Primordial Qigong DVD

(a.k.a. Tai Chi for Enlightenment)

Spiritual Tai Chi form 800 year old lineage.
integrates Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Inner Alchemy, Qigong
2 hour DVD
Primordial Qigong DVD<br>
<br>(a.k.a. Tai Chi for Enlightenment)
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Internal Alchemy
Chi Kung Fundamentals
Chi Kung Breathing and Rooting
Chi Kung Breathing and Rooting
Self Healing Chi Kung
Sexual Energy Cultivation
Internal Alchemy
Dream Practice
Dream Practice
Chi Nei Tsang

Primordial Chi Kung.
My favorite! A magical ceremony combines the original tai chi moves, feng shui, alchemy, and chi kung. Learn to gather chi from all the directions in beautiful spirals, collects the power of both heaven and Earth. Opens the heart to the true force of unconditional love emanating from the Wuji,the Supreme Unknown. An 800 year old lineage chi kung form that connects you to the Tao Immortals. Easy to learn, delivers fast and powerful chi. Transmitted to my 81 year old Taoist teacher Zhu Hui by a 105 year old Wudang Mtn. Taoist.

• super easy to learn
• anyone can practice it, anywhere
• delivers quick energy & health benefits
• awakens peaceful, true inner Self
• activates powerful spiritual presence

You get FREE $20. Book with video order – a $60. total value!
The Way of the Inner Smile:
Self-Acceptance as Tao Path to Inner Peace
By Michael Winn, 130 pages, 28 photos of world’s most incredible smiles!
• “Do Inner Smile during Chi Kung, your chi is 10 times more powerful!”
• Reveals practical inner secrets of Taoist meditation
• So simple, it can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone!

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