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Healing Tao USA China 2008 Lao Shan, Tai Shan images

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3 Goddesses in cave on Hua Shan.
North Peak, Mt. Hua.
Jade Emperor in cave temple, back cliff of Mt. Hua.
Bell atop Mt. Hua.
Winn communicating with the White Ruler God in his temple atop Huashan. Lit 3 incense, asked for Heaven, Earth, Humanity harmony following big earthquake.
Winn in his usual deep trance at Lao Tzu Ascension site, chasing after a purple cloud.
Bagua Gate, Qingkeping monastery, Mt. Hua.
Winn takes the Death Walk, if he falls the dropoff is 3000 feet....
Zodiac 12 Animals touched for good luck. White Cloud monastery, Beijing.
Louguantai. A dynamic Dao duet is slowly spiralling....
Nun passes by 3 guardians holding swords to protect jade emperor, Mt. Hua.
Cherry (guide) plays with her Monkey Mind on Tai Shan. She seems much too cute to have evolved from a monkey...
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