Healing Love / Tao of Sex

Healing Love

Taoist Sexual Secrets
for Health & Bliss

with Michael Winn & Joyce Gayheart

Secrets of transforming sexual energy into radiant health
Specific sexual cultivation practices for men & women
No partner needed – solo & dual cultivation practice
  • Enjoy whole-body, continuous Spiritual Orgasm
  • How to regenerate & recycle sex energy
  • Prevent and heal sexual dysfunction, PMS, etc.
  • Heal the deep split between men and women
  • Sexual Vitality Qigong DVD (also helps weight loss)

  • 2 hr DVD

    17 audio CDs 23 hrs

    7 CDs 9 hrs




    9 Major Benefits of Healing Love:
    Taoist Sexual Secrets

    Sexual energy is the single most powerful evolutionary force within humanity. If we learn to properly direct this energy within our bodies and our relationships, we live longer and more happily. If we squander it unwisely, we live short and unsatisfying lives. If we infuse sexual essence into the alchemical marriage of our body and soul, it activates the process of birthing our immortal self.

    The 9 Major Benefits of Healing Love Audio Courses:
    1. Get a clear understanding of what sexual energy really is – and why it is so confusing in relationships, and subject of so much cultural taboo, political and religious repression. Why cultivating our sexual essence is the key to spiritual freedom, and the secret ingredient in the inner alchemical process of crystallizing body, mind, and spirit into our true self.

    2. Find out the hidden sexual tension between the three levels of sexual identity we each have: physically sexed male or female body, a bi-sexual (androgynous) Energy Body, and a pre-sexual, genderless Original Spiritual Body. Understanding “the Fall” of Original Spirit into separate male and female bodies is a powerful realization. This alone can release much sexual-spiritual frustration, and puts the battle of the Sexes into clear perspective.

    3. Discover the different paths of Taoist sexual energy cultivation available to you. Medical sexology for healing biological dysfunction: the bedroom art of dual cultivation to enhance love relationships, or the single cultivation path. Solo practice transforms the sexual potential of the essence within your own body, whether masturbating or meditating.

    4. Men will get Michael’s 25 years insight into the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Learn the best techniques to shift the male sexual impulse from Ejaculation to INjaculation – refinements not in the classic Taoist Secrets of Love book Michael wrote 20 years ago with Mantak Chia. How sexual essence (jing chi) can best be recirculated in the orbit or other internal pathways. Why Viagra is dangerous to sexual health. Updates on Cool Draw testicle breathing, power lock, hidden danger of using the million dollar point, why its better to ejaculate than feel guilt over lost seed. How to prevent pre-mature ejaculation.

    5. Women will get Joyce’s 25 years insight (and Michael’s medical opinion) into best ways to manage the holy “blood sacrifice” made by women each month. Ovarian Breathing, breast massage, jade egg exercises, deep womb meditation, healing infertility and frigidity issues. Choosing whether to reduce the loss of sexual-blood essence (and PMS) or voluntarily “slay the red dragon” of menstrual cycles entirely. How to redirect blood essence to creative projects and spiritual realization. Managing hot flashes and natural hormone circulation for post-menopausal women.

    6. Learn to stimulate the different types of orgasm that are possible for everyone to experience. The short-lived genital physical orgasm, the long wave vital organ-Energy Body orgasm, or the smooth, continuous bliss of a whole body-mind Spiritual (Valley) Orgasm. How men and women filter their sexual attractions to other people differently via jing, chi, and shen levels (roughly equivalent to physical, energy, and spiritual bodies).

    7. Secrets of subtle energy body sex and orgasm between partners, with physical touching or at a distance. How outer sexual alchemy – exchange of sexual fluids and sexual intercourse - is different from inner sexual alchemy – copulation of inner male and inner female psychic forces. Use of a pink inner pearl to help crystallize blood and sperm essences.

    8. Explore the yin-yang of relationships between men and women; how the same principles govern both hetero- and homo- sexual relations. Why hot passionate sex tends to fade over time, even if love remains, and what to do about it. How to achieve harmony: the role of neutral force (yuan chi) in creating an eternal “love child” that may outlast the sexual relation. Techniques to amplify sexual energy during love-making between couples. Using different positions and methods to stimulate exchange via energy channels and key acu-points. Alchemical art of exchanging heart blood with sexual fire.

    9. Learn how to best use Sexual Vitality Qigong. The DVD gives all the forms, but audio course gives more detailed internal explanation. It’s a collection of 25 of the world’s best sexual energy and kidney-building qigong forms Michael gathered over two decades from top masters in China and elsewhere. Correct qigong practice is a key secret to rapidly enhancing one’s sexual potential. Strong kidneys will also help people lose weight faster.

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    Notes on Course Contents
    Healing Love/Tao Sexual Secrets

    Get which audio-video package?

    We recommend you get either the 17-CD audio from 2005 or the 12-cassette tape from 2003, packaged together with the Sexual Vitality Qigong DVD. Both are recordings of excellent week long retreats. They cover the same techniques and theory, but because different people were attending, different questions get asked, taking the courses in new directions with different insights.

    The week long retreats are taught by Michael and Joyce together, so naturally go much deeper than the weekend course with Michael alone. They give the perspective of both sexes, and devote more time to the deep complexities of sexual relationships. Many women will appreciate hearing directly from Joyce about her extensive experience. It is enlightening for men to get the women’s perspective, and vice versa.

    Since Michael and Joyce are the only Senior Healing Tao instructors that have been in relationship for nearly 25 years, they transmit a unique feeling and a perspective that is much richer and deeper than any book or sexual technique. (Juan Li and Renu Li in Europe are another long term senior instructor couple, about 18 years).

    If you can afford the longer courses, they are a good investment in your sexual health, your relationships, and your spiritual path. They are offered here at a substantial discount. If you order the less expensive 12 tape cassette version, you can later upgrade to the 17 CD course for half price.

    If budget is an issue, get the weekend 7-CD set or 6-cassette tape course (which are identical in content). This is an excellent course, with a lot packed into it. It is sufficient to get all the major theory, sexual techniques and internal qigong instruction that is not on the DVD. Any of the audio courses, including the weekend course, are good preparation for transforming relationships with current, past, or potential future lovers to a deeper level.

    The best proof of this? Read the testimonial below from a California women who found the weekend 6-cassette Healing Love course in her ex-boyfriend’s bedroom drawer. He had accidentally left the tapes behind after moving out. She had already studied tantric yoga, but decided to listen to the tapes, perhaps to better understand what went wrong. After listening to the tapes and practicing the qigong, she had major realizations about sexuality, relationships, and her spiritual path.

    This testimonial highlights the possibility that California style neo-tantric sex trainings provide a very useful and liberating therapy. But they may not offer the same sophisticated internal energy and spiritual self-mastery as the combination of qigong and Taoist sexual alchemy. This is for each individual to explore and decide.

    Which to train first –Healing Love or Fusion?
    If you are taking live workshops, the only pre-requisite for Healing Love is Qigong Fundamentals 1 & 2. But it is strongly recommended that you also get the increased energetic grounding from Qigong Fundamentals 3 & 4 and the emotional and deep channel grounding of the Fusion 1-2-3 practices. If you learn those first, you will get more out of the sexual practices and move more quickly to a higher level.

    Many people – men especially – tend to skip Fusion and race ahead directly to the sexual practices. But mastery of “sexual kung-fu” will be limited if you do not also master your emotions. It is easier to master your emotions when they are not inflamed with sexual passion. Taoist sexual practices will amplify your energy level, but that also risks amplifying old emotional patterns embedded in your sexual identity.

    Taoists sexual practices help us regulate our outer sexual desires and sexual functioning. But our sexual drive is infused with many incomplete feelings. By completing those feelings internally with Fusion, we can then make conscious our emotional conflicts and better manage what is purely sexual.

    Clearing our emotional field enables us to handle much more powerful sexual energy flow. We tend to project our sexual issues onto a partner or into our relationships. This turns our relationships into a kind of Theatre of the Personality. Fusion allows us to resolve many issues in our private inner Soul Theatre, so we don’t need to play them out in the Personality Theatre. The goal is to integrate the soul and personality theatres into one process.

    Kan & Li: Inner Sexual Alchemy.
    Fusion and Healing Love practices are both essential preparation stages from the Taoist hermit One Cloud’s First Formula for Achieving Immortality. The Second Formula deals with inner sexual alchemy, and is called The Lesser Enlightenment of Kan and Li (Water & Fire). It trains us in the copulation of one’s inner male and inner female energies. But if you can’t manage your outer sexual relations, it will be an obvious obstacle in managing your internal sexual energy.

    Tao of Sex & Martial Arts:
    The big secret not revealed by most sifu (who want to keep their fighting edge) is that super-charging your martial training with sexual energy is the key. This is not our personal training focus, but it is an application that any student may choose for themselves. It is even more essential that this training include Fusion practice, to prevent sexual energy from amplifying unconscious anger and violence.

    Summer retreat rebate:
    If you buy any homestudy course and later take the Healing Love summer retreat within a year, you get about half your money back for the homestudy course at the time you register.

    Do I need to buy the Taoist Secrets of Love (for men) or Healing Love (for women) books?
    These are useful reference works and contain valuable details and illustrations. Just need to keep in mind that the audio material supercedes and updates the written materials. The Multi-Orgasmic Man, Woman, and Couple books are essentially re-writes of these original titles, and again are optional purchases. They don’t contain any methods not given in the audio courses. But the editor has done additional research into western sexology that offers an interesting juxtaposition to Taoist sexology.

    Time Frame to learn the sexual practices:
    This varies considerably with how deeply ingrained your sexual habits are “frozen” into your current energy body structure. Best to not put any time frame on this practice – just accept it will be a life-long process. The sexual identity confusion is The Big Issue for humanity, and is not going to be resolved by learning a few techniques. You’ve got six more Tao alchemical formulas to help with this Big Issue.

    Each individual progresses at a unique pace. Time frame may be affected by personal nature, health issues, your openness to subtle energy, and amount of time spent practicing. Those who take a Healing Tao retreat or workshop, with its live transmission, may progress much faster. Live work with a group adds momentum to your chi experience.

    The rule of thumb is to experiment with a new method until you feel you “own the practice’. This means the chi flow of that practice is inside you, you can tap it anytime, it feels comfortable and familiar. It’s become a tool, you can use it when needed.

    You do NOT need to “master” or “perfect” these practices before learning the next course – which in my sequence is Inner Sexual Alchemy: Lesser Enlightenment of Kan & Li. Just as the “self” is a fluid process, “self-mastery” is a continuous, lifelong process. Please, don’t use “lack of mastery” as an excuse not to try the next level.

    I am still in the process of taking these practices to ever more subtle levels – after 25 years! No matter how advanced you become, life will continually serve up new challenges to whatever level of clarity of being you’ve achieved.

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    Healing Love Course Handout

    Sexual Vitality Qigong
    (List of “Sexercises” on DVD)
    by Michael Winn

    A. Top 3 Sexual Energy Building Qigong forms
    1. Left & Right Kidney Pumping, a.k.a. Deep Earth Pulsing.
    2. Cosmic Swimming Dragon
      (spiral pink sexual chi around sun, moon, stars).
    3. Sexual Marriage of Heaven & Earth
      (Audio integrates Empty Force Breathing, not taught on video)
    B. Fire & Water Qigong Ceremony
    (Facing South for Heart & North for Kidney Harmony)

    C. Lying Sexual Qigong forms
    1. pelvic rocking and circling sacrum.
    2. psoas release
    3. belly and groin massage (with laughing practice also)
    4. inhale outer universe into dantian; exhale inner body universe to mingmen
    D. Sitting & Kneeling Sexual Qigong
    1. Rubbing kidneys according to Taoist numerology
    2. Rubbing ears to stimulate kidneys.
    3. Stroke inside leg/kidney meridians; slap kidney-1 point.
    4. Hands over ears, with kidney rotations
    5. Knee walking
    6. Kneel with pelvic lifting & pumping.
    E. Standing Sexual Qigong to Circulate Kidney Chi
    1. Walking Knee lifts.
    2. Knee slapping on Bladder-40 pt.
    3. Arm and leg swings to open psoas
    4. Grab ankles, breathe into kidney meridian
    5. Breathe testicle/ovary pink chi to heart, eyes.
    F. Standing Lung – Kidney Sexual Qigong
    1. Arms/palms open lungs; close fists over mingmen, kidney sound.
    2. short arm swings, movement originates from pelvis.
    3. large arm scoops: activates lung meridian to expand kidney chi.
    4. Fast out-of-sync circles with palms scooping chi into kidneys.
    5. Waist circling with hands on kidneys.
    6. Belt channel circling, palms gather chi around waist.
    GS. Sexual Qigong to Concentrate Kidney Chi in Dantian
    1. Slow moving Chi Ball front-back, left-right, up-down.
    ©Michael Winn 2002

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    Sexual Qigong: Secret Tao Path
    to Completing our Human Identity

    By Michael Winn

    Note: This transcript is from a spontaneous talk on Taoist sexual practice given in Switzerland a few years ago. It is mostly the theoretical discussion of the relationship between Taoist cosmology, sexual identity, and the spiritual “fall” that occurred through the splitting of the original human being into male and female sexes. And how the loss of yuan chi that resulted from this “fall” can be healed with sexual qigong and inner alchemy.

    If we are to discuss the topic of sex with its many taboos, may I ask everyone present to first take both of your hands, and cover up your sexual organs like a fig leaf. I want you to feel personally safe - while I remove the fig leaf from the biblical Adam and Eve story that has confused our cultural consciousness in the West for two thousand years. We’re going to replace it with a Taoist sexual cosmology, and explore why the Taoists felt the need to develop a practical qigong science of sexology to resolve what is hiding beneath that fig leaf.

    We traditionally say qigong is divided into medical, martial, and spiritual aspects. Sexual qigong, like human sex, is a bit messy and doesn’t easily fit into any of those categories. Rather sexual qigong is an alchemical art, as it bonds all categories into one core process. Sexual Qigong explains why we fight to love and heal each other in the name of some nameless holy cause. It reveals why the body is so precious in Taoist cultivation.

    The whole challenge in clearing our sexual identity confusion is that we're living in the middle of it. You can't really escape having a sexually prejudiced perspective. You're in a sexed male or female sexed body, and the basic problem is that the core of your being – what Taoists call your Original Spirit- is not sexed. So there is a tension right away between your manifest sexual self and your core self.

    If we were going to put this into a little cosmological story, our original self is birthed in from the wuji, which means the Supreme Mystery. From this pre-cosmic womb our Original Spirit appears. There is no male; there is no female, there's no sexual tension, there's no sexual identity- because there is only one identity.

    Cosmic Gourd Births Itself

    The jing, chi, and shen –our primordial substance, energy (literally “inner breath”) and intelligence – are still merged together, folded inside the cosmic egg, In some variations of this Taoist cosmology, all the original ingredients of Nature are mixed inside a cosmic gourd. This gourd is often depicted on Chinese statues and paintings, and represents the primordial self, perhaps an ancient myth about a vegetative deity that bursts forth into fullness out of thin air.

    The empty space inside the gourd holds the essences of primordial yin and yang, reflected in the figure 8 shape of the gourd. This is the stage of hun tun, or chaos-unity, a kind of primordial heaven. Somehow that gourd or egg cracks open and begins having a type of primal sex. It means the polar male and female force, living within the same consciousness, starts multiplying.

    In the Tao Te Ching’s famous verse 42 this cosmology is described with sexed Numbers: Tao births One, One births Two, Two births Three, the Three births the Ten Thousand Things. This describes the process of our original breath, or yuan chi, polarizing itself into yin and yang. The sexual friction between yin and yang births our prenatal self, an intermediate dimension called Early Heaven.

    This “formless” early heaven realm is not entirely formless, as it holds subtle energetic shapes. Within the moving friction between yin and yang, known as taiji, or Supreme Greatness, early heaven has both sexes. The Chinese myth here is of a primal brother and sister having an incestuous love affair. This is a way of describing the androgynous nature of this phase of our being, as we humans now consciously have an internal male and an internal female.

    One could say we are now bisexual, but the exact term is androgynous. We are not male and we are not female. We hold both elements withina single Energy Body. Because we have still a lot of yuan chi at the core of that body, those two sexed elements are perfectly in harmony. They identify each aspect of themselves as part of one whole. So there's still a unified sense of self. Even though we have these male and female sides.

    The Origin of Sexual Tension

    Then we somehow make a transition from our prenatal or Early Heaven self to our postnatal or Later Heaven physical self. In the process of shifting from an quasi-formless energetic dimension into our physicality, we split apart our male-female Energy Body. We push part of ourselves into a male body, and another aspect into a female body.

    So here we are today, a few million years later, trying to figure out what happened. We are still running around trying to complete ourselves, like chickens with our heads cut off. Trying to figure out, "Where is my other sexed half?" We keep looking for this perfect partner, who is going to be the other half, so that we can go back to being our whole self, the androgynous self that had both halves.

    In order for this story to be perfect and have a happy ending, we have to sew the two halves of the body together to make them back into one body. But we can't do that physically, because the original pieces of ourselves are scattered over millions of years of separate male and female ancestors. We can only do it energetically – hence the development of sexual qigong science.

    So here is our confusion. We're in a sexed body- dominated by either yang or yin chi, in order to sustain those male or female physical body functions and the different cultural roles to which sex predisposes us. We also know that yin and yang are never totally separate. Even though we are dominant male or female, there has to be this other side of us - our unconscious male or female, or our inner male or inner female, as opposed to our outer sexed body.

    That inner male or inner female is a carryover from our prenatal self. Those prenatal forces are still there hiding inside of us, but they've gone deep unconscious because of the separation into different sexed bodies for so long. This is what accounts for the struggle between the sexes. When it gets nasty, we call it the “battle of the sexes”.

    We naturally seek to sustain our own sexual body functions. Yet we try, at the same time, to complete our self by seeking the “missing half” of our sexual nature, the half that used to consciously function in our pre-natal self. So our natural biological instinct is to behave as male or be female. Yet this polarized sexual behavior creates at the same time a separation between us and the other half of the planet’s population. This makes it even more difficult to find the other half of our sexual self within.

    These forces tend to widen the gulf between the human male and the female. We know men and women tend to think a bit differently- their energetic natures are different. Their biological needs are different. The challenge is that at the same time we're trying to reconcile the tension within our own sexed nature, we find ourselves in sexual relationships interacting with someone with a polar opposite nature.

    Core Human Destiny: To Complete our Sexual Drive

    While we are struggling with the inner and outer sexual polarity, the question is: How do you get completion? How do you, in the middle of all this sexual separation and confusion, how do you return to your original self? Your original self is neutral. It's pre-sexual and has no sexual identity. And our manifest self is very sexually polarized. So this is the challenge. Its also the solution provided by sexual qigong.

    This is why sex is usually avoided by most spiritual teachings and most spiritual teachers. Because it's a mine field. It's a dangerous place for the original spirit to try and get involved. Original Spirit includes what is called the Inner Observer or Witness The Original Spirit’s very neutrality is what allows it to be so all embracing of the good, bad, and the ugly aspects of ourselves. Its virtue is its “unconditioned” nature. It’s difficult to embody the original self because our sexual energy- the jing body- is at the opposite end of the spectrum of consciousness, it is very polarized. Our male or female body and its deep drives overwhelms our sense of our neutral core self.

    It's much easier to “drop out” and meditate on your neutral spirit and avoid dealing with this "problem down there" of separation at the jing level. Yet no matter how much you meditate and open up your third eye and your crown and see all the heavens and taste enlightenment, your sex doesn't change. Most qigong is very helpful in this regard, it is embodied and helps us focus on both the yin and yang currents of chi.

    But most qigong players never learn to resolve the tension between their shen and the polarized sexual energy. Even when you allow your spirit to enter more fully into the body, it does not change the body’s sexuality. The jing chi is so powerful it still holds its form. Its only when you split it open like an atom that you can tap into the cosmic orgasm pulsating like a silent nuclear exposion inside all body/matter.

    Click here to continue reading Michael Winn’s lecture

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    Praise for Michael Winn's "Tai Chi for Enlightenment"

    Scientific Study: Exercise Is Better Than Viagra

    German scientists say exercise is better than Viagra in helping men improve their sexual performance.

    In a two year study by Urologist professor Frank Sommer from the University of Cologne, 80% of men who complained of erection problems found exercise helped.

    In comparison, only 74% of a control group who resorted to Viagra found that use of the pill improved their performance.

    Frank Sommer, University of Cologne
    note: this was just using general western style exercises. Sexual Vitality chi kung practices are far more sophisticated as they target the vital organs and hormonal functions needed for sexual performance and general cellular reproduction. This is the secret to long and healthy life.


    It changed my life in a profound way

    My experience of this Healing Love course is beyond words. It changed my life in a profound way. I developed a whole new respect for myself, my love partner, and the universe. Saying thank you is just not enough.

    Robin Kaplan, D.C. -

    Taking Love into the Light!

    Wow! Was it great to have Michael and Joyce together!!!!! Rating; Competent, Masterful, Sages. Taking Love into the Light, back to the Center….

    -Coming back for more, Asheville N.C. -

    I Got What I Came For

    I got what I came for, and then double that again.

    D.D. Pennsylvania -

    Joyce is a Goddess!

    Joyce is a Goddess! The woman’s group was awesome. We got such beautiful goddess energy from it. Thank you!

    Love Child from New Zealand -

    This is the best I have ever had.

    I have had three lovers since starting to practice these techniques, and all three have told me that I was their best, literally said it to me while we were in bed: This is the best I have ever had.

    Henry - twenty-eight-year-old stockbroker

    Divine Love mixed with Get-down-to-it-Sex!

    This course combines Divine Love and Get-down-to-it-Sex! I learned ancient Taoist sexual practices and how to extend my experience of what sex really is, in my own life and in that of the universe. I highly recommend a ride with Michael Winn and Joyce Gayheart, who have been riding this orgasmic cosmic wave for a long time. Michael is an ancient Taoist adept in a modern American body. Joyce is a regal Yin goddess who brings deep heart and understanding to the surface. Together they lead the interested student to the depths of their sexual soul, through its pleasures and ultimately to the bliss of the Tao of Love.

    Mitchell Jay Rabin, M.A. D.Ac. Psychotherapist, host of “A Better World” TV show -

    It was like nothing I had ever experienced

    The orgasms got more powerful one after the other. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. But the most amazing thing is that I had been working too much and was getting sick. The next morning I woke up healthy and with more energy than I can remember.

    Jim - thirty-five year old software salesman

    I Got Profound Healing of Sexual Relation Issues from Your Tapes

    Dear Michael,

    Thank you with all my Heart for your beautiful Taoist work. I experienced profound healing listening to your weekend 6-cassette set of "Healing Love" tapes.

    The healing was particularly poignant to me because the tapes had for a few years contained a somewhat painful "charge" for me. The tapes were given to my boyfriend Bill by Jane, his erstwhile lover -- someone with whom, from what I perceived, Bill had maintained a deeper love and greater emotional intimacy than he seemed capable or willing to bring to his relationship with me. Until about a year ago, anything that represented Bill and Jane’s deep connection triggered in me irritation or pissiness (at best), or resentment, anger, jealousy and hurtful sadness (at worst).

    I had thought I had resolved all of that, and that I was finally at peace with the whole Jane dynamic. That is, until I recently found the tapes in a drawer after Bill moved out a few months ago. Up welled some of the same feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, envy, jealousy. Not comfortable things to confront for someone who likes to consider herself pretty spiritual evolved! :-) Especially when I thought I had healed these types of feelings where Jane and Bill were concerned. But there it was, plain as day -- another unhealed layer.

    Rather than throw the tapes away (my first impulse), send them back to Jane unheard (my second impulse), or even send them back to Bill unheard (my third impulse), I decided to give them a listen before mailing them off to Bill. Part of me maintained the fantasy that I would listen to them and then feel superior -- "Oh, I already know all of this from my many years of deep pranayam practice based on principles of Kundalini yoga and tantra, with Rudi's double breathing technique, from my own inner work through years of celibacy, from my own Tantric tutelage and practices, through my work with Master Zhou, through being a tantrika before I even knew what that word meant, etc. etc. etc."

    The small mind ego just jumped right on board, spinning out an elaborate and detailed fantasy of arrogant dismissal. And then I breathed deeply again, drew all of this into my dantian, burned it up and allowed it to quiet my mind, open my heart, open my third eye and crown, and allow myself a chance to learn or receive something.

    Only after I committed to listening openly and without judgment did I pop the first tape in -- and I then was able to begin to receive fully the healing energy that came through, so softly, sweetly. I was bathed in a beautiful healing blanket, inspiring me to go further with my QiGong explorations . . . and reminding me that as I return to doing these practices deeply in loving myself, only that same unconditional love, support and Love Essence will come forward to meet me, too. In all relationships -- including the next one to which I choose to bring the priceless flower gift of my Divine Goddess Sexuality.

    Thank you for the inspiration of your work, and for inspiring me further on my own inner path working with the profound energies that help us integrate spirit and body and energy fully.

    Light and love,

    Kathleen, California


    l am just never tired

    In the normal, everyday sort of ejaculation my pleasure is quickly over with. Not so in multiple orgasms. The pleasure generated here stays with me throughout the day . . . [and] offers the added bonus of affording extra energy, so l am just never tired. Now I can have as much sex as I want and I can control it rather than have it control me. What more can a man ask for?

    Frank - forty-eight-year-old factory owner

    Michael and Joyce are a Perfect Yin-Yang Balance!

    Michael and Joyce are a perfect yin-yang balance! Michael shares his deep knowledge of Taoist theory with great articulation and humor. For someone new to these concepts, he explained them in a way that I can use in my emotional, physical, and spiritual journey. Joyce holds the space for a blame-free and grounded exploration, and release of feminine wounds. She invites the feminine mysteries to manifest in our lives. I strongly recommend this workshop for any woman on a healing journey who wishes to embrace and include the masculine aspect with love and positivity, as it expresses itself within her and within men.

    M.G. - California

    This book teaches you everything you need to know...

    Our laboratory research found multi-orgasmic men were not only able to maintain an erection in intercourse longer but had more orgasms of greater intensity than singly orgasmic men. This book teaches you everything you need to know to become multi-orgasmic.

    William E. Hartman, Ph.D., and Marilyn A. Eithian, Ph.D. - Center for Marital and Sexual Studies

    A Fantastic Foundation for Understanding Human Sexuality

    Michael Winn and Joyce Gayheart’s Healing Love course is a fantastic foundation for understanding human sexuality and its link to spirituality. It should be compulsory at all schools on the planet!

    Ewan - New Zealand businessman

    A Masterful Presentation by Two Sages

    Michael and Joyce's Healing Love is a masterful presentation by two Sages of loving practices that leaves one with a glowing pink resonance in their Energy Body.

    C.T. - Tucson

    Humor that kept it moving was great!

    Healing Love course was very impressive, more than I expected. The humor that kept it moving was great. Thank you for everything!

    W. H. - Tucson

    Joyce is a loving being who radiates inner beauty

    Joyce Gayheart is truly a loving being who radiates inner beauty. The women’s section of the Healing Love course was truly healing for me and the power that we shared was an experience I will always carry in my heart and use it in my practice.

    Love, Linda -


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