Asheville Healing Tao Schedule 2010
Michael Winn's US and International Teaching Schedule
Michael Winn

Summer - Fall 2010
Michael Winn's Teaching Schedule
Asheville, U.S. & Overseas Workshops

Summer 2010
Autumn 2010

Asheville Workshop General Info:

  • Time: all 2 day Asheville workshops:
    Sat 9-6; Sun 9:30-5:30 pm.
  • Location: at Lighten Up Yoga. 60 Biltmore Ave., Asheville (unless specified) Downtown, 2nd fl, above City bakery.
  • Cost: still only $144. (not increased in 10 years - based on sacred number, not value!) Sat. only: $90. Review both days (previous students): $90. VISA/MC, extended pay. Note: Cost/location may be different for some workshops.
  • Deposit: $72., payable to "Healing Tao USA". Send to Box 601, Asheville NC 28802. If cancel one week prior to start of workshop, 100% refundable.
  • Home Study Option: Live transmission at workshops is best. If you cannot attend, you can still receive an "oral transmission" via my ten Tao Home Study Audio-Video courses on my website. Home study courses are ACCEPTED AS PRE-REQ'S for the next level course. All weekend courses are now available in CD format. Audio CD upgrades for older tape cassette buyers: pay half the web CD price. Courses are updated, and often have new material in them.
  • Product Discounts: Live workshop attendees may buy AT the workshop the video-audio as review material - about 50% discount off retail.
  • Rebate on products: If you buy a Home Study Course in advance of taking the SAME FULL WEEK-LONG summer retreat within one year, you receive nearly 50% credit back on the product at the time you register at the summer retreat. Example: Buy a $99. DVD-CD package now, you get $50. back when you take the same summer retreat. For more details, see:
  • Instructor Certification: Asheville workshops with Michael count toward certification as Healing Tao instructor. For full details of certification requirements:
  • Assistant Instructor Certification Summary:
    Associate Instructors need 70 hours prerequisite core curriculum (any four weekend courses with Michael + 6 hours of privates, OR two week-long summer retreats). Then take an additional 40 hours certification (re-take either the week-long Qigong Fundamentals at summer retreat or repeat three weekend courses in Asheville).

    An Amazing Qigong Journey to Taoist Sacred Mountains

    Special Event: Join Master Mantak Chia (who is coming on the trip) and the Tao Immortals in a ceremony atop Mt. Wudang to celebrate the founding of Healing Tao 30 Years ago!

    May 8 –30: 23-day trip with optional Huashan Cave & Mountain Meditation week. Includes visit to power spot, Lao Tzu Ascension Vortex in Louguantai, birthplace of Taoism.
    (only $885. for optional extra week).

    Led by Michael Winn

    Detailed Itinerary of Dream Trip 2010 soon to be posted on :

    17-Day trip includes airfare between Los Angeles and Beijing, 3 internal air flights in China, all land (hotel/meal/transport) costs, entry and training fees. Trip cost is $4850. Not included: visas, airline fuel surcharge, tips, optional week. Discount $100. for my students & Tao Instructors. Ask about extended payment. Trip cost starting from Beijing is $3995. (+ surcharge on 2 flights inside China). Single upgrade $695. on core trip.

    All trip members receive a Free DVD of Michael Winn's Primordial Qigong (Tai Chi for Enlightenment) in advance. We practice it throughout the journey, along with other qigong forms, including Shamanic 7-Star Big Dipper Qigong.

    This trip is PACKED with a unique, life-changing intensity. A few highlights:

    Beijing: Temple of Heaven, Primordial Qigong on the Great Wall. Forbidden City. Private astrology & Qi Healings with Master Jiang Nan (Path of Female Immortals).

    Wudang Mountain: Golden Peak, Purple Cloud Temple, Wudang Martial Arts performance, and possible special "9 Steps of Yu" Taoist Ceremony. Training in Shamanic Big Dipper Qigong. Joined by Healing Tao founder Mantak Chia, to celebrate our 30th Anniversary in a special ceremony!

    Sichuan Province: 3 days at Celestial Master Cave Monastery on Mt. Qingcheng shan, the famous mask-changing Sichuan Opera, Green Goat Taoist Temple, and play with pandas at China's largest preserve.

    Shaanxi Province: Ancient walled capital of Xian, 8 Immortals Temple, antique flea & Moslem Night Market, wholesale shopping for silk, jade, scroll paintings, Chinese crafts. Terra Cotta Warriors. Huashan (Flower Mtn) – the most powerful chi in China, with amazing carved steps, temples atop cliffs, power caves & monasteries.

    Lougantai: Lao Tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching here, and allegedly ascended nearby. Famous Lao Tzu temple and cave where miraculous healings occur. Stay in a lovely mountain resort surrounded by waterfalls, relax & digest the trip & Huashan.

    See amazing China photos:

    Contact: Last minute signups accepted if space is available.

  • June 2 – 6, 2010 Los Angeles, CA

    Winn presents a 2 hour seminar: "Qigong for Scholars: Grounding the Mental Body".

    Loyola Marymount University. Contact:

    Summer 2010

    Visit or call 888-750-1773.

    Photos of Retreat Facilities in Blue Ridge Mountains:

    Photos of People and Instructors at retreats:

    Winn's Summer Schedule at Heavenly Mountain

    Near Blowing Rock, N.C.

    • All Michael Winn courses at Healing Tao University count for Instructor Certification.
    • Courses are open to all levels of students, but please check pre-requisites. Pre-requisites for Winn retreats can be met by his home study courses.
    • If you buy the homestudy course BEFORE you take the retreat — which I strongly recommend — then you receive back HALF the price of the homestudy course upon registration. Purchase must be within one year before the retreat.
    • See for fuller course descriptions and possible date changes. This website may not be fully updated until December.
  • June 18 - 23, 2009 (Fri-Wed)
  • Qigong (Qigong) Fundamentals Levels 1-4.
    - Michael Winn

    Includes powerful Taoist Summer Solstice Ceremony to aid completion of your deepest authentic needs.

    Description of material:

    Open to everyone. Can be used to fill pre-requisite requirement or final certification as Associate Instructor.

  • July 2 - 7, 2009 (Fri-Wed)
  • Healing Love: Taoist Sexology for Health & Bliss
    - Michael Winn & Minke de Vos

  • July 9 - 14, 2009 (Fri-Wed)
  • Inner Sexual Alchemy -- Michael Winn
    Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li

  • July 16 – 22, 2009 (Fri-Wed)
  • Sun-Moon Alchemy – Michael Winn
    Greater Enlightenment Kan & Li

  • July 23 – 28, 2009 (Fri-Wed)
  • Star Alchemy: Sealing of the 5 Body Spirits – Michael Winn

    NOTE: This Star Alchemy course is taught every two years, in an opposite cycle to Planet & Soul Alchemy. Please use homestudy courses in the off-year, then take it live at later date. You'll get 50% rebate on the homestudy course).

    Heaven & Earth Alchemy will be taught by special retreat when there are sufficient qualified adepts. Email me if interested in taking it.

  • August 20 – 22, 2010. Winn Seminar at NQA National Qigong Association Conference.
  • Oak Ridge Conference Center in Minneapolis, MN.

    Seminar topic (proposed):
    Daoist Inner Alchemy, Qigong and Chinese Medicine: Shengong ("Skill with Spirit") Therapy as the Future of Medicine.
    see for details or call 888-815-1893

    Autumn 2010

  • Sept. 5 – 14, 2010. Mantak Chia & Healing Tao 30th Anniversary Congress. Tao Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Seminars, panel discussions, party, retreat.
    Seminar by Michael Winn on Internal Alchemy, East and West, and workshop panel on Taoist Sexology.

  • Sept. 19-24, 2010 (Sun-Fri) in Glastonbury, England.
  • STAR ALCHEMY: Sealing of the Five Body Spirits
    with Autumn Equinox Ceremony at Stonehenge.

    These are tentative dates and topic, to be updated.

    Contact barry spendlove:

  • Oct. 15, 2010 (Fri. eve. 7:30 – 9:30 pm): Asheville, N.C.
  • INNER SMILE: Free Evening Meditation & Talk with Michael Winn.

    This evening is part of the weekend workshop, even though it is open to the public. We will mostly smile together silently, relax from the "heart-mind" (xin) level of smiling in the body until the deeper "inner heart" or soul (ling) level of smiling spontaneously arises. I will facilitate this with a transmission of that frequency of unconditional acceptance at the soul level.

    Location: At Lighten Up Yoga, same venue as weekend workshop. No pre-registration required, free to all.

  • Oct. 16 - 17, 2010 (Sat/Sun): Asheville, N.C.
    with Michael Winn

    Day 1: Inner Smile, Five Animals Qigong, Six Healing Sounds, Taoist qigong & alchemy theory.

    Visit (Fundamentals 1 page with full benefits & description of practices, testimonials, etc.)

    Day 2: Guided Micro-Cosmic Orbit. This famous Tao meditation unifies all energy centers/chakras into a flowing whole. Process is made simple and physically tangible with the powerful "Open Qi (Chi) Flow in the Orbit" movement qigong. Chi transmission is given to help you open chi flow spiraling in an orbit around your torso.

    Includes oral transmission of the powerful Wudang Mountain "Red Dragon" internal method of circulating the orbit (NOT taught in standard Healing Tao curriculum). THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE ORBIT METHOD I'VE FOUND – during my 30 years search.

    Good for self healing, spiritual centering and balance of all yin-yang meridians of body, and balancing blood and chi. The orbit is also the main pathway used for cultivating spiritualized sexual energy as you progress in your practice.

    More info on Fundamentals 2:

    These two days are packed with powerful practices that can make major shifts in your health and energy level. They are Lifetime Treasures, simple enough to easily share with family and friends.

    Open to everyone. This course is THE main pre-requisite to Fusion, Healing Love, Kan & Li. This is the best course to begin with, but suitable for advanced adepts wishing to go deeper.


  • Oct. 30 - Nov. 5, 2010 (Sat.-Fri.) in Mexico.
    In Tepotzlan, 1 hour from Mexico City, Mexico.
    Taught in English, with Spanish translation. Open to foreigners.

    Description of One Cloud's Alchemy Formulas:

    Planet and Soul Alchemy is One Cloud's Formula for completing the Water & Fire stage in cultivating our Inner Sage. This is the third Kan & Li (Water & Fire) formula that works on cultivating a more refined lingshen, The lingshen is roughly equivalent to the western notion of "soul", but is more processual or evolutionary: your responsibility as a human being is to "grow" your soul, rather than "save" it.

    This alchemical meditation process begins with a kind of cosmic Fusion of the Five Elements. This integrates the 5 body spirit-essences of the personal self and the 5 planetary forces of the Solar system Self in the middle cauldron at the heart. This is "living astrology", in which cosmic forces are interiorized inside the body. The planets are evolving storehouses for the collective archetypal soul forces of humanity. We can experience them directly through planetary tones (music of the spheres), and download their vibration to more deeply divinize our own vital organ spirits.

    It involves, for example, direct experience of and making friends with the planetary spirit of Saturn, the ruler of the earth element, the core unity of living matter and controller of the astrological forces of manifestation. Successful practice removes all fear of death and dissolves deep karmic patterns of resistance and struggle that plague humanity.

    This process allows us to clearly receive and transmit our inner solarlogos or Way of knowing. This happens through deeper opening of our inner heart experiencing its direct link to the Spirit of the Sun. The hidden yin nature of the Sun (Yin within the Yang) and the hidden yang nature of the Spirit of Earth (Yang within the Yin) are coupled internally to mature the heart of our Inner Sage.

    This course is taught in English with Spanish translation; open to foreigners.

    Prerequisite: Sun-Moon Alchemy (Greater Kan & Li), live or homestudy

    Contact: Janette Nutis

  • Nov. 13 –14, 2010 (Sat/Sun): Asheville, N.C.
  • PRIMORDIAL QIGONG with Feldenkrais for Effortless Super Learning. Led by Michael, plus recorded guidance by Joyce Gayheart.

    Magical, powerful 800 year old lineage qigong ceremony (a.k.a. "Tai Chi for Enlightenment"). Integrates the magic square of feng shui, the dynamic inner coupling of Taoist alchemy, the healing benefits of medical qigong, and the earthly transmission power of China's original tai chi form!

    We gather the directional chi of Heaven and Earth in graceful spirals. This is one of my favorite forms, but requires deeper commitment (20 min. practice length). Combined with Feldenkrais, it opens up many levels of healing energy and ease of movement amazingly quickly.

    For more about the form, see

    Cost: $185. ($90. deposit). Reviewers: $125.

    Note: The course is the Instructor Certification course for Wuji Gong/Tai Chi for Enlightenment. You will receive a teaching certificate from Healing Tao University. Those seeking certification should have been practicing the form well in advance. Email if you have questions.

    Location: Lighten Up Yoga in downtown Asheville.


  • Dec. 4 - 5, 2010 (Sat/Sun) Asheville, N.C.
    Internal Chi Breathing and Bone Rooting with Michael Winn

    Learn the 3 types of Taoist breathing: natural, reverse, and counter-force. Powerful "empty" or neutral force breathing method can be done anywhere, standing, sitting, lying. Opens belly center/dantien, the key to good chi circulation and self-healing. Standing and moving postures to open core channels of body. My simplified version of Iron Shirt Qigong.

    We will also learn the Ocean, Sky, & Great Heart Breathing: Blissful Breathing Qigong. This form activates the Mystical Power of Three, that unites physical breath with subtle body breath in all three dantian. A short 5-minute form that packs a tremendous wallop.

    Day 2 focuses on bone marrow breathing, rooting power, and simple bone-to-bone tapping and compression. Excellent for grounding, preventing & healing chronic illness due to blood deficiency, osteoporosis, and many others. Stabilizes stillness for meditators, develops root for all movement artists (dance or martial arts). This bone work is the first step to completing bloodline ancestral issues.

    See for more details.

    Open to all, no prerequisites. Useful to have Fundamentals 1&2, but they can be taken in reverse order as well. Cost: $144. weekend. $90. for Sat. only, or reviewers (both days).


  • Dec. 21, 2010 (Tues. eve) Asheville, N.C.

    7:30 - 10:30 pm. Free, open to all, at my home.

    I've chosen the mid-week time because Tuesday is also a New (Dark) Moon. So this is an especially powerful time for ceremony, combining the Dark Power of the Moon and the Dark Winter Sun. Dark here implies the power to birth anew, from the depths of cosmic mystery.

    We'll do a powerful Solstice Ceremony to rebirth our authentic personal self, followed by a series of three silent sitting meditations in total darkness on the cycle of rebirth of the light that regulates our life. It is not necessary to stay for all sittings. There will be an additional sitting until midnight for those who can manage it on a weekday night.

    Light refreshments afterwards. Email for directions:

    Michael Winn has 30+ years experience in the medical, martial, and spiritual arts, & teaches internationally. He was two-term President, National Qigong Association; is Dean and founder of Healing Tao University, the largest Tao arts summer program in the U.S now located at Heavenly Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. He is president of the non-profit Dao Alchemy Research Institute, and spent 9 years as Chairman of the Healing Tao Instructor's Association.

    He has authored ten Tao home study video-audio courses, written dozens of articles, and presented papers at numerous international conferences of Daoist scholars. He is co-author or writer with Mantak Chia of 7 books, including the classic Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.

    Winn lives in a simple log home in the mountains near Asheville, N.C. and has a private "qigong & shengong therapy" practice when he is not traveling.

    For fuller bio, read his ebook, Way of the Inner Smile, available free to subscribers of "Tao News" (subscribe on homepage of

    Or visit: Who is Michael Winn?