Fusion of the Five Elements #1

Fusion of the Five Elements #1

Cultivate True Feelings

with Michael Winn

Emotional alchemy – science of changing your feelings.
Take charge of your psychic inner weather.
Clear & center feelings with a body-centered process.
Fusion meditation = “Taoist Depth Psychology”.
• Transmute negative emotions into positive feelings
Talk with your 5 vital organ intelligences
• Fuse your soul essences into a radiant Pearl
• Spiral Love in Creation Cycle Qigong
• Cultivate virtue, hidden power of your True Self.

8 audio CDs 11 hrs

6 audio tapes 9 hrs





9 Major Benefits of Fusion #1 Audio

One of the greatest challenges to modern spiritual seekers is confusion over feelings. Where do they come from? Why are they so elusive? Where does negativity come from? How can we harness feelings to deepen our soul realization? Fusion of the Five Elements is an amazing spiritual technology that reveals the secrets of our mind and emotions that are essential to progress on any path. It is truly a gift from Tao to humanity to restore harmony.

The 9 Major Benefits of Fusion of the Five Elements #1:
  1. Learn a practical way to stay emotionally neutral while being body-centered and fully present – and still feel what is happening in any situation. “Neutral” is way to describe “centered”, a neutral feeling space from which we can express strong feelings – without falling into the illusion that temporary feelings make up our self-identity.

  2. Open up communication pathways between the five inner “body gods” of our heart-mind (“xin”) and your outer sensory perception. These are the five spirits or vital organ intelligences embodied in our heart, spleen-pancreas, lungs, kidneys, and liver. We learn how to reverse the chi normally flowing out our tongue, mouth, nose, ears, and eyes so that it flows instead inward to nourish the inner organs.

    This one simple technique can cure the exhaustion that plagues so many people! Instead of constantly spending energy out your senses, you absorb chi into your sensory and vital organs from the larger chi field of the environment. What used to be “stress” is now “food that recharges”.

  3. Elevate the harmonizing power of your Inner Smile to a deeper level. Smile to your body spirits, support them in turning the wheel of the “creation” (sheng) cycle, the pattern of nourishing chi flow between the “five sub-personalities” of our inner soul team. This deeper, more collective Inner Smile allows us to shape the flow of archetypal forces hidden within the sacred space inside our body. The creation cycle is a foundational principle of classical Chinese medicine. It empowers us to diagnose and heal a wide variety of biological, emotional, mental, and spiritual disorders.

  4. Explores how feelings arise, how they control us, why we wrongly worship feelings, even in the context of personal relationships. This draws a clear distinction between what I call Taoist Depth Psychology and most popular forms of western psychology. Western psychology is mostly based on managing feelings; feelings are the “highest authority of the psyche”. Fusion is based on contacting our Original Feeling, beyond the feelings of the personality. This allows us to shape the Original Chi matrix underlying our feelings, thoughts, and sensory perception.

  5. Where does our “dark side” come from? This course details the developmental pathway of the Five Body Spirits (“wu jingshen”) from the pre-natal realm of the Original Spirit, how they emerge at birth and gain power in childhood. It is a major revelation to discover how our very own body intelligences begin as guardians and end up as “the Resistance” creating struggle, disease and failure in our adult life.

  6. Learn the secret of “eating” negative emotional energy, blending it in a “cauldron” at the navel. The yin Fusion practice gently embraces negative emotions and slowly “dissolves” un-centered or dis-harmonious feelings back into the belly center/dantian. I call this emotional resolution process our “inner soul theatre”. At the same time this heart-centered process grows a powerful internal Energy Body as the ego-self is healed of its fragmentation and struggle.

  7. Explore the option of using the bagua shape to focus on negativity, strip off the negative charge, and thus convert it into positive energy. The yang Fusion practice uses high speed “chopping and blending” of negative thought/feeling forms using spinning bagua shapes. This is extremely useful in quickly resolving highly negative or overwhelming situations that yin methods are too slow to handle.

  8. Practice a powerful method for absorbing the hidden innate virtues that connect you to Original Spirit and the Tao. Even if you have not been very loving or kind in life, this allows you to tap into the infinite ocean of potential love, kindness, wisdom, strength and trust and accumulate their essence in your body-mind. What you absorb inside you will later radiate out into your life.

  9. Learn to fuse the soul essences that control your destiny into a single radiant golden “pearl” – the first stage of allowing your true self to embody and express itself from the space of Original Feeling. This process is the foundation for the higher alchemy formulas.

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Additional notes on Fusion:

Get the package? I recommend you get the 16 CD audio Fusion #1 and #2 & 3 together with the DVD. If you can afford it, you save on shipping and get a discount. The three fusion practices mesh with each other like a hand in a glove. Once you learn Fusion 1, it will be useful to have Fusion 2/3 at hand when you are ready for it.

Fusion 1 focuses on awakening the 5 vital organ spirits, Fusion 2/3 activates the 8 deep energy channels that the 5 organ spirits regulate. The package includes the 8 Extraordinary Vessels Qigong DVD, mainly used for Fusion #2 & 3.

The DVD has three qigong forms on it, including the Nourish the Five Body Spirits Qigong (renamed “Spiral Love in Creation Cycle Qigong) taught in Fusion #1. This qigong form is described in the Fusion 1 audio, and its simple enough to get from the audio plus handout, but its always easier to learn from the video.

Which to train first – Fusion or Healing Love? Fusion practices pave the wave for sexual energy cultivation of Healing Love, which regulates outer sexual desires and sex functioning. Our sexual drive is infused with many incomplete feelings. By completing those feelings internally with Fusion, we can then make conscious and manage what is purely sexual. Fusion is thus essential preparation for learning the inner sexual alchemy of the Kan and Li formulas – the copulation of one’s inner male and inner female energies.

Many people – men especially – tend to skip Fusion and race ahead directly to the sexual practices. But mastery of “sexual kung-fu” will be limited if you do not also master your emotions. It is easier to master your emotions when they are not inflamed with sexual passion. Fusion will be truly liberating for many women who feel controlled by strong emotion or overwhelmed by their sensitivity of feeling. Sexual issues for them will come into clear focus once the emotional aspects have been separated out and dissolved.

Fusion & Martial Arts: Fusion practices are central to developing a functional internal “energy body” or “chi body”. Without it, your energy body may lack a true center. There is a danger of developing too much chi through external movement practice. Fusion practices are thus helpful to martial artists, who tend to bypass emotional development while seeking power over others. Fusion offers a way to refine and integrate the emotional chi, and ensure it is expressed virtuously.

Summer retreat rebate: If you buy the homestudy course and later take the Fusion summer retreat within the year, you get half your money back. Note: Normally this rebate only applies to courses I teach. I do not teach the Fusion summer course, so be prepared for a somewhat different version, each teacher has their own style. I accept the Fusion 1-3 home study course as completing pre-requisites for live study of Lesser Kan & Li retreats.

Buy the Fusion book? Mantak Chia’s Fusion book is useful, but not necessary. Its very difficult to learn these practices well from a book, which is why “oral transmission” is always emphasized in the Taoist tradition. My home study course includes detailed handouts with the most essential illustrations from the book. Of the 9 formulas in Chia’s book only the first 4 are part of the original Fusion 1 practice. The last 5 formulas in the book are fragments borrowed from the higher kan and li formulas (and were published over my strenuous editorial objection).

There is no Fusion 2 or 3 material in Chia’s fusion book.

I personally recommend you do NOT skip ahead to those fragmentary formulas 5 through 9 in the Fusion book. One Cloud’s seven Tao Formulas for Achieving Immortality are a progressive training. It’s a mistake to absorb chi from the 5 planets before you have learned to manage even your basic emotions. The personal emotions just get overshadowed and buried deeper in your unconscious. Read my article on “Clearing the Confusion Over Fusion” in articles section.

I have evolved the Fusion practices I learned from Mantak Chia. I’ve integrated into my Fusion practice other aspects of Taoist alchemy that fit well with Western psychology. For example, Chia does not work directly with the Five Shen (vital organs spirits), only with their chi. I made these changes to meet the needs of the different emotional nature of Westerners, whose energy bodies are quite different from those of the Chinese.

Time Frame: Fusion 1 should be progressively learned for 100 days AFTER the Qigong Fundamentals 1 & 2 (minimum), and preferably after Qigong Fundamentals 3 & 4 for extra grounding. Fusion 1 trains one in the art of “emotional grounding”, and if you are not solidly in your body, its harder to ground your emotional body.

Once you’ve got a good grasp of Fusion 1, the Fusion 2/3 practices become much easier and can be learned quickly. But still allow yourself another 100 days to fully integrate the practice, especially the grounding belt channels and spiral into the earth. Many people find the Fusion 2/3 practices greatly strengthen the Fusion 1 practice. But you still need to learn Fusion 1 first, to plant the seeds of its own further development.

Each individual progresses at a unique pace. Time frame may be affected by personal nature, health issues, your openness to subtle energy, and amount of time spent practicing. Those who take a Healing Tao retreat or workshop, with its live transmission, may progress much faster. Live work with a group adds momentum to your chi experience.

The rule of thumb is to experiment with a new method until you feel you “own the practice’. This means the chi flow of that practice is inside you, you can tap it anytime, it feels comfortable and familiar. It’s become a tool, you can use it when needed.

You do NOT need to “master” or “perfect” these practices before learning the next course – which in my sequence is either Healing Love or Lesser Kan & Li. Just as the “self” is a fluid process, “self-mastery” is a continuous, lifelong process. Please, don’t use “lack of mastery” as an excuse not to try the next method.

I am still in process of mastering these practices – after 25 years! No matter how advanced you become, life will continually serve up new challenges to whatever level of clarity of feeling you’ve achieved.
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Fusion #1 Course Handouts & Contents

Michael Winn’s Fusion of the Five Elements #1 reveals the secret of cultivating the original feeling of our Original Spirit, before we entered physical bodies.

Note: The CD version is 11 hrs, tape cassette 9 hrs: the essential parts of a two day workshop. Both versions cover the same material. CD is the latest, slightly more in-depth version; separate CD tracks make training easy. Each Fusion course is unique, as the students involved ask different questions and different things may get emphasized more.

Fusion #1 Audio Course Handout (8 pages):
  1. Diagram: Creation Cycle of Five Elements/Phases
  2. Summary of Fusion 1 Practices (4 pages)
  3. Spiral Love in Creation Cycle Qigong
  4. Fusion 1 Guide to CD Audio tracks
  5. Illustrations of Fusion pearls, baguas inside body (2 pages)
Summary of main Fusion 1 practices in course:
  1. Warm-up your Energy Body. Expand beyond physical body.
    1. Dynamic: Five Animals, Spiral Love in Creation Cycle qigong.
    2. Quiet: Inner Smile to Five Shen, Sitting 6 Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit.

  2. Create Perfect Inner Weather

  3. Five Phase Chi flows Into Five Senses.

  4. Create Five Pearl Mandala
    Sensory opening = perceptions & desires of body spirits (shen).
    Color = Light frequencies flowing in & out as chi and substance (jing).
    Pearl = Energy body of each vital organ intelligence/spirit.
  5. Spiral Love in Creation Cycle Qigong

  6. Yin Soul Practice: Spiritually Empower the Five Pearls
    Each shen absorbs its pre-natal virtue,
    and dissolves its post-natal reactivity.
  7. Fusion of Five Essences into One Original Pearl (Yuan Shen)

  8. How to Transmute or “digest” negative emotional chi

  9. Yang Soul Practice:
    Spin 4 Directions Bagua, fuse into neutral pearl at dantian.

2005 CD Audio Guide
Fusion of Five Elements 1
By Michael Winn
Time Track #
CD #1
19 min 1: Introductory talk. Practice Ocean Breathing.
24 min 2: 5 shen and underlying yin-yang, 5 elements cosmology
29 min 3: GUIDED meditation: Perfect Inner Weather
CD #2
31min 1: GUIDED Qigong: Nurture the 5 shen (on DVD also)
31min 2: GUIDED meditation: 5 shen absorbing pre-natal virtues
13 min 3: Reversing chi flow: lung sound to collection point pearl.
4.5 min 4: Q&A: pearl formation.
CD #3
3.5 min 1: Q&A cont.: side effects of negative feelings.
76 min 2: Guided meditation: transforming negative emotions
CD #4
65 min 1: Q&A on releasing negativity
14 min 2: Transformation stories; life is about completion
CD #5
50 min 1: Cosmology: where feelings come from, Q&A.
27 min 2: Riding the Horse qigong + Guided Meditation begins.
CD #6
18 min 1: Still point meditation on Original Spirit, cont.
10 min 2: meditation: creation cycle (4 pearl version).
15 min 3: Talk on creation cycle, orbit, & qigong
34 min 4: GUIDED meditation: bagua as (single) spinning vortex
3 min 5: meditation, cont.
CD #7
3 min 1: post-meditation scan for change in body
9 min 2: Role of heart spirit in emotional body
13 min 3: Using spinning to regulate feelings
35 min 4: GUIDED qigong & pearl meditation, yin + yang methods
20 min 5: Q&A on vortex spinning vs. pearl method
CD #8
20 min 1: Q&A
54 min 2: Changes made by Chia to fusion; overview of Alchemy formulas

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Fusion of Five Elements 1

Cultivate True Feeling &
Transform Negative Emotions

By Michael Winn

Note: This is a spliced-together transcript taken from introductory talks given at 2001 and 2003 Fusion 1 workshops. I have expanded here on many of the ideas. But I am always amazed at how the same basic methods can generate such different ideas and applications. Part of the difference in each workshop is that I respond spontaneously to each group when I am teaching.

For example, the 2005 CD course goes deeper into the causes and nature of ego resistance. If you want to purchase a different version of the audio course, or upgrade from tape to CD version, it is half price (call the office to order). Eventually there will be a single ebook crystallizing my insights into the infinitely rich Fusion process.

Contents of the introductory lectures on Fusion:

  1. Emotional Body of Westerner & Chinese is Different
  2. Five Shen Theory: Taoist Depth Psychology
  3. Danger of Emotional Bypass & Spiritual Head Trips
  4. Pathless Process: Transforming the Sea of Emotion
  5. Dantian: Cauldron for Cooking the Body-Mind
  6. Clearing the Confusion over the Fusion Book
  7. The Language of Chi: Learning “Whole-Body Speak”
  8. Fusion Allows Deeper Inner Smile
  9. Fusing the Five Phases to Embody Original Flow of Chi
  10. Merging Fusion of Five Phases and Yin-Yang of Orbit
  11. Energy Body: Interface between Lesser and Greater Self
  12. Five Colored Pearls as Energy Bodies of Five Shen
  13. Creating the Perfect Inner Weather
  14. Cultivating Our True Original Feeling
  15. Imagination is the Free Will that Shapes Reality
  16. Cultivating the Inner Pearl of Direct Perception
  17. Fusion Applied to Energy Healing

Download complete lecture
(about 20 pages)

Emotional Body of Westerner & Chinese is Different

When I first learned Fusion back in 1980, I learned the microcosmic orbit one weekend and Fusion of the Five Elements the next weekend from Mantak Chia. A bit of an overload, but I was not starting off as a beginner. Of course I spent the next 20 years understanding what I was learning, integrating it with all the other yogic and meditative systems I had studied, along with Western depth psychology and other hard sciences.

I also found it necessary to refine and adapt Fusion to Western energy bodies. I define the Energy Body as the sum total of all underlying energetic patterns that shape our body-mind. Every thought, every dream image, every emotion, every sexual impulse, every physical sensation is powered by subtle energy fields moving in patterns that can be made conscious, experienced, and directed.

Another way of putting this: the autonomic nervous system is only autonomous until we take control of it.

Westerners have different ways of managing their Energy Body than Orientals do, and it's important to understand those differences. The Chinese have a collective mind-set; that’s why they are concerned about “not losing face” with their peers. Westerners are more individuated, particularly when it comes to emotional expression. We take individual emotional freedom for granted, like an inalienable right, even if it disrupts others; the Chinese feel it is proper to suppress anything that disturbs the collective order.

That's why I adapted Fusion practice to reflect the emotional nature of Westerners, which is so very different from Orientals. If you don't make these adjustments the Fusion formulas can become a little bit mechanical or forced, like putting on a mask that doesn’t quite fit your psyche. You can end up mentally moving your chi around to match an ideal pattern of inner harmony, but not get into the core of your actual feeling nature.

Five Shen Theory: Taoist Depth Psychology

Western head trippers can also fool themselves with a lot of chi manipulations in their Energy Body that don’t produce lasting results. Many get a lot of Fusion fireworks in the beginning, only to wonder why it fizzled out after a few years. Observing a high dropout rate amongst Healing Tao practitioners is what inspired me to introduce the Taoist five shen theory into the Fusion process. Five shen theory is the Taoist understanding of the working of ego, or personal self, called “heart-mind” (xin) in Chinese.

Five Shen theory (wu jingshen) is an integral part of One Cloud’s School of Inner Gods type of internal alchemy. The Taoist canon (daozang) or “bible” of nearly 1500 texts is filled with references and scriptures about the inner body spirits. The connection between the five shen and the vital organs is a staple of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), and dates to the earliest medical texts of the Yellow Emperor Internal Classic in 215 bce.

The Maoists largely suppressed the emphasis on body spirits when they formulated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the 1950’s, as they considered anything spiritual to be unmeasurable, unscientific and thus feudal. Mantak Chia told me he left it out of his teachings because it seemed too complicated. It is in fact very difficult to extract a clear picture of the five shen because the Taoist alchemical texts are so poetically obscure. I also suspect Mantak Chia didn’t have deep enough a grasp of western psychology to make it simple, and perhaps wisely left it alone.

In modern western acupuncture schools, the Worsley Five Elements School in England (with USA branch at Tai Sophia School of Acupuncture in Baltimore) offers the closest parallels in medical theory to the Healing Tao Fusion of the Five Elements practice. There is little available in English to read on the subject of the five shen. The best is Lonny Jarrett’s Nurturing Destiny, a textbook for Chinese medical practitioners, and the first to acknowledge that neidangong (inner alchemy) is the fundamental basis for Chinese medicine. His text is also required reading for Healing Tao instructor certification, and can usually be ordered from my office.

It took me a decade of research and deep study of the Fusion process to make the five shen dynamic a workable, user-friendly part of the Fusion and Kan & Li meditative practices. This required careful testing in the teaching environment to see what worked for Western practitioners. Ultimately, opening a relationship with the five body spirits makes all the inner alchemy practices more simple, far more powerful, and less likely to be mentally forced chi patterns.

Five Shen theory will, I predict, eventually revitalize Western psychology, and reveal more clearly the energetic foundation of the blossoming body-centered “energy psychology” movement that is attempting to integrate acupuncture and psychotherapy. Five shen theory offers Jungian psychologists a personal interface to archetype theory.

It fills in the huge gaps in Jung’s only partially successful attempt to reconstruct western alchemy as a process of psychic transformation. Grasping the influence and functions of our body spirits builds a bridge between shamans and neuro-scientists. It clarifies how all divination systems work, whether it’s the Chinese I Ching or the Egyptian Tarot.

It opens the doors to understanding that the human soul, like the brain, is binary in nature. That we are divided into yin and yang polar aspects that are often in conflict with each other. The ultimate purpose of inner alchemy is to integrate the warring halves of our soul. When successful, the true self or spiritual immortality is achieved. This topic is covered deeply in the Kan & LI (Water & Fire) Enlightenment courses.

In general, awakening our five body spirits offers Western adepts practicing qigong and meditation a new and deeper level of integration between their biology, their psychology, and their spirituality.

Danger of Emotional Bypass & Spiritual Head Trips

At the time I took my first Fusion workshop in 1980 I was still very intensively involved with kundalini yoga. I had been going through very intensive spiritual transformation. Being self-employed, I would practice minimum of two hours a day kundalini yoga, and sometimes as much as six or eight ours including meditation time.

I was pretty fanatic about my yoga path. I was really taking these Taoist workshops out of half-idle curiosity. I remember thinking, “I'll just check out what the Chinese are doing”. I was very happy with all the information and the yogic technology I got from India – I was flying high, my kundalini was cooking, and I was tripping 24/7. I had found the healthy alternative to LSD - the kundalini trip.

I wasn't planning to ever drop my yogic practices. They were my life time commitment. I was just going to look into this Tao trip to see if there was a little piece I could borrow from it, or find out if there was some minutiae along the path I had missed. Well, what I found out from doing Fusion 1 is that I was missing a huge piece of my consciousness – namely, all kinds of emotional issues that I had bypassed. And that I was exhausting my kidneys and no grounding.

I was running a strong current of kundalini energy up my spine and out my crown. There was a constant sexual pulsing between my balls and my brain. My third eye was wide open to the cosmos, and I thought I must be pretty Holy. I was waiting for angels to appear and take me the rest of the way, beyond those last few inches above my crown chakra. The Promise of nirvana would become Absolute Enlightenment once I got out of the city to a quiet country retreat or ashr

But when I started doing the Microcosmic orbit, I wondered why parts of my spine were numb. Then I got into the Fusion process of working with emotions, and I started running into all kinds of “stuff”. I couldn't believe that stuff still existed inside my angelic little self. When you do that much kundalini yoga all day long - chant for hours and do breath of fire with your arms above your head for 33 minutes, dozens of different asanas (yogic postures) – you think you are clean.

I later discovered you also can burn up your essence, your jing, with an excess of pranayama. I had noticed I was getting colder in winter, even though my body was constantly on fire. Its because all the fire was leaking out of my head instead of being captured in my inner space/cauldron. I am grateful to Mantak Chia for pointing it out to me early on, in simple terms: “You are heating the room”, he said.

I had been doing this heavy yogic sadhana (practice) for years. I was just absolutely stunned by what Fusion revealed to me. I just can't tell you the shock I felt to suddenly discover that I had all this anger and other unprocessed stuff. That I had wired myself to completely ignore it in order to focus on other levels of my higher and greater self. When I practiced Fusion, I started getting in touch with my lost emotional self. I realized I had completely abandoned huge parts of myself. What I thought was imminent transcendence was a case of chronic escapism.

It was really sobering. I realized I had no choice but to basically start over again, go back to square one. I resigned from the illusory perch atop my head, closed up my third eye shop, and I signed up for Tao kindergarden. I began working from my lower dantian rather than my third eye. I had huge resistance to the notion that my belly center was somehow spiritual, as previously I viewed it with some distain as the center of lower desire. But being truth driven, I now realized that the lowest place had to become the throne of the highest spiritual development. Anything else would create a dualistic split between body and mind, between sexual and spiritual self.

I had started over on a new spiritual path on several previous occasions. It is a lot of work, I knew. There was only one thing mitigating my disappointment and frustration at having to start over. That was my curiosity over what exciting new discoveries lay hidden within the Taoist alchemical work of One Cloud’s Seven Formulas for Attaining Immortality.

Looking back, I was never disappointed. I think it is because the Tao is a process, not about achieving some fixed ideal state of enlightenment. So it has become a process for me that always stays fresh. I’ve learned to greet the present moment like big arms embracing a new and unknown lover. Who taught me that lesson? An ingenious and elusive Tao Master, who goes by the name Nothing-Else-Works.

Pathless Process: Transforming the Sea of Emotion

Thus began a long process of reclaiming fragments of my missing self, and bringing them into harmony with the process of my greater self and the natural universe. I continued doing my yoga, and assumed I would just do it alongside my new Tao practices. Eventually my kundalini yoga practice dropped away of its own weight. What was that weight?

The yogic breathing and chanting required what seemed like excessive external effort compared to the organic flow of Taoist inner alchemy. I got a huge benefit from doing the yoga. It totally transformed my life and health. But the discovery of how to silently and more effortlessly navigate my inner space with the Taoist methods inexorably took over. I woke up one day, and realized I had switched from yogic path to the Pathless Path of Tao. It wouldn’t be long before my Taoist guides/Immortals showed up – but that is a story I will save for the Kan & Li retreat.

The Fusion emotional work continues to this day, even though I do it from an entirely different place. I have moved on through One Cloud’s three Kan and Li (Water & Fire) Enlightenment and the three Star, Heaven & Earth and Tao immortality formulas. So why would I still practicfe Fusion process, which is One Cloud’s first formula?

I find even though I emotionally I’ve gotten very clear (most of the time!) and have done many levels of higher practice, that as a human being new feelings keep arising from the process of living. Whenever negative or stuck emotion gets directed at me or attracted to me for whatever reason, it still needs to be received and processed at the level of the human heart.

Coming into emotional balance is a never-ending process, part of the matrix of human social life. We are all surrounded by people tossing their emotions out unconsciously, looking for a safe place to dump them. Society is a vessel for the virtual sea of emotional pollution around us. TV, films, magazines, and video games are filled with low level emotional junk or violence, which is one reason I am very selective about allowing them into my heart-mind space. War is the ultimate in emotional numbness, and there is virtual war happening all around us.

Yes, I now have a huge cosmic Fusion support team from doing the higher alchemical formulas. I am wired into higher octaves of the Fusion process – the five sacred directions of the Earth, the five planets, the five stellar quadrants of the zodiac. But all that has to be stepped down into the human level of simple feeling. Fusion gets to be spontaneous response after years of practice.

Because of my Fusion training, I’m able to live much more deeply from my inner heart. I can feel simultaneously at many different levels of my Energy Body, which adds a rich texture and depth to my life. I am much more skilled at balancing and harmonizing the fluctuating sea of chi that we’re all swimming in. But human feelings are unique; planets and stars just don’t have them. At times it seems troublesome, but ultimately am grateful for and I appreciate my ability to feel more clearly at the simple level of exchange between human hearts.

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Praise for Michael Winn's "Tai Chi for Enlightenment"



Michael Winn -

Now I Can Download Love, Trust, Courage, Wisdom, & Kindness from the Universe!

Profound thanks for the great, great Fusion 1-3 workshops. I thought they were taught at such an astonishingly deep level and am grateful for your ability to teach it with such respect for where each of us are.

Fusion has opened so much for me, it's difficult to describe. I feel I have long needed tools to deal with energy arising inside and energy projected at me from others. In prior years, they have knocked me far off my center.

In Fusion #1 workshop I noticed as I expanded the earth shen/pearl to embrace each of the other pearls, they began to reveal bits of them self. I began to get some sense of the depth and age of the blue, kidney shen, the exhilaration, delicacy, and energy of the green liver shen and, to me the overwhelming power of the heart spirit. As the heart shen began to open and reveal the power of real love, I had to stop, not seemingly ready to accept a full glimpse.

I am again on "speaking terms" with my lung shen. I greatly benefit from "downloading" trust, love, courage, kindness, and wisdom from the universe when I need it. I didn't know there was such bounty and generosity surrounding us.

Periodically, I have experienced an "opening" of my consciousness in which I am able to take in and sit and embrace the opposites in my life. This has taken me to places of great quiet and peace, a feeling that in Taoist terms might be balanced or harmonious. Some of the fun has been that everything seems lightly balanced, and susceptible to falling to one side or the other, yet has stayed with me through a variety of stressful stimuli. Perhaps it is not so fragile.

I look forward to studying the higher alchemy formulas, realizing how little I know.

Thanks again – you have my greatest respect as a teacher. It is a privilege to have been in your Fusion classes. I know you were carrying the energetic burden of the entire group, and yet you were able to lead the class so beautifully.

Dana B., Houston


Shocked and astonished at how powerful Fusion process is!

I have been shocked and astonished at how powerful this Fusion process is! Shocked – at how much “stuff” that I thought was resolved, but it all came floating back up to the surface during my first Fusion meditation. Some painful old relationships that I thought were buried were still haunting me. They were probably responsible for an undefinable sense of anxiety I’ve been suffering from for years.

I am Astonished at how quickly these deep issues are being resolved. After only a few days of practice I feel so much clearer and more peaceful. I know there is more to go, but thank you and the Tao so much for giving me the tools I needed to go into these hurtful areas of my life. Thanks from the depth of my Heart!

- Amy G., Calif.


Fusion Got Me Through A Big Emotional Test

The situation: a customer of mine called to complain about my wallpaper job. She railed about my incompetence, compared me to her dead father, who 'expertly' hung paper. She wanted to meet me at a model house to show me 'how much better another job was, compared to mine'. Oy!

Ironically, this wallpaper job was completed on the very day I left for Fusion 1 last month, and it’s the first complaint I met up with upon my return.

Inner process: I moved from panic and fear at getting caught at a mistake, to self righteous 'how dare you' anger, to worry at my reputation, and finally doubt of my own integrity. As the meeting date with the woman got closer, the thought of it made my stomach churn with adrenaline and fear.

How Fusion helped: Before the meeting, I brought this situation into my vital organ shen/pearls. I let myself really feel the shaking of fear in my kidneys and the fire of my anger in the liver. It brought up memories of my parents, authority issues, and my tendency to hide emotions from others and boil them inside. I would balance and dissolve these feelings in my perfect fusion weather system. But still, when the time came closer, fear and apprehension, a feeling like stage fright, ruled.

On the day of the meeting: I had a tape of fusion playing in my car and heard one sentence that drilled into me. The 'Po' lung soul is the one we meet the world with. It is constantly required to breathe in the energy of life, to embrace the outer world. I enlarged that pearl of white light and a feeling of peace ran over me. I was in neutral by the time I met the woman.

I explained my choices in doing the job, after assuring her I understood hers. I smiled at her, inner and out smile at the same time. Amazingly, she just let it go. "Thanks," she said," I just wanted to understand why you did it that way. SO much has gone wrong in that house. Now I see what you did and we'll just move on."

How I relate Fusion to my life: It struck me how I frequently have intense inner emotions and fights and talks going on inside. Yet due to protective instincts of my past, I have hidden them from a full expression with others or denied full feelings inside – I was worried about self image. Emotions run hot under my skin surface like volcanic magma waiting for an explosion, or more likely an implosion. My team of Lung souls were hanging around my aura, separated out of body because of this pattern: emotionally stuck ghosts of myself awaiting embodiment and expression in relationship.

My Fusion practice this morning: Strongly guided me to soften into my white pearl souls. My breath feels more connected to my core. I’ve added another layer of bonding between the many fragmented selves in my personality. There is a deeper recognition of these essence aspects in my core being. I can feel that collectively we really desire to achieve a new balance in the world out/in there.

Thanks to Fusion, we are creating that world of harmony and balance, one breath at a time.

- Barry P.


Fusion Opened Up A Battle With My Shadow

I started fusion of the five elements this week using your audio tapes. First, I discovered that my heart was very arrogant and did not want to join the dance at first. It felt it was superior to the other shen. It wanted to be separate – the only way it could maintain its sense of superiority over the other organ spirits.

My feel was the fire spirit had compensated for past trauma to the earth and metal spirits. It was taking over some of their work, or trying to at least. Thus it felt it couldn't trust the others. It considered them to be worthless; it resented their weakness. I'm betting that just made the others even weaker.

I also had a powerful experience during the inner weather meditation. I encountered my Shadow. I wasn't hallucinating, it was similar to a dream, but was a vision. I was wide awake, the vision continued whether my eyes were open or closed.

The vision began: I sat down against a tree in the forest. The Shadow appeared and attacked me. I fought briefly with him and then stopped. I stood still as he thrust a claymore sword into my solar plexus. I fell to the ground, dying. Then I pulled the sword from my body and held it in my hand. My hand sent fire into the sword and it burst into flame, and then dissolved. I attacked my shadow with extreme ferocity, fire burning in my body. I struck him again and again.

Shadow then brandished a double-headed axe and swung it vigorously. I used the heavy weight of the axe to my advantage, throwing his body weight significantly with each swing. I fell to the ground and placed a kick to the back of his knee. As he fell I struck the jade pillow point at the back of his head. I hit it several more times after he had fallen. Fire poured from my hands, and I placed them on the jade pillow. My heart fire entered the shadow body, burning demonic looking creatures that hid within.

Shadow was now lying face up, my hands burning into his third eye. I began to move my hands to his heart. He began to struggle, writhing about trying to escape my hold. Knives appeared and fell into his hands and feet, pinning him. He still struggled. My resolve increased and I plunged my burning hands into his chest with increased power. (My solar plexus feels strange during all of this, it was somewhat painful.)

I then see myself with white hair and white clothing – the color of the metal element - swirled with black. I hold a staff of the same colors, with a spinning yin-yang at its head. I plunge the staff into the shadow self's solar plexus. I see many creatures I considered demons. Some are beautiful. Lucifer is the name of the energy. It says we are one. My power is your power. I am you. I feel an immense energy welling up from my solar plexus, filling my whole body, my third eye especially.

I then lose my resolve to vanquish the shadow, and it jumps up. It then leaps into my body. I fall to the ground. Darkness and light dance in many different ways. I see swirls of white and black, mixing, almost playing. I then see little angels above, and "demons" below. I realized that the demons were not demons, save for the negative charge I gave them.

I then asked for assistance of all beings that had my highest interest in mind. Little fairy-like creatures came and began to sew a glowing web over my solar plexus. I asked that they continue to work even after I shifted my focus away. My feel was that earth elemental beings would come to work on the hole within my solar plexus after the web was complete. I then finished the fusion of the five elements meditation, feeling balanced and complete.

- Alex Pizza


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