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Healing Tao USA Heavenly Mtn People (Tao Training) images

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Relaxing in foyer of Jade Goddess dining pavilion.
Some jade goddesses descending after a heavenly meal in the Dining Pavillion.
Tao Immortals Bookstore, guarded by a spiralling Dragon.
Man Faces Infinity within the largest amethyst geode on planet earth.
balcony views of Blue Ridge mtns
Marie Favorito aligns with the Dragon Force.
8 Immortals listen on on a discussion about Taoist philosophy.
Mantak Chia leads a tai chi movement in the One Cloud Sanctuary.
One Cloud Sanctuary, the largest meeting room, renamed after Taoist Hermit One Cloud who gave us 7 Inner Alchemy Formulas for Immortality.
Jade Goddess Dining Pavillion - a place to enjoy good company of fellow cultivators.
Jade Goddess Dining Pavillion - having a laugh at the Cosmic Joke....
Major John Bales oversees the bookstore. (in the airforce, his job was to fly into the eye of hurricanes...)
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