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9 Essential Principles of Tao Self-Cultivation

Michael Winn's Qigong & Tao Meditation Courses Frequently Asked Questions concerning qigong workshop healing orbit health primordial martial arts pressure form chronic diet power life deep

Qigong Fundamentals Questions

I want to learn Qigong (chi kung). Where do I start?

What exactly IS qigong (chi kung)?

What are the main benefits of Qigong Fundamentals 1 & 2?

Why is Qigong better for health than regular exercise or sports?

How long do I need to practice qigong each day to get good results?

Why is the Inner Smile a foundation practice for qigong?

To improve my health, how long will it take for qigong to work?

I'm a seasoned martial artist. Can I skip Qigong Fundamentals?

I took Mantak's course ten years ago, read all his books, practice on and off. Will I get much benefit from your Qigong Fundamentals?

How do I know my orbit is really open?

Can I learn Qigong Fundamentals 3 & 4 BEFORE 1 & 2? I'm mostly interested in getting more grounded.

What is the "dantian"? Where exactly is it located?

30 Summer Retreats
  • Top Masters of Tao Arts
  • Largest program in West
    Meditation, healing, & movement arts
  • Beginners to Advanced
  • Low cost 6 day retreats
  • Great food, friendly people high energy fun!
  • Easy access NYC 90min.
    Lovely NY Catskill Mtns

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