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Healing Tao USA China 2008 Lao Shan, Tai Shan images

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Taoist monk stretches with West Peak in background.
Highest point on Mt. Hua, South Peak. About 7,000. feet.
Qigong in early morning fog, South Peak, Mt. Hua.
T-shirt culture catches on in China. Hiker on Mt. Hua.
Cherry does bird qigong atop a tree hanging 3000 feet off a cliff. Mt.Hua.
Nun with cauldron embraced by male and female children - good place to pray for fertility.
Temple Guardian, 2000 yrs old Han Dynasty. Mt. Hua, Qingkeping.
Laotzu painting in Laotzu Temple, Louguantai, storied as birthplace of Taoism.
Tao monk peers into fog, Mt. Hua, above 3000 ft. cliff.
Spring Flower Cave, Huashan. Barry charms the cmountain spirits with his flute.
Louguantai, Zhong Nan Mtns. Looking out the gate of Lao Tzu temple.
Lao Tzu Ascension Site, Louguantai. Group doing primordial qigong - very ethereal Qi!
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