10 Great Tai Chi & Qigong (Chi Kung) DVDs + top audio by Michael Winn,
past President,National Qigong Association

  • Feel the Chi quickly! Enjoy self-healing & bliss!
  • Learn "smart" qi gong exercises. Get into shape the easy way - no sweaty workout!
  • 3500 scientific studies prove qigong heals chronic illness.
  • Secrets of Tao Masters revealed in simple, easy movements.
  • Supports all paths – medical, martial, & spiritual.
  • Fun, powerful, super-effective Taoist Energy Body training.
  • Empowers energy healers, protects vs. burnout
  • Secrets of Tao inner alchemy: heart –centered spiritual science
DVD & Audio Courses below are in the recommended sequence.
Read Straight Answers: Qigong & Tao Meditation Training
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Everyone Needs Qigong Fundamentals: Inner Smile gives peace of mind, Healing Sounds detoxify, Orbit circulates chi.
What is Chi Flow?
Let go stress, disease
Inner Smile,
Ocean Breathing,
6 Healing Sounds +
Five Animals DVD
Open Chi Flow in Microcosmic Orbit DVD
10 Best Methods
5 Chi Kung movements
Guided Meditation:
Secret Wudang Orbit
Qigong Fundamentals 1 + 2 is our Most Popular Package
This is the best course for most new Qigong students.
  • 2 DVDs: 5 Animals/6 Healing Sounds + Open Chi Flow in the Orbit
  • 8 audio CDs (11 hrs): Qigong theory & guided meditations
  • 2 eBooks: Inner Smile (130 pg.) + 5 Animals Qigong (120 pg.)
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Secrets of natural, reverse, & counter-force breathing.
Get Grounded! Bone Marrow Breathing.
Internal Chi Breathing
Erase Stress Fast
3 Ways to Breathe
Quiets Monkey Mind
Builds Energy Body
5 Simple Postures
Blissful Breath DVD
Bone Breathing/ Rooting DVD
Grounding Secrets
Heal Osteoporosis
Bone Tapping, Spiraling
Joint & Tendon Qigong
Open Core Channels
Transform negative emotion into positive chi flow.
Grow a powerful Energy Body, open core psychic channels
Meet your 5 Organ Spirits
What causes Resistance?
Nature of our Dark Side
Dissolve Negative Emotions
Fuse Soul Essences
Secret of Cultivating Virtue
Love Creation Cycle Qigong
Open Macrocosmic Orbit
Develop 8 Psychic Vessels
Grow Your Energy Body
Belt & Thrusting Channels
Heal Chronic, Mental Illness
Open pathway to pre-natal
8 Extra Vessels Qigong DVD
Release sexual frustration, heal sex dysfunction & PMS. Taoist secrets of healthy sex + whole-body orgasm!
Solo or with Partner,

Taoist Bedroom Love Secrets.
Medical Sexology –
Heal PMS, menopause,
Male sex dysfunction.
Joy of Subtle-Body Sex
Sexual Vitality Qigong DVD
Secret of Spiritual Orgasm
Inner Male–Female Copulation

Primal Water & Fire Alchemy
Spiritual Pregnancy & Rebirth
Dissolve Demons & Diseases
Human spiritual immortality
Gods Play in Original Chi DVD
Feel amazing energy! Tai Chi for Enlightenment, or Primordial Qigong, delivers radiant body health + deep soul centering. Deep Healing Qigong empowers us to manage chronic illness or spiritual crisis.
Mixes tai chi, feng shui
qigong & inner alchemy –
One magical ceremony.
Easy to learn,
fun to practice.
800 year lineage form.
Powerful Medical Qigong
Heal physical, emotional,
mental, spiritual crises.
Good for terminal illness.
Super-charged with alchemy, aligns to Heaven & Earth.
Taoist Dream Practice deepens soul communication,embraces the Dark Side to embody the Light. Sun-Moon, Planetary-Soul, Star alchemy formulas offer a natural path to Tao immortality.
Body sleeps, mind awakens.
Asleep - where do we go?
Lucid dreaming, lucid living.
Power napping,
dream commands –
harness the Unconscious.
Secrets of the Night Side.
One Cloud's 7-stage alchemy cultivate spiritual immortality Sun-Moon: resolve ancestors. Planets: download soul forces Star: tune to galactic oversoul Heaven and Earth: rebirth humanity