Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 2

Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 2

Medical & Spiritual Qigong

with Michael Winn

Easy 15 minutes gets Chi flowing in lovely spirals around your body!
Learn the key to deep inner balance!
• Open Chi Flow in the Orbit – a graceful qigong form
• Guided Microcosmic Orbit Sitting Meditation
• Qigong as Way to experience the process of self-realization.

DVD  1.5 hr

4 audio CDs 5.5 hrs
chronic illness

Inner Smile audio
80 min CD






9 Major Benefits #2 Audio: Open Chi Flow in Orbit

Time Frame: Do the Fundamentals #2 Open Chi Flow in the Orbit practices for 100 days. This is the traditional time frame used in ancient China, a little over three months. Your inner sense of balance and harmony will become profound.

When you feel comfortable, add Fundamentals 3 & 4 rooting and internal chi breathing practices.. Each individual progresses at a unique pace. Time frame may be affected by personal nature, health issues, your openness to subtle energy, and amount of time spent practicing. The internal chi breathing and rooting practices can be done at the same time as the orbit if you have the discipline and time to practice both.

Those who take a Healing Tao retreat or workshop, with its live transmission, may progress much faster. Live work with a group adds momentum to your chi experience. But in either case there still is needed a period of “digestion”, in which your awareness of energy channels and vital organ intelligence stabilizes and become functional in daily life.

The rule of thumb is to experiment with a new method until you feel you “own the practice’. This means it is inside you, you can tap it anytime, it feels comfortable and familiar. It’s become a tool, you can use it when needed. You do NOT need to “master” or “perfect” these practices before adding or shifting to the next course. Mastery is a continuous, lifelong process. Please, don’t use “lack of mastery” as an excuse not to try the next method. I am still mastering these practices – after 25 years!

  1. Allow you to feel a deep sense of balance and harmony in your body after only 15 minutes of this unique qigong. Yoga adepts love it – the Orbit balances all the chakras at once. Tao adepts love it – a shortcut to balance the three dantian centers – head, heart, belly.

  2. 10 best methods to concentrate the feeling of Chi (Qi) flowing up your spine and down your chest. These two powerful “master” acupuncture channels control the yin-yang balance of ALL your body’s meridians and vital organs - the hidden key to good health.

  3. Easy 5 qigong movements effortlessly activates a meditative “flow” state – even if you’ve never been able to meditate before!

  4. Helps reduce food cravings, obsessive feelings, can help stop smoking.
    3500 scientific studies prove Qigong’s power to prevent & heal chronic illness.

  5. Discover how Orbit’s spiral flow seals your aura, creates a peaceful, protected inner space where outer troubles cannot penetrate.

  6. Learn secret Wudang Mountain Orbit method that is super-powerful – how to mix your blood (DNA, ancestors), your Chi (subtle breath), and your Shen (soul pattern of body spirits). Oral Transmission: on audio only, not on DVD or in ebook.

  7. Orbit is pre-requisite to mastering Tao sexual energy cultivation. It balances the yang (male-fire) and yin (female-water) energies in your body. It smoothes sexual frustrations and keeps you feeling young.

  8. Orbit Qigong rhythmically stretches spine, activating a very gentle “kundalini” pulsation that is safe, balanced, yet speeds self-realization. It’s safer than yogic kundalini methods I’ve studied – Orbit is best cure for “kundalini psychosis”.

  9. Tao inner alchemy Made Simple & Practical: how the Self naturally evolves by its constant balancing of yin-yang polarities in daily life. The neutral “witness’ space inside Orbit is where spiritual rebirth occurs in Tao alchemical process of “water & fire” (2nd formula, Lesser Kan & Li).

Summary of #2 Audio Course
Michael Winn’s Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 2

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation & Qigong
Ten Best Internal Methods to Open Orbit
Secret Wudang Mtn. Method of Opening Orbit

Note: The CD version is 5.5 hrs, tape cassette 4.5 hrs. Both versions cover the same material. CD is the latest, slightly more in-depth version; separate CD tracks make training easy. Audio best when used with Open Chi flow in Orbit DVD.

#2 Audio Handouts (4 pages) :
  1. 10 Best Methods to Open Orbit list (handy reference for practice)
  2. Diagram: major points on the orbit on the human body
  3. Three Treasures of Tao diagram, explains all Tao cosmology
  4. Guide to movements “Open Chi Flow in the Cosmic Orbits”

I invite you to learn the ancient Tao secrets of circulating the internal golden light (chi, or qi) up the spine and down the body's front channel. This famous "Embryonic Breathing" or "Micro-Cosmic orbit" meditation is mentioned in texts 2000 years old. It restores health to the body and soul by balancing our overall energy flow.

It also stops energy leaks from the body. It does all this by balancing all your meridians and energy centers into a single "wheel of chi" spiraling around your body. To use a yogic term, the orbit creates a single unified spinning chakra, Sanskrit for wheel. There are tremendous health benefits, and its lays the energetic foundation for true spiritual progress.

This method of circulating chi in the Micro-Cosmic orbit is so famous that many different techniques have been developed in China over the millennia to make it easier for the adept to develop this harmonious yin-yang chi flow. I give the ten major methods I have found, integrated into a single guided meditation. From this you can choose the technique(s) most suited to you and develop them further. I explain the deep relationship between the Orbit and the Taoist alchemy theory of how jing-chi-shen-wu (essence - energy - intelligence -openness) transmute into each other.

I also give an 11th method, a still quite secret neigong (internal meditative qigong) method from Wu Dang Mountain. Wudangshan is the mystical mountain in central China from which many martial and meditative Tao arts originate (made famous by the recent film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). This 11th method is particularly powerful at mixing the blood and chi within the Human body. (This method is not on the video, or in the ebook (apart from theory). It is only on the audio, as I have pledged to transmit the details of the practice orally. I offer a short practice adapted for modern people. The longer version is part of the “macrocosmic orbit” taught in Fusion of Five Elements 3.

The orbital flow of chi is the safest method to open your kundalini warm current and activate the healing power of the "inner elixir” - your own sexual and soul essence crystallized into a tangible form. Do not confuse this with yogic kundalini methods in India that activate only the spinal-fire channel, and sometimes lead to imbalances. The Tao process balances and harmonizes the seemingly polarized forces of Heaven and Earth, male and female, yang and yin, fire and water, and thereby creates a vessel for the hidden third force of the Tao, the Original Breath (yuan chi).


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Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 2 eBook

Open Chi Flow in the Microcosmic Orbit

By Michael Winn

Soon to be available.

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Praise for Michael Winn's "Tai Chi for Enlightenment"

I would like to tell the whole world to get this video

“I'm writing to call your attention to my whole-hearted rave about Chi Kung Fundamentals #1 home study course, which I just now posted on our Forum "Tao Speaks!" You might enjoy seeing it, and thanking Michael Winn on my behalf. As my fellow forum members know, I was expected to die at any moment from the severity of my asthma.

I am 68, and also have emphysema, and this video, more than any other source has improved my health, mental and physical, remarkably. I am able to do my own shopping, for the first time in ages, can walk half a mile without creating an emergency for myself, can get around the house and yard without the ski pole I'd relied on. I wish I was a faster learner, but this has been so amazing. Thank you so much!” In Tao -- Sister (Kate Hawthorne)

Sister Kate's review of Michael Winn’s Five Animals Do Six Healing Sounds, from Tao Speaks! Forum:

“Each animal play has a particular emotional problem it is expected to dispel. In his system, Tiger (white, lungs, cloud) dispels grief; Bear (blue, kidneys, ocean) dispels fear; Deer (green, liver, vegetation) dispels anger; Crane (red, heart, fire) dispels self-judgment; and Monkey (yellow, spleen, sun) dispels worry. Interesting to me, because from the emotional perspective, this lists problems I have had, in order of severity, AND it lists the exercises, for me, in order of difficulty.

I had no problem with Tiger and Bear. Deer is very awkward for me. Crane! you have to stand briefly on one leg and then the other for this, and I have always had a problem with balance, which has worsened radically in recent months.

Well, first I was able MIRACULOUSLY to improve my balance very much, THEN I was able to release self-judgment, and THEN I was able to do the Crane reasonably well, at least for a brief period. As to Monkey, tonight was the first time I was able to do it at all, and suddenly it made sense and was easy and fun. Leaving me still with Deer, in the middle, residual anger to shed.

I am so happy about all of this, and I would like to tell the whole world to get this video and do these exercises. I have NEVER had any medicine so therapeutic in my life. I have been bursting with this, and that's why I just had to post it. Happy, happy, hopeful of attaining true Qi in one lifetime.”

Sister (Kate Hawthorne) -

I just forgot about my asthma, and it started to disappear like magic!

I had asthma problems. I tried doctors, yoga, etc. nothing helped. I took Chi Kung Fundamentals from Michael Winn. The guy got me laughing and moving and breathing like I never had before. He was great. I just forgot about my asthma, and it started to disappear like magic! Later, I taught my mother the Six Healing Sounds. She is pushing 75. This boosted her like a rocket, and a lot of her pains went away. Amazing stuff! Powerful!!!!

J. Carruthers - N.J.

Michael Winn is a modern sage.

His Fundamentals 1-4 is an encyclopedia of knowledge and he presents it with extreme clarity. If you want to study qigong or just learn about how energy functions in your body-mind, study with Michael.

Grateful Student - Illinois

Succinct, comprehensive, consistent explanation of Daoist (Taoist) thinking

I have been studying tai chi for 13 years, first yang style, then chen, then began doing chi kung almost exclusively after studying with Grandmaster Feng in Illinois in August 2000. During these years of practice, I have gathered bits and pieces of information about energy development, daoist thinking, and modes of practice (sitting, standing, forms, etc.).

What has been missing for me is the big picture, a way to put it all together, that is presented to me in a way that I, an English-speaking westerner, can understand. In your workshops, which I’ve just taken in fall 2002, you have provided me with this missing piece. Here is what keeps me coming back:

1. Succinct, comprehensive, consistent explanation of Daoist (Taoist) thinking. I have tried to get this from my Chinese teachers, and could just never before (primarily due to language barriers & cultural differences) see how it all hung to gether (yin-yang theory, five phases etc).

2. Explanation of the "why" and the "how" of the physical practices. For years I have heard, "focus on your dan tien".... but I never understood why or how. I am now able to feel movement in and through my dan tien that I have never felt before. Your portal concept was revolutionary for me!

3. Simple movement practices that give quick access to practices such as the microcosmic orbit. I have been practicing the orbit for a few years now, but after learning your form in Chi Kung Fundamentals, I can feel the orbit much more clearly, have a better understanding of what was blocking it before, and how to unblock, also a better understanding of how to teach it to others.

There is much more that I could say, but this is a good start.

I'm really glad to have someone of your teaching ability who is willing to share!!

Sandra F. Seeber, MA, MAEd, LPC - President, Synergy Clinical & Consulting Services, Inc., Winston-Salem, NC

Fundamentals 1-4 at Heavenly Mountian was Best Retreat I Ever Had

Taking the Fundamentals 1-4 at Heavenly Mountian in the Blue Ridge Mtns of North Carolina was a great experience. I'm very impressed with the energy that was there, and what was generated by all our practice. I wish I had known about Qigong 20 years ago. The food was great, and the people there were quite interesting. It was better than any vacation I've ever had.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what I liked the most, because the experience got progressively better with each passing day. I was so filled with Qi that I didn't sleep long at night, perhaps only 3-4 hours, yet I never felt better! The Microcosmic Orbit started occuring spontaneously on its own which was very interesting.

Some of my experiences include the opening of the Dan Tien (with pulsations back and forth all over the place), the hormonal and energy rush from the Bone Breathing, the feeling of having a 6 inch bubble of Qi rush up my spine after doing the Feldenkrais and back-neck stretching, doing the most energetic 5 Animals (as a group) that I've ever experienced, and the vast internal openness after doing the Ocean Sky and Great Heart Breathing was awesome.

With all that said, I now think after looking back the the Inner Smile Meditations were the high points. I have in the past seriously underestimated the power of that meditation form.

Wednesday morning when we did the Inner smile was the most profound.

My Dan Tien opened up and I saw what looked like a worm hole coming out of it, with a gold ball circulating around the opening. As it continued to expand I saw the virtues coming out from the opening, love, kindness, strength, integrity, trust, etc.

The opening grew so large as to fill my field of vision, and then two gold balls circulated about the opening. I could see a field of stars in the portal, and then a deep black emptyness. A very gentle and kind voice said, that I wasn't quite ready for the next level yet, but that after a few months of experience, just a few, that I would be ready to move on.

I think I'll keep practicing the Fundamentals....... I'll be glad to go back to heavenly Mountain next summer. Please share with your staff that the retreat facilities, food, and energy was great there.

Bob (Florida) -

You Vastly Improved my Martial and Medical Qigong!

I have been practising Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan for 6 years, so I have a very deep feeling of qi throughout my body and a very wide understanding of martial and medical qigong. Recently, I have been studying your inner smile, 6 healing sounds, microcosmic orbit, chi-self massage, etc. and they are just out of this world.

I have already been practising methods like Yi Jin Jing (Sinew Metamorphosis), 18 lohan hands, and many other methods. However, your methods are unlike these, in that, they work with all the organs and emotions and they do not neglect a single part of the body. It is also so effortless and comfortable.

I am already in very good health (as I am young), but I found that the Healing Dao system has invigorated my life even further than what martial or medical qigong has to offer. It is with these unique and highly effective methods, especially the macrocosmic orbit, which has helped to improve my martial ability significantly. I wish to express my deepest gratitude.

J.F -

Michael Winn is a Great Tour Guide of your Inner Landscape

I have been changed fundamentally by practicing Michael Winn's Qigong Fundamental methods; it's been a return Home for me.

I've been practicing martial arts on and off for 33 years - Judo, Karate, Tae kwon do, Kung Fu, and Tai chi. Each provided a piece of the puzzle, but none satisfied the deep yearning I've feeling since I was young. Most martial arts schools during my search had a feeling of secretive distortion of an underlying truth.

Michael Winn has actually succeeded in translating into reality the Taoist practices for westerners. The process requires an awareness of the significant differences in physiology, diet, world outlook, and lifestyle between China and the West. Michael very successfully bridges this very difficult divide. Michael Winn demystifies the obscure without diminishing the Mystery.

His approach is not a dumbing down of esoterica for westerners. It is a deeply heartfelt offering of a great teacher. Using the qigong & inner alchemy methods he teaches, I have learned how to increase my energy levels, to relieve stress, and to deepen my awareness of my Self, and of All That Is. I look forward to a lifetime of discovery along the Way. If you are looking for the same, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Growling tiger, Playful monkey; his smiling Five Animals Qigong guided me on a tour of my inner landscape. Take a trip to your inner jungle and learn to tap into the power inherent in your Self. Whether you’re a beginner, or a lifelong searcher, Michael Winn has something to offer you. I highly recommend his dvd’s and retreats!

M. Leger -

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