Come to Tao Garden for Healing Tao's 30th Birthday Party!
Tao Congress Sept. 5-14, 2010
Michael Winn
by Michael Winn / 888-750-1773 / 888-999-0555

July 12, 2010

Inside Chi Flows Naturally:

photo: Tao Garden Big Dipper Meditation Hall, with special roof opening to the Pole Star.

Dear Lovers of Tao,

   I'm in the middle of my summer retreats at Heavenly Mountain, and things are cooking beautifully, we are  having our usual wonderful chi party with marvelous folks from all over. We've still got two more weeks of retreats, and its not too late to signup! Visit for info on Tao Yin/Dream Practie, Tai Chi, Bagua, Sun-Moon Alchemy and Star Alchemy. Or call our registrar, Tynne, at 828 450 8521.

Remember, this is our last summer at Heavenly Mountain, so come enjoy the fabulous chi, the giant crystals, and the top instructors in their field.

Many thanks to those who have suggested new retreat centers. Please keep the suggestions coming - North Carolina sites preferably.


But I want to drop you a quick reminder of another REALLY GREAT party that is happening this fall at Tao Garden, in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, Sept. 5 - 14, 2010.

I'm happy that it kicks off on MY birthday (Sept. 5), as it was really a kind of spiritual birth for me to discover the Tao as a young seeker 30 years ago.

It will be a GLOBAL reunion and celebration of senior Taoists from all over the world, gathering to share our wisdom and insights of the last 30 years, since Healing Tao was first founded in Chinatown, NYC.

It promises to be a low cost, high-energy, amazing, mind-blowing, chi-filled, once-in-a-lifetime fun event that is NOT to be missed! And I know LOTS of amazing Taoist friends are going to be there as well.

As I was one of the first western students of Mantak Chia, I am certainly going to attend this party, one of the biggest "chi blasts" to hit the planet in 30 years.

For a quick video preview of a full length film that is premiering at this  World Tao Congress, click on this youtube link to see Juan Li, myself, Sharon Smith, Gunther Weil, and Raven Cohan weigh in on how the Healing Tao grew from total esoteric obscurity (Taoist Esoteric Yoga was our first name) to becoming a major force for spiritual change on planet Earth:

Youtube clip from the World Premier screening of the documentary 'How it All Began: Origins of the Universal Healing Tao System'


photo: This is the first book I edited/wrote for Mantak Chia, that broke the veil of secrecy about Taoist inner alchemy methods and set the Healing Tao on its course to world wide recognition. But more important than the books, videos, and techniques that were shared was the amazing community of western Taoists that came together.


Mantak Chia, meditating in the natural gardens of Tao Garden.


    For the detailed PROGRAM schedule of the workshops on cutting edge developments and inspirational innovations in Chi Nei Tsang, Internal Alchemy, Women's Health, Men's Health, Healing Love, The I Ching, Home Birthing, Darkroom Techniques, Breast Health, Nutrition, Fusion, Tai Chi, Tao Yin and much, more more...

For a list of the presenters,

For the REGISTRATION page and costs (depends on class of room you choose - even the 1 star is very lovely),


If you've never been to Tao Garden, you will enjoy the fragrant flowers and the inexpensive health spa amenities, a nice way to pamper yourself while getting healthy:


The Healing Tao has shown great longevity....because it supports our personal longevity.

Love to see you either on Heavenly Mountain in North Carolina or at our heavenly Tao Garden in Thailand!


love, chi , blessings,


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Happy to meet you at Healing Tao's Birthday party,

Michael Winn

"Who takes Heaven as his ancestor, Virtue as his home,

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"The Tao is very close, but everyone looks far away.

Life is very simple, but everyone seeks difficulty."
-- Taoist Sage, 200 B.C

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