Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals #4

Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 4

Medical & Spiritual Qigong

with Michael Winn

Prevent & heal many chronic diseases with bone breathing
Easy standing postures – get a profound sense of peace.
Gain new flexibility in your tendons & joints
Get Grounded – and Stay Grounded!
Prevent & Heal Osteoporosis
• Bone Breathing - Tapping, Spiraling & Rooting
• 25 Best Tendon & Joint Qigong                 
• Dantian – Mingmen breathing                    
• 5 Standing Postures to Activate Core Channels
DVD  1.5 hr
4 audio CDs 5.5 hrs


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9 Major Benefits of Qigong Fundamentals 4 Audio

Bone Breathing & Rooting is a powerful, simple method EVERYONE can use.
Especially good for any kind of grounding, or for healing chronic illness.

Time Frame: Fundamentals 3 & 4 can be done for 100 days BEFORE Fundamentals 1 & 2. I prefer doing them in my 1-2-3-4 order, and that is the traditional sequence. Either way, your ability to “breathe in life force” will be totally transformed by the Fundamentals #4 bone breathing methods and by the 25 Internal Chi Breathing & Rooting tendon and joint qigong forms on the DVD.

I strongly recommend you get Fundamentals 3 & 4 together. The DVD for #4 also has the five standing postures taught in #3. They are closely entwined, although different things happen internally within the same five standing postures. When you feel comfortable standing in the five postures and doing the internal chi breathing process (sitting or standing), you are ready to add in the Fundamentals #4 Bone Breathing & rooting practices. #4 is my modified version of Mantak Chia’s “Iron Shirt” chi kung, also called Bone Marrow Nei kung. Designed more for health and meditation than martial functions, although it supports that as well.

Each individual progresses at a unique pace. Time frame may be affected by personal nature, health issues, your openness to subtle energy, and amount of time spent practicing. Those who take a Healing Tao retreat or workshop, with its live transmission, may progress much faster. Live work with a group adds momentum to your chi experience. (If you buy the homestudy course and later take the summer retreat, you get half your money back).

The rule of thumb is to experiment with a new method until you feel you “own the practice’. This means the chi flow of that practice is inside you, you can tap it anytime, it feels comfortable and familiar. It’s become a tool, you can use it when needed.

You do NOT need to “master” or “perfect” these practices before learning the next course – which in my sequence is Fusion of the Five Elements. Mastery is a continuous, lifelong process. Please, don’t use “lack of mastery” as an excuse not to try the next method. I am still in process of mastering these practices – after 25 years!

There are thousands of breathing methods now available to us from many traditions around the world. The Taoists are the masters of breathing because of their deep understanding of chi flow in the body. They understood exactly how physical breathing relates to energetic or spiritual breathing. Its very different from yogic pranayama, which tries to control the breath and thus the mind (with counting, alternate nostril breathing, etc.). This qigong breathing in #4 is designed to channel the internal breathing process into our bones.

The bones are totally unconscious for most people – but this is where we manufacture our blood and hormones and hence our life force. Bones hold the consciousness of our ancestors and we can access and heal them through these practices! Bone and its deep blood consciousness are the key to healing chronic illness. The process is amazingly powerful and self-empowering. Your body, bones and breath will never be the same!

The 9 Major Benefits of Qigong Fundamentals 4:

  1. Opens up our ability to expand the space inside and breathe inside our bones. Bone breathing moves the deep “jing” or sexual essence that shapes our body and health. A new sense of aliveness is born within our core self. When the bones are awake, the rest of you runs more effortlessly. You pump fresh hormones and life into your blood.

  2. Five standing postures calm your monkey mind. The anxious thoughts and distractions are re-directed into your bones and the earth. Some ‘empty mind’ standing postures drive the monkey crazy. The dynamic nature of bone breathing keeps the monkey engaged in a positive process and gradually brought to stillness.

  3. Allows healing of many chronic illnesses or alleviates their severity, including cancer. The deepest imbalances in our organs and tissues get gradually pushed down into our bone marrow. Releasing the trapped sickness from the bones can product swift (“miraculous”) healing beyond the comprehension of western doctors. 3500 scientific studies prove Qigong’s power to prevent & heal chronic illness.

  4. Excellent for women seeking to avoid or heal osteoporosis. Bones waste away because we don’t live inside them. Women lose blood monthly, and this exhausts the jing (= stem cell) supply in the bones that converts itself into blood. Hormonal precursors are produced inside the bones. Learn to manufacture what you need for good health – supplements are not enough. Isometric pressure on bone muscle + chi flow is what works.

  5. Increase your flexibility and stretch-ability with tendon and joint qigong. You never grow old if you stay limber. Spine, arm & legs & finger and toe joints all get a beautiful and quick tune-up.

  6. Prevent and heal arthritis – the bane of old age (and young age for some). Joints are like spark plugs between the bones – they need cleaning regularly to keep your “spark” in life. My top joint qigong exercises, collected over 20 years search.

  7. Learn to clear up and access ancestral issues. This is just beginning level of this work, being able to witness how many emotional and health issues are really blood - ancestral - genetic. But they can be changed by vibrating the bone marrow and “washing” it. Higher level marrow washing method is Lesser and Greater Water & Fire alchemy (Kan & Li).

  8. Standing practice and bone breathing is the very best method to build grounding. Grounding is essential for anyone stuck in their head or not quite living “in their body”. It benefits energy healers, meditators, martial artists, dancers, yogis, psychologists, all health care workers, business people. Everyone needs more grounding for comfortable flow of energy and to keep their sanity!

  9. Open up deeper level of internal chi breathing, between 1) bones and the dantian, 2) dantian and mingmen (gate of life) where you convert formless chi into your body & mind, and 3) internal counterforce breathing between crown of head (bai hui) and perineum (hui yin). This is deep, blissful experience of core self.
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Course Summary of #4 Audio
Michael Winn’s Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 4
Bone Breathing and Rooting (Bone Marrow neigong)
Joint & Tendon exercises, Core Channel Breathing.

Note: The CD version is 5.5 hrs, tape cassette 4.5 hrs: the essential parts of a one day workshop. Both versions cover the same material. CD is the latest, slightly more in-depth version; separate CD tracks make training easy. Audio best when used with #3 Internal Chi and Bone Breathing DVD.

#4 Audio Handouts (3 pages) :
  1. Principles & methods of Internal Bone Breathing
  2. Five Simple Standing Postures (handy reference for practice)
  3. Guide to CD Audio tracks Fundamentals #4

This is part 2 of the Internal Chi Breathing workshop, and should be practiced AFTER you have learned the internal chi breathing (counter-force) method in Qigong Fundamentals #3. Otherwise the benefits of the postures will be limited to your physical body, and not penetrate as deep into your energy body. These physical benefits from standing practice and bone marow neigong can be quite substantial without the internal counter-force breathing method, but why settle for less?

This day focuses on connecting the internal breath with the movement of jing, or your body's sexual essence. It is the fastest way to develop deep power for martial self-defense or immune system self-defense. If you have a chronic illness of almost any kind, it offers a way to speed up and deepen the healing process.

The bone marrow nei kung techniques taught here are the beginning and intermediate ones I have extracted from Iron Shirt #3 of Healing Tao system, but are more than sufficient for what most people need. The advanced bone marrow techniques involve hitting the bones and joints with different instruments, and also involve weigh lifting with the sexual organs to strengthen them and circulate even more jing within the human system. Most people need to meditate to a deeper level before they proceed to that practice, otherwise it may unbalance them.

Iron Shirt #2 involves hitting the joints with a soft bean sock and simultaneously stretching the tendons. That hitting method is not taught here. The 25 tendon and joint exercises taught in this audio-video course are plenty for most people seeking improved health. You slap the joints with your hands or fists in a progressive fashion instead of using an instrument.

I strongly urge you to get the video to accompany this audio course. Its why I made it cheaper to buy the complete 3 & 4 package.

Audio course includes:

Lying Practices:

  1. Dantian - Mingmen Breathing. This is a very powerful kidney-bone marrow building exercise in itself, or can be used as warm up for the other practices. Taught to me by master Gao from Harbin, China.
  2. Pelvic rocking to open joints of pelvis, spine, and neck.

Followed by a series of chi movements designed to open up the joints and tendons. These are all on the video as well. I list of few of them below:

Loosen Joints, Beat Bones (Standing)

  1. SLAP the Six Joints (arms /legs).
  2. 2. Vertical Tendon stretches.
  3. 3. Opposite Arm & Leg swings .
  4. 4. Arm Swings Together to stretch whole body tendon lines.
  1. Bone Beating method with fists to stimulate the sexual essence (jing) by tapping the bones.
  2. Bone Breathing method to open up the space within the bones and initiate internal movement of the sexual essence.
  3. Bone Compression method to crystallize the sexual essence within the bones. Leads to better blood and hormone manufacturing.
  4. Bone Spiralling to circulate the jing (sexual essence) more efficiently and effortlessly.

Vertical Counterforce Breathing (Crown – Perineum - Feet)

  1. Prayer Mudra internal breathing in core channel.
  2. Open & Close whole body vertically using palms (Standing).
  3. With counterforce breathing in core channel.
  4. Waist Circling & Vertical Breathing Chi Kung. Combines all previous methods into one.

Internal Chi Breathing

By Michael Winn

Note: This is adapted from a transcript of my audio course “Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 3 & 4: Internal Chi & Bone Breathing”. As I constantly add new insights, if you order the course your content may be slightly different. This talk also serves as an introduction to Fundamentals 4, the second day of the workshop, which builds on level 3.

There are literally thousands of breathing techniques in the different healing and spiritual traditions of the world. There are books galore telling you how to breathe and what to do with your breath. Breath been used for everything from stress management to psychological self therapy to rebirthing your divine self.

The Taoist chi kung (also spelled “qigong”) approach to breathing is distinctly different from many other eastern methods of breathing. If you go to India you will find that most of the methods there fall in the broad category of pranayama, which I practiced for many years, until I discovered the Taoist approach. The yogic schools involve the mind controlling the breath. This is usually powerful in the beginning, but it has it drawbacks in the long term that may weaken the lungs and adrenals by overtaxing them.

The Taoist approach to breath can take many forms. But underlying the many breathing techniques is very different premise: there is ultimately no counting or setting a certain rhythm or telling the intelligence of the lungs how it should breathe. The idea of the Taoist approach is to cultivate the intelligence and the natural spontaneous abilities of the intelligence of the body and of the “spirit of the lungs”. The fundamental term “chi” (or qi) means “subtle breath”.

If you study what I call Chi Kung Fundamentals - you first learn “the five animals do the six healing sounds”. That’s one form of breathing. It gets each vital organ to open up and start to breathe. You immediately learn that breathing is not limited to the lungs. The liver, heart, spleen and kidneys each have their own subtle breath, marked by different physical and energetic pulsation rates. This method of chi breathing focuses on the out-breath, which is releasing – for cleansing, letting go.

There is also skin breathing – when you breathe through the skin. This requires subtle energy training. The skin is considered the outer membrane of the lungs. They are part of the same organ energetically. Within the Taoist tradition there are many different kinds of breathing methods. This is one of the hallmarks of the Taoist approach. Breathing activates and expresses bodily function as a yin-yang rhythm. Taoists use the body’s energetic rhythms as the doorway to open communication with the body of the Tao, which manifests as Living Nature or Cosmos.

One of my favorite breathing chi kung methods I call “Ocean Breathing”. You create a rhythmic resonance between your physical breathing and the wave movement of the ocean. It becomes a form of “internal chi breathing” because your mind focuses the wave movement deep inside the core energy channels of the body. We take that practice, taught in Fundamentals 1&2, to a much deeper level in 3 & 4.

Before jumping into new breathing practices one should first ask the very important questions: "What is breath? What is breathing?" People often make false assumptions about it. Taoist chi kung often uses various movement techniques to activate natural whole body breathing. When we do something with movement your body remembers it. The body learns it much more deeply than with mental visualization of a breathing pathway within the body.

Since we are moving all the time, our whole body is always pulsing and moving, the whole body is breathing as one. This unity of body is the prerequisite for unity of the ego fragments of consciousness. This is the great weakness of much Western psychological work, it doesn’t understand the natural intelligence of the body and how this can integrate the ego.

When we say breathing, we must distinguish between internal and external breathing. External breathing is the physical level of oxygen going in and out of our lungs. But behind that movement of air in and out of the body is the hidden question: who or what controls the breathing process? Something is causing our lungs to move. Calling it “the autonomic nervous system” doesn’t answer the question, it buries it under mechanistic language.

There is a certain intelligence in breathing that we are interested in getting in touch with. We are interested in knowing, "How does that intelligence function?" How does it know when to breathe and how to breathe. This gets into many different subtle energetic and spiritual questions. Profound answers can be found in the study of chi kung (qigong) and neidan kung (neidangong), or Taoist inner alchemy.

The Taoist method of Internal Chi Breathing I learned and have since refined is the most powerful of the many breathing methods that I tested from different traditions. That’s because it is the most in tune with the complete functioning of the life force. All Chi Kung is essentially a method of cultivating your relationship with the life force, with the pulsating field of chi that exists all around you, infinitely in all directions. The inner chi field extends within yourself, infinitely in all internal directions and all internal dimensions. It cultivates this relationship between the inner and outer chi fields, using internal Nei Kung “mind breathing” coordinated with movement Chi Kung involving physical breathing.

The life force or chi field functions or “breathes” through three main currents known traditionally in China as yin, yang and yuan. These impossible to translate terms imply negative, positive and neutral. Yuan also means "Original Chi" or Original Breath. In terms of breathing the yin chi is energy of chi moving in, it's inhaling and contracting in towards the center of the body. Yang chi is breathing out, it's expanding by exhaling. The third type of energy, yuan, the original or neutral chi, would be equated roughly in terms of breathing with the stillness or pause between the inhalation and exhalation.

So each of us is actually practicing our relationship with the life force every moment because we are breathing in, we are breathing out, and there is some pause or some turn around between those two, however brief. Our very nature, the way we are actually built to breathe, reflects the structure of the life force. Internal Chi Breathing is not doing anything new, it just teaches us to actually understand and experience deeply what it is that we are already doing with each breath.

We must ask, exactly what is "internal chi breathing?" This involves understanding the relationship between physical breathing and our energy body breathing. Our energy body is just the sum total of all energy channels and all your body-mind’s subtle energy functions that underlie our personality traits. Most people are not aware of this relationship because they are walking around looking at everything like it’s a solid physical world full of solid objects. They are not seeing everything as an energetic process. The deeper you get into the Chi Kung way of living the more you begin to embody and experience the world as changing energy fields. Your own body and breath is no different.

There is a relationship between an energy field and a physical process. The pattern in that energy field is what determines the pattern in your physical breathing; it is not the other way around. You can change your physical breathing pattern around but in order to do that you have already made a shift energetically. The energy field shift always precedes the shifting pattern of physical breathing.

When we focus on internal chi breathing what we are really doing here is acknowledging that there is something more subtle than just the air going in and out. You can call that chi field your mind, you can call it the matrix of your mind, you can call it whatever you like. But it is pulsating, it's vibrating and breathing just like everything else in this living universe. It has to move. If it stops moving it's dead. If it stops pulsating it's dead.

This doesn’t mean that if you have very light physical breathing that you are about to die. It is possible to have very shallow physical breath but a very deep chi breath. This is not the ordinary case for most people. Most people if they have very shallow breathing they also have very shallow movement of energy. This is not a healthy condition, your organ intelligences start to feel starved for breath and they start crying out and acting out, and all kinds of problems start to come up.

Internal Chi Breathing cures those problems at the deepest level where they begin, by unifying the physical breath and the subtle breath. The best way to pursue this is to find a chi kung teacher who knows these practices. But most of them, unfortunately, do not know about the formerly secret kong jing or “internal chi breathing” method taught in this course.

In this Chi Kung Fundamentals 3 and 4 course I take you through the experience of natural breathing, reverse breathing, and internal chi breathing, also known as “counter-force” breathing. Once you experience each in your body, your breathing will never be the same again. Your physical breath will be linked up with your energy body’s pulsation and your dantian (center of gravity and energetic center where all meridians cross).

Of course, people are breathing at very different levels of ease, as the diaphragm is very tight in many people. This effectively limits the free flow of chi between the upper body and the lower body, causes tension in the solar plexus area and ultimately depletes all the vital organs in their cycle of exchanging internal chi with the external chi field through breathing air.

The second day of the workshop (or audio homestudy course) is to activate the process of bone breathing. This involves a series of steps to awaken the substance (jing) deep within the bone marrow. This is where you store the stem cells that produce your blood, your hormonal precursors, and many elements of your immune system. If you get this mostly passive jing to awaken and circulate as chi flow within the bones, it is one of the best things you can do for your health. It is the key to preventing and healing a myriad of chronic illnesses.

At higher levels of inner alchemy practice we absorb chi from the earth, the planets and stars into the bone marrow to raise the vibrational frequency of our core structure. But its not really beneficial to do this (as a visualization) without doing chi kung practice to open the pathways of communication between the vital organ intelligences (shen) and the bones, which are largely governed by the kidney spirit. The jing in the bones is what we convert into sexual vitality, both for reproduction of children and reproduction of cells for everyday health. So the bones have a very magical power that we literally tap into as an essential part of the Taoist journey of rebirthing our body of light.
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Praise for Michael Winn's "Tai Chi for Enlightenment"

I Finally Found Peace and Connection with my Bones and Body!

I came in to the Fundamentals 3&4 feeling totally ungrounded, as if my world was spinning out of control. I left with a deep sense of grounding and connection with the earth. After learning your Bone Breathing and Rooting, I was feeling the bones in my feet, my heels, arms and legs. During the standing meditations I felt swirling energetic movement throughout my bones and channels in a deeper and vaster way than I had ever experienced.

I now know that my center and the center of the earth are always accessible through the practice of standing meditation. I use the standing techniques and yuan chi/ internal breathing techniques to ground me before work everyday. They give me a strong foundation that makes my life much easier.

My daily meditation and chi kung practice has been transformed for the better. I now start with standing meditation that I learned at the Fundamentals 3 and 4 class. The breathing and standing techniques taught in this class have greatly deepened my sense of internal chi flow movement. I have finally found peace and connection with my bones and body.

Andres Vergara - (acupunturist and special ed teacher)

Internal Chi Breathing Gives me Strength and Protection

Thank you so much for your teachings on Internal Chi Breathing and Rooting! I especially am grateful for you revealing the neutral space within breathing, as well as the secret of counterforce breathing. Within twelve hours after returning from your workshop, I was chosen as a juror in a double murder case.

These breathing and rooting techniques allowed me to stay grounded and present in this challenging situation. While taking in the disturbing testimony and photographs, the effects of the workshop surfaced as second nature and offered me a new strength and protection -- what perfect timing. After practicing the healing tao system for five years, I am thankful to have this new addition to my practices. I recommend this workshop to anyone no matter what their field of study might be.

Grateful Woman - in Ohio

I Did Standing Qigong (Yiquan) for Years - This Set is Simply Amazing!

I got the Fundamentals 3 and 4 Internal Chi Breathing & Rooting, what a gift it was. All i can say is thank you! for sharing all this great Qigong with us Sifu.

All the sets are so simple in appearence., bit so deep in content. The movements, breathings and visualizations are just a joy to do!

I have done Yiquan for a couple of years. But the standing sets you teach are so much more energizing it's unbelievable.

Never in my life was i so sure of anything as much as i am of your system of Taoist Qigong. Simply amazing.

Again thank you for everything.

Your student in the TAO,


Lebanon, Middle East


Light Went On in my Kidneys – my Fear and Emptiness Dissolved!

What a wonderful and needed practice Internal Chi Breathing & Rooting is for me. The new Blissful Breathing qigong felt especially uplifting. This work has initiated some shifts in my body-mind perspective that is so radical and personal it almost feels weakening to share it. That tells me it is core Spiritual. It feels intimately mundane and sacred at the same time.

While embracing the Tree with the deep bone breathing, earth chi entered my kidneys and a light went on. It shined into the shadowy, constant feeling of crisis that my body holds. In that moment, I was fifteen again at the start of my 'discipleship' in spiritual traditions. Only this time I stood rooted, without fear, without the deep empty neediness which drives me to get attached to teachings and teachers and lovers.

In that moment I felt renewed-- another chance to meet myself, the world and the spacious vision that drugs and Meher Baba initiated so long ago. As a result, I feel a certain sweet dying to each moment inviting me down a path where inner courage, trust and patience makes the next moment even more digestible.… down to my very bones.

Thanks again for being who you are!

Barry Portnoy -

Course offers High Energy, Laughter, Learning & Healing

Thank you very much for leading such an excellent workshop on Qigong Fundamentals 3&4. This was my second course with you, and it truly exceeded my expectations. The high energy, laughter, learning, and healing vibrated in great abundance, and I know this will greatly illuminate the journey of my own path.

I also wanted to let you know that your CD/DVD products and written hand-out mental pacifiers) have been of tremendous help and are really a no-brainer for anyone half-way serious about reinforcing their practice and growing. Of course, they can't quite match the experience of actually being at one of your events, but they come about as close as possible--so thank you for the effort that you put into making them valuable and available.

I look forward to continuing the journey and encouraging others to do the same! Kindly, D.S., Chapel Hill


Your Simple Methods Opened up my Inner Self

Thanks for the great experience of Fundamentals 3 & 4. Your teaching style is engaging. You don’t take yourself too seriously, so everything is fun and lots of learning takes place.

I received some great gifts. I developed a greater understanding of the benefits Chi Kung can deliver. Of special interest to me are the alchemical aspects. Clearing the path to the inner self has been my primary alchemical process for the past three or four years. I have encountered many transformational experiences through; classes, sessions, life coaches, weekend seminars, you know the routine.

But none have worked as well to take me inside as the experience of Chi Kung as you teach it. I feel a direct connection to my inner space through your very simple and uncomplicated methods. I thank you for sharing your experiences and teachings in a way that are easy to understand and integrate.

A. Buckley -

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Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 3 & 4

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Standing Meditations & Counter-force Breathing

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Need more Info on Qigong Fundamentals 3?
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Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 4

Bone Breathing & Rooting DVD + Audio Package

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Qigong (Chi Kung) Fundamentals 4

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Inner Smile Guided Meditation

By Michael Winn

Digital CD: 80 minute audio guide
888.999.555      www.healingtaousa.com

Time Track #
10 min 1: Prepare your smiling Inner Space
Where & when to practice
Create a peaceful natural scene
Capture essence of the 5 Elements & intensify it
9 min 2: Short version Inner Smile
Gather chi in three energy centers (dantian)
Dissolve from head to heart to belly
26 min 3: Yin Body Practice of Inner Smile
Smile unconditional acceptance to the 3 lines:
Front: Head to heart to vital organs
Back: Eyes to spine to nervous system
Middle: Eyes to throat to digestive/eliminative system
Smile to rest of body: blood, bones, legs, arms, tissues
8 min 4: Dissolve physical body into Energy Body
Crystallize Energy Body into pearl in lower dantian
26 min 5: Yang Body Practice of Inner Smile
Smile to aura, room, building, community
Smile to someone you love, someone you hate
Smile to nation, continent, planetary heart
Smile to moon, planets, sun, and stars
Smile to Dark Space beyond stars – receive guidance
Receive wave of Inner Smile back from Stars to dantian

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Inner Smile is a key part of Qigong Fundamentals training. Anyone (no purchase necessary) can enjoy this lovely and simplest of all meditations:

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Way of the Inner Smile

Tao Path to Inner Peace
By Michael Winn
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