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Note his high forehead - sign of an expanded Lemurian Third Eye? Yangshuo peasant.
Proud mother weighing in with child.
Yellow Mountain. lookout
Meditating in the wondrously sublime chi field of Lao Tzu's Ascension site, near Louguanai.
Proud father, with my adopted son, a Red Panda. His fur and my beard were perfect match.
Cherry Li (guide) smiles on recieving a woven heart from a Taoist monk.
Symbolic sculpture of "primordial pearl", in Forbidden City, Beijing.
Taoist priest sanctifies a statue for a dream tripper with his heartfelt smile.
Taoist monk at Weibao Mtn. This guy was quite unhappy, monkhood was his escape route.
I pause on my steep journey up Mt. Hua, refresh myself with classical erhu music.
"Coolies" prepare to schlep Dream trippers baggage up the mountain.
Inner altar of Taoist Laotzu temple, Jade Spring Temple, Huashan village.
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