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Healing Tao USA Heavenly Mtn People (Tao Training) images

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Afternoon light on largest quartz crystal in the world.
Blue Ridge Mtns sunset, seen from balcony of room.
main altar in One Cloud Sanctuary. Statues of Three Pure Ones are protectd by Yin & Yang Dragons. Calligraphy on left says Jing Shen (body spirit).
Friendly hugs with fellow retreatants is the natural expresion of qigong cultivatioin.
A local jade goddess lounges beneath a Chinese peacock.
Spectacular Blue Ridge vistas are seen 360 degrees from Heavenly Mountain.
One tiger inspires another.
Marie Favorito testing for Iron Shirt certification - you must stand for 45 minutes.
Karin Sorvik tests "Embrace the Tree" posture for strong rooting.
Lao Tzu greets all at heavenly Mtn. His smile was repainted for the occasion.
Minke de Vos, SEnior Instructor from Canada browses the bookstore.
Entry to Jade Goddess Dining Pavilion is spacious, with beautiful Chinese paintings on silk scrolls.
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