Asheville Workshops FALL 2016/SPRING 2017 UPDATED

Michael Winn Asheville Workshops & Summer Retreats 2017


• Dec. 21 (Wed. 7 pm): Winter Solstice Black Dragon Ceremony (Free)                     (changed from Tues. Dec. 20)

Spring 2017

1. Mar, 4-5, 2017   Emotional Alchemy: Fusion of Five Elements 1

2. Mar. 19, 2017 (Sun 7 pm), Spring Equinox Green Dragon Ceremony (Free)

3. April 15-16, 2017 Fusion of Five Elements 2 & 3 Psychic Alchemy: Open 8 Soul Channels

4. April 28-29, 2017. NYC Open Center

5. May 26-29, 2017 Omega Super Qi Summit


Summer 2017

Retreats with Michael Winn: will be updated in December

Week 1: June 16 - 21, 2017 (Fri-Wed)
Qigong (Qigong) Fundamentals Levels 1-4.

Week 2: June 23 - 28, 2017 (Fri-Wed)
Healing Love: Tao Sexology - with Minke de Vos

Week 3: June 30 - July 5, 2017 (Fri-Wed)
Inner Sexual Alchemy: Lesser Kan & Li

Week 4: July 7- 12, 2017 (Fri-Wed)
Planetary & Soul Alchemy: Greatest Kan & Li.

Week 5: July 14- 19, 2017 (Fri-Wed)
Heaven & Earth Alchemy: 3 Pure Ones & Central Sun of Great Oneness


a) for all PRODUCT (DVD/audio) questions & ASHEVILLE WORKSHOP registration: 


Info.HealingTaoUSA(AT) or call 888-999-0555 (in USA only) or 828-555-1444 to speak with Jan, office manager

b) for all summer RETREAT questions:

email: info(AT) or call 888-750-1773

c) Frequently Asked Questions on Qigong & Tao

d) Winn Home Study Courses: Recommended Sequence

Michael Winn, Universal Healing Tao Senior InstructorMichael Winn has 36+ years international teaching experience in Tao medical, martial, & spiritual arts. He was a founder and two-term President, National Qigong Association; is founder of Healing Tao University, the largest Tao arts summer program in the West, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. He is president of the non-profit Dao Alchemy Research Institute, was 9 years Chairman of the Healing Tao Instructor's Association, and a founder of the Council of 9 of the Universal Healing Tao foundation.                                     
Winn has authored ten Tao home study video-audio courses, written dozens of articles, book chapters, and presented papers at numerous international Daoist/Taoist scholar conferences. He is co-author or writer with Mantak Chia of 7 books, including the classic Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy. His ebooks include Way of the Inner Smile, Five Animals Qigong, and Primordial Tai Chi: Way of Enlightened Self-Love.
Winn lives with his wife Jem and son Emerald in a simple log home in the mountains near Asheville, N.C. He has a private "qigong & shengong therapy" practice when he is not traveling.  



 Michael Winn's full bio is in his ebook, Way of the Inner Smile, a $20. value available FREE (subscribe on homepage of

 Or visit: Who is Michael Winn?

In Memoriam:     Joyce Gayheart was Michael's previous wife of 25 years; her site has great products & amazing life story.

Asheville Workshop Registration & Lodging Information 

Time: all 2 day Asheville workshops: Sat 9-6; Sun 9:30-5:30 pm.
  • Location::We've returned to our old location - lots of free parking. Asheville Training Center, 261 Ashland Ave., Asheville NC. 2 long blocks south of downtown. Enter alley behind Town & Mountain Realty.
  • Cost: most still cost only $144. (not increased in 17 years - based on sacred number, not value!) Sat. only: $90. Review both days (previous students): $90. If taking a course for certification, review prices do NOT apply.  Note: Cost/location may be different for some workshops.
  • Deposit: $72., payable to "Healing Tao USA". 828-505-1444 or 888-999-0555 for credit card. Send check to Healing Tao USA, 4 Bostic Place, Asheville NC 28803. If cancel one week prior to workshop, deposit is 100% refundable. After that , no refund. VISA/MC, extended pay available.
  • Home Study Option: Live transmission at workshops is best. If you cannot attend, you can still receive an "oral transmission" via my ten Tao Home Study Audio-Video courses on my website. Home study courses are ACCEPTED AS PRE-REQ'S for the next level course. All weekend courses are now available in CD format. 
  • Product Discounts: Live workshop attendees may buy AT the workshop the video-audio as review material - about 50% discount off retail.
  • Rebate on products: If you buy a Home Study Course in advance of taking the SAME FULL WEEK-LONG summer retreat within one year, you receive nearly 50% credit back on the product at the time you register at the summer retreat. (Does NOT apply to Asheville weekend seminars). Example: Buy a $99. DVD-CD package now, you get $50. back when you take the same summer retreat. For more details, see:
  • Assistant Instructor Certification Summary: 
    Associate Instructors need 70 hours prerequisite core curriculum (any four weekend courses (64 hrs) with Michael + 6 hours of privates, OR two week-long summer retreats (80 hrs). Then take an additional 40 hours Senior Instructor certification (re-take either his week-long Qigong Fundamentals 1-4 at summer retreat, OR repeat three weekend courses in Asheville                                           

    WHERE TO STAY in Asheville? Note: Prices subject to change, vary widely by hi/low season and corporate/other discounts offered.
Downtown Inn 120 Patton Ave: walking distance to workshop, close to restaurants. Corporate rate as low as $65, much higher in leaf season. If you fly in, but don't rent a car, this is good choice. Airport taxis: $25 - 35.  

Asheville Graceland Art Hostel at Inexpensive, clean, and walking distance to workshop. Reserve in advance: no walk-ins.  828-225-3278. Single rooms are $35-40., add $10.+ per roommate.

Best Western on I-40 has a sauna/pool atrium, 15 minute drive, exit 44 off I-40 (828-667-4501). $89.+

Howard Johnson Inn (5 min. drive to workshop, near Biltmore Estate) Older, but spacious rooms. 828-274-2300. $89.+

Closest airport hotel: Hampton Inn (828 687-0806). $99-129.

Enka Budget Motel (828-665-2100) $56-75. 15 minutes.

Super 8 Motel (828-505-4648) $69-89. in low season, on Tunnel Rd.

For apartment with kitchen, Extended Stay America on Tunnel Road (828 253-3483.

We have some local Tao students who rent out a bedroom for $40. per night. Contact Jan at 828 505 1444 for references.

 Ramada Inn downtown (pricey), 3 blocks walking distance.

 For wilderness retreat experience, rooms with one wall open to a fairy forest, try Mountain Light Sanctuary. Barnardsville, 45 minutes.





Winter Solstice Black Dragon Ceremony Wed. Dec. 21 (Free)

Winter Solstice is when dark yin water begins its shift into the fire of light.           

• Wed, Dec. 21, 2016  7pm - 11:30 pm at our Asheville home.

   This is the time of Re-birthing of the Light, of planting new seeds deep within the dark womb of Mother Earth to nourish whatever you want to grow in the upcoming year. This is the best time to Nourish Your Root Qi.

Winter is governed by the Water Element, the primal power behind all birthing. So good to meditate in advance on one's intent for the powerful time: What is that our soul most needs to birth at this time?

Join us for a powerful Black Dragon Ceremony, and deep meditation on the cosmic harmonic richness of Winter Solstice. Two meditation sittings, must stay for at least one.

The Black Dragon ceremony & broadcasing what we want to birth to the entire Cosmos will be followed by two hour long sitting (in a chair) meditation. Light refreshments will be served to celebrate the Light that is just sprouting.

Good to wear black or dark blue clothing to attune to the Black Dragon.

FREE. RSVP required. For details and driving directions, either hit reply, or email: winn(AT)
 If you cannot attend in person, I encourage everyone to do their own ceremony or gather in groups with family and friends.


Practical Emotional Inner Alchemy methods for managing the feeling layer of the Energy Body. This is part of One Cloud's foundational Inner Alchemy Formula. It integrates 5 phase chi cycles in your emotions with your biological and spiritual life. Learn to control your inner psychic weather, nurture your inner powers and natural virtues, and especially   how to "eat" or dissolve negative emotion and egoic reactivity. Find out where your feelings originate and their true purpose.

Learn to reverse the loss of chi flowing out thru your senses, how to alchemically gather an Inner Pearl, the essence of your original self. Very powerful tools for working on yourself, and centering the energy body. Course is mostly meditation, plus "Nourish the Five Shen" Qigong for emotional body. Pre-req: Fundamentals 1 & 2, live or audio-video. Good to have Fundamentals 3 & 4 if possible, the rooting is key to managing emotions.

Contact: info(AT)    or call 828-505-1444 to register.

Location: Come to our old location - lots of free parking. Asheville Training Center, 261 Ashland Ave., Asheville NC. 2 long blocks south of downtown. Enter alley behind Town & Mountain Realty.


Sunday  March 19, 2017  Spring Equinox Green Dragon Ceremony (Free).
Exact Equinox is 6:30 am on March 20, Monday. I prefer the Qi the day before, entering into this natural energetic pause in earth time.



• April 15-16, 2017  (Sat/Sun) in Asheville, N.C

Sat 9-6; Sun 9:30 am - 6 pm.


Open Macro Orbit: 8 Extraordinary Vessels, Develop Psychic Abilities

with Michael Winn

                   Internal Bagua  

Internalized bagua opens the 8 Extraordinary Vessels    

Secrets of growing a powerful Energy Body

Psychic alchemy: open 8 core channels
• Supercharge spine in spirals of golden light
• Open thrusting, belt, arm & leg channels
• Heal chronic illness & deep pre-natal trauma
• 8 Extraordinary Vessels Qigong (on DVD)
• Pangu Mystical Qigong (on DVD)

To read full description of the 9 Major Benefits of Fusion 2 & 3:

The 8 Extra Vessels connect the inner and outer Qi (chi) field, and allow you to "dance" between your inner and outer life. The Wudang Mountain version of the macro-cosmic orbit will also be taught as the most powerful internal method I've found for integrating the 8 Extraordinary Vessels into a continuous flowing circuit.

This Wudang Mtn version of the macro-orbit lays a foundation for opening chi flow between the 8 Original Forces of Universe (I Ching trigram-tones). A powerful "8 Extraordinary Vessels" qigong form makes this practice simple to remember. It heals deep psychic imbalances not reached by acupuncture. Many mysterious chronic illnesses can be healed at this deep channel level, much faster than using acupuncture or herbs working on the 12 regular meridians.

This opening of chi flow in the Eight Extraordinary channels links your pre-natal and post-natal energy bodies, i.e. the deep structure of how you birth yourself each moment. This is why the training also opens up psychic abilities. These abilities are simply the result of having clear channels for communication between the soul and the personality.

We'll learn to purify our aura & regulate our Energy Body with belt & thrusting channels. Give to and Receive chi from the environment with Positive & Negative Arm & Leg channels. 

Another practice taught is my "9 Spirals of the Energy Body" in the four directions to integrate the Five Shen with the Five Directional Dragons. This practice connects the internal flow of your macro-cosmic orbit out to the edge of the universe and back! A wonderfully empowering and healing journey.

This course lays a strong foundation for Healing Love and Water & Fire (Kan & Li) Alchemy.

$144. for weekend, $90. reviewers.


Pre-req: Microcosmic Orbit & 6 Healing Sounds (Qigong Fundamentals 1 & 2), live or by homestudy. You can learn the energy channel work of Fusion 2/3 without doing the emotional body/inner pearl work of Fusion 1. But it is optimal to first learn Fusion 1.


Call 828-505-1444 to register or email info(AT)


Location: Come to our old location - lots of free parking. Asheville Training Center, 261 Ashland Ave., Asheville NC. 2 long blocks south of downtown. Enter alley behind Town & Mountain Realty.  


• April 28 & 29, 2017   New York OPEN CENTER  212 219-2527

Fri. April 28  7-10 pm
Sexual Energy as Taoist Alchemical Elixir
for Healing, Love-Making & Secret of Immortality
    Sexual energy is the key driver of deep attraction between humans. Yet it's paradoxically the cause of psychological confusion, disease, power struggle, and is mythically linked to the Fall of Humanity. Michael Winn has spent four decades sorting out both the theory and practical methods needed to effectively apply sexual energy as the secret Taoist alchemical elixir.
It's also called the Golden Elixir, the Luminous Pearl, and Pill of Immortality. Ancient Taoist texts claim it accelerates healing, deepens sexual love relations, increases longevity, and advances meditation. Don't allow your potent sexuality to sit buried in your subconscious. Attend this talk by a pre-eminent western Tao adept and get a clear map of what is possible.

Sat April 29  10 am -5 pm
Tao Cosmology & Essential Tools for Self-Cultivation:
Inner Smile and Red Dragon Micro-cosmic Orbit
    Tao cosmology offers a clear map of how we came into a body, and where we can go from here. It's the story of how Qi (chi) flows from Source into matter, then returns. Humans embody this Qi. We have a unique power to harmonize and accelerate this Eternal Cycle of Qi Flow. Having this clear map is essential. But its not enough to extract humans from the sea of suffering and confusion they are drowning in.
    We need methods that allow us to navigate our chosen cosmology map. Come learn two essential tools of Tao self-cultivation of Qi. One is Way of the Inner Smile - the most simple yet powerful meditation ever devised. Learn how to smile "inside" our body-mind to unify our Qi, and connect us back to Source. This can dissolve physical pain, mental & emotional suffering, and harmonize our personality's 12 vital organ spirits with soul. We'll also learn to smile and embrace the "insides of what appears to be outside".
    The second method is the Wudang Mountain Red Dragon Spinning Pearl Micro-cosmic Orbit. In 1982 Michael Winn wrote for Mantak Chia the first practical book on how to circulate the Orbit. He's spent 36 years exploring many orbit methods. The lineage Wudang Method is only transmitted orally. Winn says it is 100x more effective and long-lasting than other methods, as it penetrates into the jing (substance) level of the body. Don't miss this rare opportunity to receive this transmission.




• May 26-29, 2017 Omega Super Qi Summit. Rhinebeck, N.Y.


• next China Dream Trip will be in May 2018

See full itinerary and photos 2016 Dream Trip at:
The 2018 trip will visit different sacred mountains and provinces in China, but will likely include Mt. Hua.


To be placed on Early Notification List of China Dream Trip 2018, send an email to info(AT) with "China Trip" in subject line.



Summer Retreats 2017

Visit or call 888-750-1773.


Folks have FUN at these retreats - come join us! 

Winn's Summer Schedule at Mars Hill, in Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, N.C. (30 minutes from Asheville airport AVL, 2.5 hours to Charlotte CLT, 1 hour 15 min. from Greenville GSP).

  • All Michael Winn courses at Healing Tao University count for Instructor Certification.
  • Courses are open to all levels of students, but please check pre-requisites. Pre-requisites for Winn retreats can be met by his home study courses.
  • If you buy the homestudy course BEFORE you take the retreat — which I strongly recommend — then you receive back HALF the price of the homestudy course upon registration. Purchase must be within one year before the retreat.
  • See for full course descriptions. Tuition cost only $495., lower with multiple-course discounts. Housing/food is separate. Commuters pay a $100. facility fee. Cost is subsidized by non-profit Healing Tao USA, prices have not risen in 6 years.
  • All retreats: register 2-5 pm on starting day, class ends at noon (then lunch) on final day. Plan your travel accordingly.
  • Week 1: June 16 - 21, 2017 (Fri-Wed)

  • Smiling Buddha

    Qigong (Qigong) Fundamentals Levels 1-4.
    - Michael Winn

    Includes powerful Taoist Summer Solstice Ceremony to aid completion of your deepest authentic needs.

    Description of material:

    Open to everyone. Can be used to fill pre-requisite requirement or final certification as Associate Instructor. Possible to take weekend only, which covers Fundamentals 1 & 2.


  • Week 2: June 23 - 28, 2017 (Fri-Wed)
  • Healing Love: Tao Sexology for Health & Bliss
    - Michael Winn & Minke de Vos

                          Healing Love

  • Week 3: June 30 - July 5, 2017 (Fri-Wed)
  • Inner Sexual Alchemy -- Michael Winn
    Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li


    Crop circle with Vesica Piscis coupling of yin & yang

  • Week 4: July 7- 12, 2017 (Fri-Wed)
  • Planetary & Soul Alchemy: Heal Collective Issues, Conquor Fear of Death - Greatest Kan & Li.
    - Michael Winn


    Note: The prerequisite Sun-Moon-Earth Alchemy (Greater Kan & Li) can also be taken in advance by home-study course.

  • Week 5: July 14- 19, 2017 (Fri-Wed)
  • Heaven & Earth Alchemy: Embrace 3 Pure Ones & Great Oneness with Humanity.


    Note: The prerequisite Star Alchemy course can be taken in advance by home-study course.

     Trees dominate the landscape at our Ivy League-feeling retreat center in Mars Hill, NC (near Asheville)






    Winter - Spring 2013  

    MEXICO Retreats Winter 2013 (taught in English, translated to Spanish)

    � Feb. 23-27, 2013 in Cuernavaca, Mexico (near Mexico City)                      Star Alchemy: Sealing of the 5 Body Spirits

    contact: Janette Nutis

    � March 1 - 5, 2013, Casa Azul, near Mexico City)