Asheville Workshops & Retreats FALL 2014 & SPRING 2015 UPDATED

Michael Winn Asheville Workshops & Summer Retreats

Summer 2015   Summer Retreats

Autumn 2015  (scroll down)

All courses qualify for CERTIFICATION by Healing Tao USA University, using standards also accepted by HTIA (Healing Tao Instructor's Association) and UHT (Universal Healing Tao).

Summary of courses (in Asheville, unless otherwise noted).

SPRING 2015 
1. Mar 7-8, 2015: Emotional Alchemy: Fusion of 5 Elements 1
2. April 12, 2015 in NEW YORK OPEN CENTER: Primordial Tai Chi for Enlightened Love

3. April 18-19, 2015: Open Your Soul Channels: Fusion of 5 Elements 2 & 3

4. May 16-17, 2015: Taoist Dream Practice - Lucid Living & Dreaming Qigong
5. May 22-25, 2015: Omega Super-Qi Summit, in Rhinebeck, N.Y.

Autumn 2015 not yet posted below, but dates are:

1. Oct. 23, 2915  Fri eve. free Inner Smile transmission

Oct. 24-25, 2015  Sat/Sun. Medical & Spiritual Qigong Fundamentals 1&2

2. Nov. 14 - 15, 2015  Sat/Sun. Primordial Tai Chi for Enlightened Love


3. Dec. 5-6, 2015 Sat/Sun. Medical & Spiritual Qigong Fundamentals 3&4


4. Winter Stolstice Ceremony & concert. Date T.B.A.
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email: info (AT) or 888-999-0555 or 828-555-1444

b) for ALL summer retreat questions:

email: info (AT) or 888-750-1773

c) Frequently Asked Questions on Qigong & Tao

d) Winn Home Study Courses: Recommended Sequence

Michael Winn, Universal Healing Tao Senior InstructorMichael Winn has 35+ years international teaching experience in Tao medical, martial, & spiritual arts. He was a founder and two-term President, National Qigong Association; is founder of Healing Tao University, the largest Tao arts summer program in the West, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina. He is president of the non-profit Dao Alchemy Research Institute, was 9 years Chairman of the Healing Tao Instructor's Association, and a founder of the Council of 9 of the Universal Healing Tao foundation.                                     
Winn has authored ten Tao home study video-audio courses, written dozens of articles, and presented papers at numerous international Daoist scholar conferences. He is co-author or writer with Mantak Chia of 7 books, including the classic Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy. His ebooks include Way of the Inner Smile, Five Animals Qigong, and Primordial Tai Chi: Way of Enlightened Love.
Winn lives with his wife Jem and son Emerald in a simple log home in the mountains near Asheville, N.C. He has a private "qigong & shengong therapy" practice when he is not traveling.  

Email: winn (AT)
A fuller bio is in his ebook, Way of the Inner Smile, a $20. value available FREE (subscribe on homepage of
Or visit: Who is Michael Winn?

In Memoriam:                                (Joyce Gayheart products & life story) 

Asheville Workshop Registration & Lodging Information 

Time: all 2 day Asheville workshops: Sat 9-6; Sun 9:30-5:30 pm.
  • Location:: Asheville Training Center, Ave., 261 Ashland Ave, Asheville, NC. Next to Sisters of Mercy Rehab, one light (long block) south of French Broad and Ashland Ave intersection, corner of Phifer St.
    Park in Town & Mountain Realty's parking lot. Walk on the
    left of the Realty building (narrow side alley) to the second door on right.
  • Cost: most still cost only $144. (not increased in 15 years - based on sacred number, not value!) Sat. only: $90. Review both days (previous students): $90. If taking a course for certification, review prices do NOT apply.  Note: Cost/location may be different for some workshops.
  • Deposit: $72., payable to "Healing Tao USA". 828-505-1444 or 888-999-0555 for credit card. Send check to Healing Tao USA, 4 Bostic Place, Asheville NC 28803. If cancel one week prior to workshop, deposit is 100% refundable. After that , no refund. VISA/MC, extended pay available.
  • Home Study Option: Live transmission at workshops is best. If you cannot attend, you can still receive an "oral transmission" via my ten Tao Home Study Audio-Video courses on my website. Home study courses are ACCEPTED AS PRE-REQ'S for the next level course. All weekend courses are now available in CD format. 
  • Product Discounts: Live workshop attendees may buy AT the workshop the video-audio as review material - about 50% discount off retail.
  • Rebate on products: If you buy a Home Study Course in advance of taking the SAME FULL WEEK-LONG summer retreat within one year, you receive nearly 50% credit back on the product at the time you register at the summer retreat. (Does NOT apply to Asheville weekend seminars). Example: Buy a $99. DVD-CD package now, you get $50. back when you take the same summer retreat. For more details, see:
  • Assistant Instructor Certification Summary: 
    Associate Instructors need 70 hours prerequisite core curriculum (any four weekend courses with Michael + 6 hours of privates, OR two week-long summer retreats). Then take an additional 40 hours certification (re-take either the week-long Qigong Fundamentals at summer retreat or repeat three weekend courses in Asheville                                           

    WHERE TO STAY in Asheville? Note: Prices subject to change
Downtown Inn 120 Patton Ave: walking distance to workshop, close to restaurants. Corporate rate as low as $65, higher in leaf season. If you fly in, but don't rent a car, this is good choice. Airport taxis: $25 - 35.  

Asheville Graceland Art Hostel at Inexpensive, clean, and walking distance to workshop. Reserve in advance: no walk-ins.  828-225-3278. Single rooms are $35-40., add $10.+ per roommate.

Best Western on I-40 has a sauna/pool atrium, 15 minute drive, exit 44 off I-40 (828-667-4501). $69.

Howard Johnson Inn (5 min. drive to workshop, near Biltmore Estate) Older, but spacious rooms. 828-274-2300. $69.

Closest airport hotel: Hampton Inn (828 687-0806). $99-129.

Enka Budget Motel (828-665-2100) $46-65. 15 minutes.

Super 8 Motel (828-505-4648) $49-69. in low season, on Tunnel Rd.

For apartment with kitchen, Extended Stay America on Tunnel Road (828 253-3483.

We have some local Tao students who rent out a bedroom for $40. per night. Contact Jan at 828 505 1444 for references.

 Ramada Inn downtown (pricey), 3 blocks walking distance.

 For wilderness retreat experience, rooms with one wall open to a fairy forest, try Mountain Light Sanctuary. Barnardsville, 45 minutes.


Winter - Spring 2015

• March 7 - 8, 2015 (Sat/Sun) in Asheville
 Sat 9-6; Sun 9:30 am - 6 pm.

Cultivate Your True Feelings & Dissolve Negativity

with Michael Winn


Fusion Egg

Fusion of 5 Elements image by M. Teeters 

Description of One Cloud's Alchemy Formulas:

Practical Emotional Inner Alchemy methods for managing the feeling layer of the Energy Body. This is part of One Cloud's foundational Inner Alchemy Formula. It integrates 5 phase chi cycles in your emotions with your biological and spiritual life. Learn to control your inner psychic weather, nurture your inner powers and natural virtues, and especially   how to "eat" or dissolve negative emotion and egoic reactivity. Find out where your feelings originate and their true purpose.

Learn to reverse the loss of chi flowing out thru your senses, how to alchemically gather an Inner Pearl, the essence of your original self. Very powerful tools for working on yourself, and centering the energy body. Course is mostly meditation, plus "Nourish the Five Shen" Qigong for emotional body. Pre-req: Fundamentals 1 & 2, live or audio-video. Good to have Fundamentals 3 & 4 if possible, the rooting is key to managing emotions.

Contact:    or call 828-505-1444 to register.

Location: Asheville Training Center, 261 Asheland Ave, two blocks south of downtown Asheville. $144. weekend, $90. reviewers.  



March 21, 2015  Sat 7 - 9:30 pm FREE EVENT at our home in Asheville, N.C.

• SPRING EQUINOX CEREMONY, intensified by New moon and solar eclipse on March 20. This is the time of Growing New Energies, so plan on expanding what is positive and nurturing of your highest destiny.

We would normally do a Green Dragon ceremony, but feel its more powerful to invoke and align with the Green Goatess this year. Please join our powerful Green Goatess Ceremony, plus live spontaneous music concert (performed by everyone present!).


Afterwards a deep silent meditation.


This will get you aligned with the cosmic feeling of harmonic balance at Spring Equinox and give you a boost in manifesting whatever you need to nurture in your life.


Arrive by 6:45 pm

7- 7:30 pm Spontaneous Wu Wei Music Concert

7:30 - 8 pm Green Goatess ceremony with custom wood element qigong to connect to this dynamic part of Mother Earth's psyche in this Year of the Female Green Goat.

8 - 8:20. break

8:20 - 9:30 silent meditation (in chairs). Only one sitting.

9:30 - can leave or stay for light refreshments (welcome to bring something if inspired).

FREE. RSVP is required. For details and driving directions please email:





• April 12 (Sunday), 2015   New York Open Center

Open Center Contact for registration: 212 219 2527  10 am - 5:30 pm

Primordial Qigong/Tai Chi for Enlightened Love

Magical, powerful 800 year old lineage qigong ceremony (a.k.a. "Tai Chi for Enlightenment"). Integrates the magic square of feng shui, the dynamic inner coupling of Taoist alchemy, the healing benefits of medical qigong, and the earthly transmission power of China's original tai chi form!

We gather the directional chi of Heaven and Earth in graceful spirals. This is one of my favorite forms, but requires deeper commitment (15 min. practice length). Combined with Feldenkrais, it opens up many levels of healing energy and ease of movement amazingly quickly.

I go beyond the DVD during this class, revealing many things about the inner structure of the form, and how to intensify it with toning and focused intention.

For more about the form, and numerous testimonials about how amazing the form is, please see



• April 18 - 19, 2015  (Sat/Sun) in Asheville, N.C

Sat 9-6; Sun 9:30 am - 6 pm.


Open Macro Orbit: 8 Extraordinary Vessels, Develop Psychic Abilities

with Michael Winn

                   Internal Bagua  

Internalized bagua opens the 8 Extraordinary Vessels    

Secrets of growing a powerful Energy Body
Psychic alchemy: open 8 core channels
• Supercharge spine in spirals of golden light
• Open thrusting, belt, arm & leg channels
• Heal chronic illness & deep pre-natal trauma
• 8 Extraordinary Vessels Qigong (on DVD)
• Pangu Mystical Qigong (on DVD)

   To read full description of the 9 Major Benefits of Fusioin 2 & 3:                                                                                  

 Open the Macro-Cosmic Orbit by linking chi flow in the Eight Extraordinary ("psychic") channels. These channels link your pre-natal and post-natal energy bodies, i.e. the deep structure of how you birth yourself each flowing moment. Learn to purify your aura & regulate your Energy Body with belt & thrusting channels. Give to and Receive chi from the environment with Positive & Negative Arm & Leg channels.

The 8 Extra Vessels connect the inner and outer chi field, and allow you to "dance" between your inner and outer life. The Wudang Mountain version of the macro-cosmic orbit will also be taught as the most powerful internal method I've found for integrating the 8 Extraordinary Vessels into a continuous flowing circuit.

The macro-orbit is the foundation for opening chi flow to 8 Original Forces of Universe (I Ching trigram-tones). Powerful "8 Extraordinary Vessels" qigong form makes this practice simple to remember. It heals deep psychic imbalances not reached by acupuncture. Many mysterious and chronic illnesses can be healed at the level, much faster than using acupuncture or herbs.

Another new practice taught is my recently developed "9 Spirals of the Energy Body" in the four directions to integrate the Five Shen with the Five Directional Dragons. This practice connects the internal flow of your macro-cosmic orbit out to the edge of the universe � and back! A wonderfully empowering and healing journey.

This course lays a strong foundation for Healing Love and Water & Fire (Kan & Li) Alchemy.

.$144. for weekend, $90. reviewers.

Pre-req: Microcosmic Orbit & 6 Healing Sounds (Qigong Fundamentals 1 & @), live or by homestudy. You can learn the energy channel work of Fusion 2/3 without doing the emotional body/inner pearl work of Fusion 1, but its optimal to do Fusion 1 first.

Contact: Call 828-505-1444 to register or email 

Location: Asheville Training Center, 261 Ashland Ave, two blocks south of downtown Asheville.




• May 16 - 17, 2015  (Sat/Sun) in Asheville, N.C



Lucid Living and Lucid Dreaming

with Michael Winn


View Winn 45 minute interview on lucid dreaming & qigong on youtube:

Taoist Dream Practice: Qigong for Lucid Living & Lucid Dreaming

Dreamt by Michael Winn and all co-dreamers who attend!

Sat/Sun. Cost: $144. (set by sacred number, not value).

Sat: 9 am to 5:30  pm

There will be a Sat. evening session after dinner (group dreaming). 8 pm- 10:30 pm.

Sunday 10 am - 5:30 pm

Bring a pillow, blanket, and eyemask. Mat is supplied. Pajamas are optional...:)

Topics covered:

- Dream Practice vs. Dream Interpretation

- Dark Side vs. Evil Side, True Yin vs. False Yin

- Tao theory of Body Spirits at night

- Guided Meditations: body sleeps, Mind Awake

- Power Napping, Lucid Living, Dream Commands

- Short cuts to higher soul contact

- How to use Qigong by day to accelerate your night practice

- NEW: how to use the Pre-Natal Orbit pattern (in shape of Torus)  to clear the path for highest level night meditation.

- Difference between astral travel at night and inner alchemy day meditation

- Group Dreaming practice.

Michael Winn youtube interview on Lucid Dreaming Qigong & Taoist Self-Cultivation (40 min.):

The youtube interview is long, but worth your time. It goes deep into my personal history as a lucid dreamer since I was a teenager. My night life got so active, I eventually ran a "Night School" in which I taught my day time friends the art of Lucid Flying in the dream world. I also explore the relationship between Taoist qigong and internal alchemy meditation, which has greatly raised my skill level and blurred the line between my day and night realities.

My integration of qigong and Taoist internal alchemy has allowed me to go in my daytime meditations to the same realms that are possible in the dream plane. The point of Tao dream practice is to take some shortcuts, as there is less resistance in the astral plane. But dream practice doesn't necessarily give day time skill, so you need inner alchemy skill (neidan gong) to achieve complete mastery of one's destiny.

My final conclusion: there is only One Self, dreaming both the day and night realities! But functioning from that Self (vs. the personality) requires discipline and training. My youtube interview is followed by spectacular images of Flower Mountain (Huashan ) in China, made famous by Chen Tuan, the Taoist Dream Immortal.  Photos taken on China Dream Trips. We'll be visiting Huashan's famous "dream caves" in May 2014 - see below.

NO pre-requisites.

Register: 828 505 1444 or email:

Location: Asheville Training Center, 261 Ashland Ave. (2 blocks south of downtown Asheville).

to register: email or call 828-505-1444 ( or in USA 888 999 0555)




• May 22-25, 2015 (Fri. eve - Monday noon)

Omega Super Qi Summit: 8 Top Qigong Masters

To register and get additional information:




Next China Dream Trip: mid-August 2016

(no trip in 2015)

Send an email to to receive early notification.

Put "China 2016" in the subject line.


for photo essay on Mt. Changbai, see Michael's newsletter:


Michael Winn meditating at the Mt. Changbai's "Heavenly Lake" with active volcanic fire beneath it. This generates a powerful "water & fire" field of alchemically transformative energy that can supercharge your spiritual practice.



Tentative schedule includes:

- Mt. Changbai, Sacred Mountain at root of Healing Tao inner alchemy lineage,

(where both Taoist adepts One Cloud and White Cloud achieved higher levels).

- Beijing's Temple of Heaven, White Cloud Temple

- Great Wall, do Primordial Tai Chi atop

- Xian, ancient capitol, Moslem bazaar, 8 Immortals Temple

- Huashan, Flower Mountain's fabulous peaks and powerful caves

- Louguantai, ascension site of Lao Tzu



Summer Retreats 2015

Visit or call 888-750-1773.

Photos of People and Instructors at previous retreats:


Folks have FUN at these retreats - come join us! 

Winn's Summer Schedule at Mars Hill, in Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, N.C. (30 minutes from Asheville airport AVL, 2.5 hours to Charlotte CLT, 1 hour 15 min. from Greenville GSP).

  • All Michael Winn courses at Healing Tao University count for Instructor Certification.
  • Courses are open to all levels of students, but please check pre-requisites. Pre-requisites for Winn retreats can be met by his home study courses.
  • If you buy the homestudy course BEFORE you take the retreat — which I strongly recommend — then you receive back HALF the price of the homestudy course upon registration. Purchase must be within one year before the retreat.
  • See for full course descriptions. Tuition cost only $495., lower with multiple-course discounts. Housing/food is separate. Commuters pay a $100. facility fee. Cost is subsidized by non-profit Healing Tao USA, prices have not risen in 6 years.
  • All retreats: register 2-5 pm on starting day, class ends at noon (then lunch) on final day. Plan your travel accordingly.
  • Week 1: June 19 - 24, 2015 (Fri-Wed)

  • Smiling Buddha

    Qigong (Qigong) Fundamentals Levels 1-4.
    - Michael Winn

    Includes powerful Taoist Summer Solstice Ceremony to aid completion of your deepest authentic needs.

    Description of material:

    Open to everyone. Can be used to fill pre-requisite requirement or final certification as Associate Instructor. Possible to take weekend only.


  • Week 2: June 26 - July 1, 2015 (Fri-Wed)
  • Healing Love: Taoist Sexology for Health & Bliss
    - Michael Winn & Minke de Vos

                          Healing Love

  • Week 3: July 3- 8, 2015 (Fri-Wed)
  • Inner Sexual Alchemy -- Michael Winn
    Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li


    Crop circle with Vesica Piscis coupling of yin & yang

  • Week 4: July 10- 15, 2015 (Fri-Wed)
  • Planetary & Soul Alchemy: Resolving Collective/Archetypal Issues - Greatest Kan & Li.
    - Michael Winn
    Work on connecting into the inner space of Saturn and the Sun. Learn Living Astrology, how to talk to the planets (as the vital organs of our solar system).


    Note: The prerequisite Sun-Moon Alchemy (Greater Kan & Li) can also be taken in advance by home-study course.

  • Week 5: July 17- 22, 2015 (Fri-Wed)
  • Heaven & Earth Alchemy (aka "Sealing of the 5 Body Spirits").


    Note: The prerequisite Star Alchemy course can be taken in advance by home-study course.

     Trees dominate the landscape at our Ivy League-feeling retreat center in Mars Hill, NC (near Asheville)

    Fall 2015 Courses and Dates in Asheville, N.C. 

    AUTUMN 2015


    • Sept. --- 2015  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED. 7 - 9:30 pm at our Asheville home.

    • FALL EQUINOX CEREMONY (+ music & meditation) FREE.
    This is the time of Letting Go of what is resistant and no longer needed. Join us for a powerful White Dragon Ceremony, live musical fun and deep meditation on the cosmic harmonic balance of Equinox. Come prepared with a clearly articulated intent as to What You Will Let Go OF in Your Life.

    7 pm: arrive BEFORE concert starts. Need an RSVP to gain entry, space is limited. Park clockwise in circular driveway.

    7:15 pm - 8 pm:   Concert, tba.

    8 - 8:30 pm: White Dragon Empowerment Ceremony, led by Michael Winn.

    8:30 - 9:30 pm silent meditation.

    Light Refreshments.


    FREE. RSVP required, must stay for entire event (no concert-only party folks). For details and driving directions please email: winn(AT)

    • Oct. 23, 2015 (Fri. eve. 7:30 – 9:30 pm): Asheville, N.C.
    • INNER SMILE: FREE Evening Meditation & Talk - Michael Winn. 

    Inner Smile is a universal image in art.

    This fun evening is part of a weekend workshop, but is open to the public and can be taken separately. We will mostly smile together silently, relax from the "heart-mind" (xin) level of smiling in the body until the deeper "inner heart" or soul (ling) level of smiling spontaneously arises. I will facilitate this with a transmission of that frequency of unconditional acceptance at the soul level. This is one of the most important and simplest self-cultivation practices you can learn and apply simply to daily life. Increased peace, self-love, and acceptance of others are the reward, with secondary benefits of healing all kinds of illness that is stress-caused.

    NEW Location: At Asheville Training Center, same venue as weekend workshop. No pre-registration required, free to all. Just show up!  261 Asheland Ave, two blocks south of downtown Asheville, corner Phifer St.. In side entry of Town & Mountain Realty building.

    • Oct. 24 - 25, 2015 (Sat/Sun): Asheville, N.C. Sat 9-6; Sun 9:30 am - 6 pm.

    with Michael Winn
    Dragon Captuers the pearl
    Taoist Micro-Cosmic Orbit trains us to crystallize an Inner Pearl that matures into our Inner Sage and a reliable spiritual guide.

    Contact:  or call 888 999 0555  
    Cost: $144 for weekend. $90. for one day.

    Day 1: Inner Smile, Five Animals Qigong, Six Healing Sounds, Taoist qigong & alchemy theory.

    Visit (Fundamentals 1 page with full benefits & description of practices, testimonials, etc.)

    Day 2: Guided Micro-Cosmic Orbit. This famous Tao meditation unifies all energy centers/chakras into a flowing whole. Process is made simple and physically tangible with the powerful "Open Qi (Chi) Flow in the Orbit" movement qigong. Chi transmission is given to help you open chi flow spiraling in an orbit around your torso.

    Includes oral transmission of the powerful Wudang Mountain "Red Dragon" internal method of circulating the orbit (NOT taught in standard Healing Tao curriculum). THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE ORBIT METHOD I'VE FOUND – during my 30 years search. Included is my method of invoking spiralling Dragon power into the orbit meditation to amplify its power and effortless Qi (chi) flow.

    Good for self healing, spiritual centering and balance of all yin-yang meridians of body, and balancing blood and chi. The orbit is also the main pathway used for cultivating spiritualized sexual energy as you progress in your practice.

    More info on Fundamentals 2:    

    These two days are packed with powerful practices that can make major shifts in your health and energy level. They are Lifetime Treasures, simple enough to easily share with family and friends.

    Open to everyone. This course is THE main pre-requisite to Fusion, Healing Love, Kan & Li. This is the best course to begin with, but also suitable for advanced adepts or people from other traditions wishing to go deeper.

  • Nov. 14 - 15, 2015 (Sat/Sun): Asheville, N.C.
  •      Sat 9-6; Sun 9:30 am - 6 pm. LOCAATION TO BE ANNOUNCED.
  •     with Feldenkrais for Effortless Super Learning of Tai Chi.


         Led by Michael, plus recorded guidance by Joyce Gayheart.




    This is where you go when you practice Primordial Qigong/ Tai Chi for Enlightened Love.

    Magical, powerful 800 year old lineage qigong ceremony (a.k.a. "Tai Chi for Enlightenment"). Integrates the magic square of feng shui, the dynamic inner coupling of Taoist alchemy, the healing benefits of medical qigong, and the earthly transmission power of China's original tai chi form!

    We gather the directional chi of Heaven and Earth in graceful spirals. This is one of my favorite forms, but requires deeper commitment (15 min. practice length). Combined with Feldenkrais, it opens up many levels of healing energy and ease of movement amazingly quickly.

    I go far beyond the DVD during this class, revealing many things about the inner structure of the form, and how to intensify it with toning and focused intention.

    For more about the form, and numerous testimonials about how amazing the form is, please see

    Cost: $185. ($90. deposit). Reviewers: $125.


    828 505 1444

    Note: The course is the certification course for Primordial   QiGong/Tai Chi for Enlightened Love. You receive a teaching certificate from Healing Tao University. Those seeking certification should have been practicing the form well in advance, if only from a DVD.

    Mantak Chia learned this form from me on a China Dream Trip, and loved it! He has made it a part of the Healing Tao curriculum, so you can also now use this course as hours towards becoming a Healing Tao Instructor. For more info:

  • Dec. 5 - 6, 2015 (Sat/Sun) Asheville, N.C.
  •      Sat 9-6; Sun 9:30 am - 6 pm. LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED.


  • MEDICAL & SPIRITUAL QIGONG FUNDAMENTALS 3 & 4: Internal Chi Breathing and Bone Rooting with Michael Winn
  • Iron Shirt Qi Gong

    Learn the 3 types of Taoist breathing: natural, reverse, and counter-force. Powerful "empty" or neutral force breathing method can be done anywhere, standing, sitting, lying. Opens belly center/dantien, the key to good chi circulation and self-healing. Standing and moving postures to open core channels of body. My simplified version of Iron Shirt Qigong.

    We will also learn the Ocean, Sky, & Great Heart Breathing, aka Blissful Breathing Qigong. This form activates the Mystical Power of Three, that unites physical breath with subtle body breath in all three dantian. A short 5-minute form that packs a tremendous wallop.

    Day 2 focuses on bone marrow breathing, rooting power, and simple bone-to-bone tapping. Excellent for grounding, preventing & healing chronic illness due to blood deficiency, osteoporosis, and many others. Stabilizes stillness for meditators, develops root for all movement artists (dance or martial arts). This bone work is the prelude to completing bloodline ancestral issues.

    See for more details.         Open to all, no prerequisites. Useful to have Fundamentals 1&2, but they can be taken in reverse order as well. Cost: $144. weekend. $90. for Sat. only, or reviewers (both days).


    Email if you have questions. Or call Jan to register by phone: 828 505-1444.

    NEW Location: Asheville Training Center, 261 Ashland Ave., 2 blocks south of downtown Asheville. Starts 9 am on Saturday. 

    For information about Michael Winn and his qigong/chi kung trainings, visit:                




    • Dec. ---, 2015  DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED.  7:30 - midnight at our Asheville home.

    • WINTER SOLSTICE CEREMONY (+ music & meditation)
       This is the time of Re-birthing of the Light, of planting new seeds deep within the dark womb of Mother Earth.


    Intensified by New Moon Qi. Join us for a powerful Black Dragon Ceremony, live musical fun and deep meditation on the cosmic harmonic richness of Winter Solstice. Two meditation sittings, must stay for at least one.


    FREE. RSVP required. For details and driving directions please email: winn(AT)
     If you cannot attend in person, I encourage everyone to do their own ceremony or gather in groups with family and friends. 


    Winter - Spring 2013  

    MEXICO Retreats Winter 2013 (taught in English, translated to Spanish)

    � Feb. 23-27, 2013 in Cuernavaca, Mexico (near Mexico City)                      Star Alchemy: Sealing of the 5 Body Spirits

    contact: Janette Nutis

    � March 1 - 5, 2013, Casa Azul, near Mexico City)