Sexual Reflexology
Activating the Taoist Points of Love

Classical erotic illustrations and information on sexual reflexology points.
Sexual Reflexology
<br>Activating the Taoist Points of Love
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The procedures presented here are built on the information from Master Chia's first four books on the Healing Love Energy: "Taoist Secrets of Love", "Healing Love", "Multi-Orgasmic Man" and "Multi-Orgasmic Couple". Master Chia and W.U. Wei take the study of reflexology out of the realm of foot massage and into the realms of internal energy pathways, sexuality and compassion to guide students in understandings of Sexual Reflexology. A New Approach for Loving Couples The study of Sexual Reflexology will help couples find their sexual energy potential, and physical compatibility. It will determine a couple's internal energy compatibility and reveal their character and disposition that will help define the nature of their relationship.
Testimonials for Michael Winn's Sexual Energy Cultivation Products

Scientific Study: Exercise Is Better Than Viagra

German scientists say exercise is better than Viagra in helping men improve their sexual performance.

In a two year study by Urologist professor Frank Sommer from the University of Cologne, 80% of men who complained of erection problems found exercise helped.

In comparison, only 74% of a control group who resorted to Viagra found that use of the pill improved their performance.

Frank Sommer, University of Cologne
note: this was just using general western style exercises. Sexual Vitality chi kung practices are far more sophisticated as they target the vital organs and hormonal functions needed for sexual performance and general cellular reproduction. This is the secret to long and healthy life.

It changed my life in a profound way
My experience of this Healing Love course is beyond words. It changed my life in a profound way. I developed a whole new respect for myself, my love partner, and the universe. Saying thank you is just not enough.
Robin Kaplan, D.C. —
Taking Love into the Light!
Wow! Was it great to have Michael and Joyce together!!!!! Rating; Competent, Masterful, Sages. Taking Love into the Light, back to the Center….
-Coming back for more, Asheville N.C. —
I Got What I Came For
I got what I came for, and then double that again.
D.D. Pennsylvania —
Joyce is a Goddess!
Joyce is a Goddess! The woman’s group was awesome. We got such beautiful goddess energy from it. Thank you!
Love Child from New Zealand —
This is the best I have ever had.
I have had three lovers since starting to practice these techniques, and all three have told me that I was their best, literally said it to me while we were in bed: This is the best I have ever had.
Henry — twenty-eight-year-old stockbroker
Divine Love mixed with Get-down-to-it-Sex!
This course combines Divine Love and Get-down-to-it-Sex! I learned ancient Taoist sexual practices and how to extend my experience of what sex really is, in my own life and in that of the universe. I highly recommend a ride with Michael Winn and Joyce Gayheart, who have been riding this orgasmic cosmic wave for a long time. Michael is an ancient Taoist adept in a modern American body. Joyce is a regal Yin goddess who brings deep heart and understanding to the surface. Together they lead the interested student to the depths of their sexual soul, through its pleasures and ultimately to the bliss of the Tao of Love.
Mitchell Jay Rabin, M.A. D.Ac. Psychotherapist, host of “A Better World” TV show —
It was like nothing I had ever experienced
The orgasms got more powerful one after the other. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. But the most amazing thing is that I had been working too much and was getting sick. The next morning I woke up healthy and with more energy than I can remember.
Jim — thirty-five year old software salesman
I Got Profound Healing of Sexual Relation Issues from Your Tapes

Dear Michael,

Thank you with all my Heart for your beautiful Taoist work. I experienced profound healing listening to your weekend 6-cassette set of "Healing Love" tapes.

The healing was particularly poignant to me because the tapes had for a few years contained a somewhat painful "charge" for me. The tapes were given to my boyfriend Bill by Jane, his erstwhile lover -- someone with whom, from what I perceived, Bill had maintained a deeper love and greater emotional intimacy than he seemed capable or willing to bring to his relationship with me. Until about a year ago, anything that represented Bill and Jane’s deep connection triggered in me irritation or pissiness (at best), or resentment, anger, jealousy and hurtful sadness (at worst).

I had thought I had resolved all of that, and that I was finally at peace with the whole Jane dynamic. That is, until I recently found the tapes in a drawer after Bill moved out a few months ago. Up welled some of the same feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, envy, jealousy. Not comfortable things to confront for someone who likes to consider herself pretty spiritual evolved! :-) Especially when I thought I had healed these types of feelings where Jane and Bill were concerned. But there it was, plain as day -- another unhealed layer.

Rather than throw the tapes away (my first impulse), send them back to Jane unheard (my second impulse), or even send them back to Bill unheard (my third impulse), I decided to give them a listen before mailing them off to Bill. Part of me maintained the fantasy that I would listen to them and then feel superior -- "Oh, I already know all of this from my many years of deep pranayam practice based on principles of Kundalini yoga and tantra, with Rudi's double breathing technique, from my own inner work through years of celibacy, from my own Tantric tutelage and practices, through my work with Master Zhou, through being a tantrika before I even knew what that word meant, etc. etc. etc."

The small mind ego just jumped right on board, spinning out an elaborate and detailed fantasy of arrogant dismissal. And then I breathed deeply again, drew all of this into my dantian, burned it up and allowed it to quiet my mind, open my heart, open my third eye and crown, and allow myself a chance to learn or receive something.

Only after I committed to listening openly and without judgment did I pop the first tape in -- and I then was able to begin to receive fully the healing energy that came through, so softly, sweetly. I was bathed in a beautiful healing blanket, inspiring me to go further with my QiGong explorations . . . and reminding me that as I return to doing these practices deeply in loving myself, only that same unconditional love, support and Love Essence will come forward to meet me, too. In all relationships -- including the next one to which I choose to bring the priceless flower gift of my Divine Goddess Sexuality.

Thank you for the inspiration of your work, and for inspiring me further on my own inner path working with the profound energies that help us integrate spirit and body and energy fully.

Light and love,

Kathleen, California

l am just never tired
In the normal, everyday sort of ejaculation my pleasure is quickly over with. Not so in multiple orgasms. The pleasure generated here stays with me throughout the day . . . [and] offers the added bonus of affording extra energy, so l am just never tired. Now I can have as much sex as I want and I can control it rather than have it control me. What more can a man ask for?
Frank — forty-eight-year-old factory owner
Michael and Joyce are a Perfect Yin-Yang Balance!
Michael and Joyce are a perfect yin-yang balance! Michael shares his deep knowledge of Taoist theory with great articulation and humor. For someone new to these concepts, he explained them in a way that I can use in my emotional, physical, and spiritual journey. Joyce holds the space for a blame-free and grounded exploration, and release of feminine wounds. She invites the feminine mysteries to manifest in our lives. I strongly recommend this workshop for any woman on a healing journey who wishes to embrace and include the masculine aspect with love and positivity, as it expresses itself within her and within men.
M.G. — California
This book teaches you everything you need to know...
Our laboratory research found multi-orgasmic men were not only able to maintain an erection in intercourse longer but had more orgasms of greater intensity than singly orgasmic men. This book teaches you everything you need to know to become multi-orgasmic.
William E. Hartman, Ph.D., and Marilyn A. Eithian, Ph.D. — Center for Marital and Sexual Studies
A Fantastic Foundation for Understanding Human Sexuality
Michael Winn and Joyce Gayheart’s Healing Love course is a fantastic foundation for understanding human sexuality and its link to spirituality. It should be compulsory at all schools on the planet!
Ewan — New Zealand businessman
A Masterful Presentation by Two Sages
Michael and Joyce's Healing Love is a masterful presentation by two Sages of loving practices that leaves one with a glowing pink resonance in their Energy Body.
C.T. — Tucson
Humor that kept it moving was great!
Healing Love course was very impressive, more than I expected. The humor that kept it moving was great. Thank you for everything!
W. H. — Tucson
Joyce is a loving being who radiates inner beauty
Joyce Gayheart is truly a loving being who radiates inner beauty. The women’s section of the Healing Love course was truly healing for me and the power that we shared was an experience I will always carry in my heart and use it in my practice.
Love, Linda —