Deep Healing Qigong By Michael Winn
DVD  1 hr

Deep Healing Qigong

By Michael Winn
  • Medical Qigong DVD for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing

  • Stand alone long Qigong form: 30-45 min. practice gives deep transformation

  • Creates harmonic healing resonance between human Energy Body and the chi field of planet Earth

  • Perfect "sister" qigong form to Primordial Qigong DVD (Tai Chi for Enlightenment). Deep Healing uses manifesting cycle, vs. Primordial dissolving cycle

1. Ordering Information

2. How Does Deep Healing Qigong Work?

Deep Healing Qigong was formerly titled Medical Chi Kung. A simple version of it has been used successfully for decades in Chinese medical qigong hospitals in China to treat a wide variety of chronic illness. This is a "self-practice" form of medical qigong.

This DVD version of the qigong form has been super charged by Michael Winn, using his extensive knowledge of internal alchemy. Affirmations to activate the emotional body, adding color, sound and channel modifications and focusing the "yi" or mind intent have greatly intensified its effectiveness.

This qigong set has 6 parts. If time is short, you can practice just one or two segments, still with great effect. If all six are done together, the form is extremely powerful. It can sometimes create an overwhelmingly powerful chi flow, enough to make your hair stand on its end.

Deep Healing Qigong combines the best of body-centered feng shui or directional qigong, the alchemical healing process of mixing opposite polar forces, color therapy, Six Healing Sounds, body movement in sacred geometric patterns to activate the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, and subtle chi breathing that links and nourishes the human body with chi from the Earth's energy body.

What is the secret of Deep Healing Qigong's amazing effectiveness? The synergy between all of these advanced methods help you re-birth a completely new and fresh Energy Body rather than trying to "fix" the dysfunctional energetic patterns of your old self.

Deep Healing Qigong teaches the secret of completely emptying the body of its old patterns of sick energy, and then refills you using the chi from the sun and deep earth. Portions of this form are used in Michael Winn's training of higher alchemical formulas of One Cloud, with deeper internal training that is not offered on this DVD. But the movements on the DVD are simple and can be performed by anyone, including (with slight modification) the wheelchair bound or bed-ridden.

3. Shall I get Deep Healing Qigong DVD only, or in conjunction with other medical qigong DVD's?

Deep Healing Qigong complements many other medical qigong DVD's. It can be successfully practiced alone or in conjunction with other medical qigong forms such as 5 Animals Play the 6 Healing Sounds, Open Chi Flow in the Orbit, Ocean, Sky, & Great Heart Breathing, Internal Chi Breathing, and 8 Extraordinary Vessels Qigong.

Each qigong form trains a different aspect of your Energy Body. The home study courses give you an internal practice to go with each of these movement qigong forms. Deep Healing Qigong combines some elements from all of these qigong forms.

As a stand alone qigong form, perhaps its most perfect "marriage" is with Primordial Qigong (a.k.a. Tai Chi for Enlightenment). Deep Healing Qigong spirals clockwise in the manifesting direction, thereby concentrating the Life Force in new body patterns that express vibrant health. Primordial spirals counter-clockwise, the dissolving direction, and gathers the Life Force into the formless core of the self.

Consider getting both the Deep Healing Qigong and Primordial Qigong DVD if you are working on a serious identity crisis or a life-threatening illness. Or get both just to have them in your DVD library waiting for you when you are ready to experience the synergy between the two forms. You may want to have them on hand, in case you suddenly want to lend one or the other to a family member or friend who is having a physical health or spiritual crisis.

The synergy between the two forms initiates a faster, more dramatic, and even higher octave of physical self-healing and spiritual rebirth. To completely heal from a serious pattern of illness may require periods of practice up to 3 hours a day (can be spread throughout the day). In that case you are best off practicing more than one qigong form to maximize the shift in your energetic patterns to create a new healthy self.

For more information on Primordial Qigong, see:


4. Praise for Deep Healing Qigong

This single lengthy testimonial says it all.
It was written by a PhD. Graduate student in mathematics who as a result of his healing with this form decided to go and become a Healing Tao instructor:

Deep Healing Qigong is my absolute favorite qigong form, as it is one of the most powerful I've come across. For starters, I was able to use continued practice of this qigong to help break emotional and energetic difficulties I faced upon the ending of a long-term relationship. It has a magical quality that helps eliminate addictive habitual patterns -- be they physical or emotional.

On the health front, I've been able to shorten the stay of physical illnesses through the use of this form. Despite feeling rotten and unpleasant while practicing, I've had some colds and flu end in a much shorter time then I thought possible.

One beautiful thing about this form I've found, is that it seems to work on multiple levels. When I was first learning the form, I found that the parts of the form that I really liked, provided immediate benefits. To my surprise -- I found that the parts of the form that I "didn't" like as much would create profound shifts that would hit me days later. Moreover, I've found the form to actually get stronger and stronger through continued practice. It's as if repeated practice causes it to tune in "deeper".

This is a wonderful ceremonial form to practice on solstices and equinoxes. In particular, I've found that if I practice the Deep Healing Qigong on the Winter Solstice, it will create sudden wonderful changes in my life at a surprising time weeks later.

You don't need to have any experience in the Healing Tao to learn this form (in fact, it was the first thing I learned), and in that case, the form provides a wonderful overview of things you'll learn later in more depth. Then, as your knowledge base increases, you'll find your understanding of the form deepen and you'll find the form to get even stronger.

All in all, I can't recommend this form highly enough.

Steven Sy

5. Ordering Information

DVD  1 hr

Deep Healing Qigong

By Michael Winn

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6. Deep Healing Qigong DVD Contents — 6 Parts

Note: this is a much-shortened version of the handout that comes with the DVD.


1. Shake the Tree qigong
2. "Toss Out the Evil Chi" qigong

STEP #1: Clear Intent:

1. Align with Heaven and Earth.
Stand in relaxed position, smile on your face, armpits open slightly. Use imagination to expand your Energy Body. Instructions given for how long to stand:

"My head is in the High Heaven.
My feet are rooted Deep in Earth.
My belly is filled with warm chi.
My heart is open, I love all life/creatures.

I am the Essence that flows between Heaven and Earth.
My heart is open, I love myself deeply.
Healing chi flows easily inside every part of my body-mind."

STEP #2: Purify Your Body with Chi from the 5 Sacred Directions

Both basic and advanced forms of this spiralling practice of breathing in colored vapors from the earth and exhaling purifying sounds from the 5 Directions are given.

STEP #3: Bathe Your Moving Body - Mandala with Sun & Earth Chi

Instructions given for basic and advanced forms. How to create a Whole Body sacred geometric mandala that opens the deep core channels of chi flow in the body. How to penetrate the golden needle chi deep into the body, and combine it with colored vapors from the different directions.

An advanced version of this segment is used to embody One Cloud fifth Greatest Water & Fire Formula for Immortality, renamed Planetary and Soul Alchemy. This allows chi from deep earth and inner sun to flow through the human energy body and cleanse it of all impurity.

STEP #3 Closing: Sealing the Belt Channel to fuse the directional chi and create a protective field by integrating the aura with the deep chi.

STEP #4: Circulate Love in the Five Vital Organs

This Nourish the Five Shen Qigong is used in Fusion 1. How to spiral and concentrate emotional chi in the lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, and spleen/stomach.

How to use affirmations to strengthen vital organ spirit relationships emotionally, and to observe or self-disagnose where your emotional resistance is hidden. How to concentrate the colored chi/vapor of each direction into jing/substance.

STEP #4 Closing: Feeling the Heart Pulse in the Belly

STEP #5: Opening the Three Dantian or Elixir Fields of the Body

Preparation: Sealing the Chi in the Belt Channel.

Alchemical activation and mixing of chi vapors between five centers - the 3 dantian (Elixir Fields) and the 2 portals for entry and expression of destiny/will.

1. MING MEN (Door of Life), portal for Original Breath (yuan chi) to enter the body.

2. CRYSTAL PALACE (3rd Eye). Upper Elixir Field.

3. HEART DANTIAN. Middle Elixir Field.

4. SOLAR PLEXUS. Golden Court, center of Outer Will/Expression.

5. NAVEL DANTIAN. Lower Elixir Field.

STEP 6: A Magical Healing Elixir Crystallizes in the Body-Cauldron

This step alchemically merges your body, known by the Taoists as the heart-mind, and inner heart (soul) into the golden sphere. It is a kind of "short cut" version of One Cloud's 2nd formula, Lesser Water & Fire, renamed by Michael Winn as Inner Sexual Alchemy.

After this living golden pearl is formed, you may bring the pulsating golden sphere to any part of your body-mind that is distressed, in pain, diseased, or confused. It may envelop your entire body-mind and aura, or it may focus itself more locally. Trust its intelligence, and its power to heal your deepest wounds and problems. Continue with healing process as long as it feels right, and allow it to be present as you go about your day.

Relax and enjoy inner feeling of joy, completion and wholeness.

Feel a deep Inner Smile radiate from your body out to the world.