn 06/28/10
Chi Flows Naturally June 10, 2010
Another alchemical journey through China's Sacred Taoist mountains completed
Michael Winn 06/10/10
Year of the Male Golden Tiger: Take a Creative Leap
Feb. 22, 2010
Michael Winn 02/25/10
Daoist Qi Science Vs. Western Science: Which is more real?
What's Role of Daoist Qigong & Inner Alchemy in Emerging Science of Consciousness?
Michael Winn 01/08/10
Winter Solstice Ceremony (How to Create One)
Divine Darkness Re-births the Light
Michael Winn 12/18/09
The Orbit; What are its Medical and Spiritual Benefits?
Update on China Trip 2010
Michael Winn 10/26/09
How does Primordial Tai Chi Dissolve Karma?
October 2, 2009
Michael Winn 10/25/09
China Dream Trip 2010:
Join Mantak Chia atop Mt. Wudang - 30 Yrs. Celebration!
Michael Winn 10/25/09
Inside Pele's Hot Volcanic Vulva
My Kundalini Awakens on World's Highest - Mt. Mauna Kea, Hawaii)
Michael Winn 10/25/09
Stonehenge: Taoist Dream Practice, Shamanic Star and Healing Qigong
Michael Winn: 10/25/09
China Dream 2011
I Burned through a Billion Dollars in China!
Visit to N. Vietnam, new nano motor with Taoist operating system
Michael Winn 06/10/09
Easter, Tao & Immortality:
Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?
Michael Winn 04/12/09
Daoist Methods of Dissolving the Heart-Mind
Spring Equinox: What to Eat
Michael Winn 03/21/09
Taoist Love Secrets:
Sexercises for St. Valentine
Michael Winn 02/15/09
Year of Yellow Empress Ox 2009
Cultivate a New Reality
Michael Winn 02/08/09
A Taoist Alchemical Wedding
+ China Trip Referral Bonus $250
Michael Winn 01/28/09
A Stroke of Love
Real Life Love Stories....
Michael Winn 01/18/09
Asheville Healing Tao Schedule 2010
Michael Winn's US and International Teaching Schedule
Michael Winn 10/13/08
Internal Alchemy: Ground-breaking New Book
(Abridged) Chapter by Michael Winn on Neidan in the West
Michael Winn 02/20/09
Daoist Internal Alchemy in the West (abridged chapter)
from book: Internal Alchemy: Self, Society & the Quest for Immortality
Michael Winn 02/16/09
On Loving the Death of My Wife
Shijie: Taoist Liberation from the Corpse
Michael Winn 12/21/08
The Way of Giving, Receiving & Thanking
9 Tao Gifts that Heal and Transform
Michael Winn 12/08/08
Daoist Alchemy: Lineage & Secrecy Challenges for Western Adepts
Michael Winn 08/23/08
Soul Sex: Hidden Driver behind Romantic Love?
Dec. 5, 2007 Soul Polarity is Different than Male-Female Gender
Michael Winn 12/06/07
Tap the Great Yin Power of Winter Solstice!
History of Solstice "Holy Night" Dec. 2003
Michael Winn 12/03/07
Report from First Retreats at Heavenly Mtn (new photos)
Bitten by a Monkey in China
Michael Winn 07/22/07
The Way to Heaven, Cosmic Eggs & THE SECRET
May 1, 2007 How We Resist our Power to Manifest
Michael Winn 05/11/07
Ron Diana Ascends to Immortal Realm
July 3, 2005 Rebirthing the Meaning of Death
Michael Winn 04/26/07
The Sun, the Alchemist, and a Copper Roof
Nov. 24, 2006 Photos - My Copperized Landscape
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Summer Solstice Ceremony Instructions
June 20, 2005 Capturing the Divine Fire
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Help Love Ron Diana into a New Body
June 20, 2005 Why Do Healers Get Cancer?
Michael Winn 04/26/07
My beach is worth $55,000. PER DAY....
Mar. 7, 2006 What are your REAL Values in Life?
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Equinox, Easter, & Eclipses: the Sexual Resurrection of Time Cycles
Mar. 20, 2006
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Ancient Celts and Taoists share Fundamental Principles
Oct. 12, 2004 Exploring New Grange, Ireland
Michael Winn 04/26/07
9 Essential Principles of Tao Self-Cultivation
Jan. 23, 2007 New FAQ page
Michael Winn 04/26/07
ALERT! Tao Retreats Moved to Blue Ridge Mtns/North Carolina!
April 2, 2007 or How the I Ching Saved My Ass....
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Can Enlightenment be achieved in one week?
March 10, 2007 Inside Scoop on Summer Retreats
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Year of Female Fire PIg Predictions
February 9, 2007 + China Dream Trip Photos
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Stonehenge, Callanish, Silburiy Hill, Glastonbury, Isle of Skye
Oct. 13, 2006 Winn Photos from UK & Scotland
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Tao of Viruses and Human Trans-mutation
Dec. 10, 2004
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Tao of Tsunamis & Earth Changes
Jan. 15, 2005: Becoming Change Before it Changes You
Michael Winn 04/26/07
Medical & Spiritual Qigong Fundamentals 1 & 2
Oct. 25-27, 2013 Asheville NC
Michael Winn 10/09/13
Why is Qigong Superior to Ordinary Exercise?
+ SALE on DVDs, etc.
Michael Winn 12/18/06
China Dream Trip 2012
China Dream Trip August 2016
Return to Root of Tao in Sacred Mountains
Led by Michael Winn 11/03/13