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Healing Tao USA China 2008 Lao Shan, Tai Shan images

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Put your name on special prayer wall, a small donation speeds your dreams along....
Lao Shan, temple to Primordial Mother.
Red coat, red calligraphy.
Jiang Nan, lineage holder of Female Immortals Path, meditates on Tai Shan.
Tui-na (massage) by the blind, Xian.
Tai Shan, cable car view.
Charlie does qigong in Tai Shan cave.
Taoist monk, 8 Immortals temple, Xian. Never supposed to cut the hair, hence the need for a top knot.
Lao Shan, Primordial Worthy Temple.
Primordial Qigong atop Tai Shan, beneath wall of 1400 year old calligraphy.
Tai Shan mural to guide hikers/pilgrims.
Tai Shan, cauldron of abundance in front of Jade Emperor temple on top. Note giant Chinese coin in center.
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