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Healing Tao USA Cosmic Eggs, Lao Tzu, Mexico, Holland images

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Party Celebrating the Move to Heavenly Mtn, attended by multitudes of spirits at Dao Mtn in NY Catskills. All the N.Y. elementals were invited to move with Healing Tao to N.C., should they desire. Ceremony and photo arranged by Mike Teeters.
Special Transmission, Opening of the Third Eye, Holland retreat.
Special Mexican Inner Smile, warm enough enough to melt the cheese on my enchiladas
Modern Qigong worshipers gathered in an egg-shaped cauldron. Mexico. This cult is preparing to sacrifice their gringo teacher....
Lao Tzu, a 300 pound statue from China, weathers a blizzard of Change enroute to his new home in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains.
Altar atop the 12th cen. Pyramid at Teotepetl, near our Sun-Moon retreat in Mexico. Note the concentric circles in the stone are reflected in a painting in the dining room at Casa Azul.
Holland retreat, with arches beneath a beautiful pytamid roof. Sacred geometry is very supportive of deep energy work.
Dutch instructor Inge Maasen puts on the Tao No-Thinking Cap. We use it as the equivalent of a talking stick in our group sharings.
Sacred geometry in the dining hall at Casa Azul, Mexico. Great food! Note this painting reflects the 12th century stone carving from a nearby pyramid.
Taoist Qigong Disco, early morning, Mexico.
Janette Nutis, Healing Tao Senior Instructor and organizer in Mexico. Photo taken atop a pyramid near site of our alchemy retreat.
Casa Azul, site of Sun-Moon Alchemy retreat in Mexico.
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