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Dear Friends and Seekers of High Energy;

If a LIVING CHI TRANSMISSION interests you, please read this letter from Michael Winn, President, National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association, and head of Healing Tao USA. The powerful Healing Tao system of internal chi cultivation, founded by Master Mantak Chia, is taught by 700 instructors worldwide, the largest in the West.

Q: What produces a very powerful "chi" field of healing energy, yet costs very little?
A. A Healing Tao summer retreat at the Jeronimo Retreat Center, N.Y.

The powerful human energy sciences taught at Healing Tao's "Chi University" trains you to cultivate many different kinds of life energy. You will want to take several retreats-- after you realize the quality of your chi IS the quality of your life!
You will be able to afford it, with weekly multiple tuition as low as $250. (or use our extended payment plan). Receive certificates of training and credits towards Instructor/healer certification..

Something magical is happening this summer up in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The largest summer Chi Kung (Qigong) University in America has become a magnet for hundreds of people. They are attracted to an amazing choice of 26 different week long retreats by the best chi kung, nei kung (meditation) teachers and energy healers in America.

Many will cap their unforgettable summer at Big Indian with the National Qigong Conference. As you read on, you may realize suddenly that "chi kung" is not only a miraculous exercise method, but rather a vast civilization of arts and sciences. It's the practical doorway to the universal Tao, or "natural way" of living a healthy life.

What kind of people are attracted to Tao summer retreats at the Jeronimo Retreat Center?

Energy healers of all stripes. The old healers recovering from burnout, the new healers eager to learn the most advanced healing system available to prevent burnout. Acupuncturists who want to experience chi flow in their own body, without needles, so it flows in the 8 Extraordinary (Psychic) channels. Martial artists who want the secrets of internal cultivation a.s.a.p, with no B.S. People weak from all kinds of stress and illness seeking loving support and a practical way to take charge of their own healing. People who recovered from illness the previous year at Big Indian, now want to focus on new levels of wellness.

Long time yoga students who hit a plateau, now want more chi flow inside their yoga postures. Computer operators who want to prevent carpal tunnel and recharge their chi internally while sitting at their station. Meditators from all major spiritual traditions curious to explore the inner alchemy process, to go beyond personal mind enlightenment, to experience full body-mind-nature enlightenment (a.k.a. "immortality" or "lightbody"). Nature lovers who want to learn to "speak" the silent energy language of animals, trees, mountains, and rivers.

There are psychotherapists seeking energy skills and a new body-mind paradigm. Armchair metaphysical seekers trying to figure out what to do with their body. Romantics and western tantrics who know what to do with their bodies, but seek a way to grasp the spiritual essence of their sexuality. Dancers curious about chi kung's flowing movements that don't rely on muscle. Long time tai chi players whose outer form has gotten a bit "dry", seeking to go deeper, reopen their juicy inner chi flow.

Corporate professionals redefining their real bottom line -- the value of their life. Intense philosopher types trying to get out of their head, but can't resist the Tao bookstore with hard to get books, feng shui cures, videos, and cool Tao T-shirts ("What would Lao Tzu do?" asks one). There are also ordinary folks looking for romance, a healthy vacation with great food, sunshine, and a nice swiming pond with big trees. Add some really good chi. At a very reasonable price.

The Healing Tao at the Jeronimo Retreat Center attracts them all. Making friends with the fascinating mix of people on retreat is half the fun of going. WARNING! Lifetime friendships or marriage may result! Stir in the colorful cast of instructors, all masters in a special chi art, many with 20 years experience. They all have one thing in common -- the quest to experience a deeper flow of chi.

Mysterious "Chi" Happenings at Big Indian

It's not surprising a lively carnival of people comes to this serene, lush valley year after year. Visiting Big Indian, even someone with skin as thick as an elephant's can't help but notice the mysterious chi energy that is pulsing, almost gushing from the land itself. The nature spirits here are not those elusive little tinkerbelle-type sprites. They are not afraid of humans. They walk boldly up to your face, grab you by the collar and shake you! "Wake up", they laugh with mischievous glee. "Stop hiding from yourself! Can you feel our chi dancing and tingling inside your body?" Don't think I am kidding you.

These are, after all, the same magical mountains that Rip van Winkle disappeared in for a 100 years. Here's what a 55 year old woman, a school teacher from New Jersey asked me: "I have been going to Big Indian for the last three years. Every year, it's the same thing. The first two nights I can hardly sleep, because there is so much energy pouring through my body. But the amazing thing is that I don't ever feel tired the next day! It's like somebody came in and flushed out my insides. Afterwards, I always feel great. Can you tell me what is going on?"

Big Indian is on a power spot. It's why the different Catskill tribes agreed to stop fighting each other and danced on this land together every summer. People still come together at Big Indian each summer to do an ancient kind of shamanic dance called chi kung. Only now the chi pulsing up from the earth is being combined with the most powerful chi cultivation methods on the planet. The result is predictably dramatic. Another student, a 45 year old engineer from California, wrote: "I can't believe how that retreat at Big Indian charged up my life. My energy is still pulsing, and it has been five months since I left." This type of response is so common, we feel comfortable predicting it will happen to you also.

Human Energy Science of 21st Century

Let me ask you a frank question. This is the year 1999. Big changes appear to be coming to planet Earth. In 1899, people thought the world was about to end, and guess what? Life as they knew it did end. It was called the Industrial Revolution. Now in 1999 we are on the verge of a new revolution, this time in human energy science. Is your energy body ready to flow into the Year 2000 and beyond? Did you even know that you have an energy body? Or that your energy body occupies the same space as your solid physical body, but with a distinctly different structure? I'm not talking about your aura, which is much more superficial.

Your energy or chi body has an invisible network of vital organ meridians and deeper core channels. Your chi flows through these channels and your innate intelligence (your inner voice) shapes this chi into a physical body, into your feelings, your sexual impulses, your thoughts, your highest intuitions, your everything. Chi is the intelligence that controls your gene code unfoldment. Maybe that is why so many thousands of people get miraculous healings from chi kung, even after doctors have written them off as dead or sentenced them to life with an incurable illness!

Eventually, this chi technology will become standard information in the medicine, psychology, and religion of the new millenium. But why wait for the establishment to wake up with dinosaur slowness? If a chi kung master is willing to share their "map" of how to induce inner chi flow, that's a really valuable gift that you could be giving yourself this summer. That is what the faculty at Big Indian does -- they spoon-feed you, step by step, until YOU experience in YOUR body the kind of chi flow being trained. This was the stroke of genius of Master Mantak Chia, the founder of the Healing Tao. He took what appeared to be a mystical oriental path and demystified those chi practices by breaking them down into smaller chunks of "experienced information" that could be taught to westerners.

Chi Kung Adapted to Western Body-Minds

The Healing Tao system was so successful there are now over 600 instructors internationally. But guess what? The original inner circle of Master Mantak Chia -- his most Senior instructors who planned and grew the Healing Tao, now masters in their own right -- are all teaching at Big Indian. In addition, they've had 20 years to study with many other masters and add refinements to the powerful core system of Master Chia. They've used good old Yankee ingenuity -- and their advantage of speaking English as a first language -- to greatly improve the way chi kung is taught in America. And if we find an outside teacher who has breakthrough material in their field, we don't hesitate to invite them to join the faculty at our Chi University.

Now, if you were to go to China seeking inside information on how chi affects every part of your life, you might have to wait a long time. This information is so precious, many Chinese historically have been reluctant to reveal their deepest secrets to foreigners. Rest assured, at Big Indian we teach the American way. We don't hold back any secrets. We satisfy the customer by giving them more than they paid for. And we have a very high return rate of happy students to prove it.

Our instructors know that western body-minds are different from Chinese body-minds, and have adapted the internal chi technology to satisfy American physical, emotional, sexual, mental and spiritual needs. You'll get the most advanced, state of the art chi technology when you register for a summer retreat at Big Indian. And you'll get it for a full 5 nights, six days. Most people need a week to really build up to a breakthrough in their chi training. Weekend seminars just aren't as powerful. Books and videos are a fine introduction, but they can't answer your personal questions.

Most people learn quicker and better with a live teacher. Why? Because thre is a live transmission of chi from a teacher to student. When your bio-field absorb chi directly at Big Indian, the power of this transmission is amplified many times -- so powerful it stays with you for months or even years.

Curriculum at the Jeronimo Retreat Center