Healing Tao Instructors are part of the original system now also called the Universal Tao
Healing Tao of Asheville Michael Winn, Senior Healing Tao Instructor,
Dean, Healing Tao University
Worldwide Seminar, Workshop and Retreat Schedule
Karin Sorvik
Healing Tao of New Jersey
Tao Healing Arts, NYC
Universal (Healing) Tao Instructor, Chi Kung and Chi Nei Tsang Therapist, Herbology and Taoist Nutritionist
Raven Cohan
Healing Tao Instructor
Raven's Course Offerings and Schedule in South Florida
Los Angeles Healing Tao David Twicken's Chinese Astrology and Healing Tao site
Healing Tao Institute Senior Instructor Jampa Stewart's new Website
Dena Saxer
Universal Tao of Los Angeles
Healing Tao of Los Angeles
Courses & Schedule
Sarina Stone
Healing Tao Instructor
Sarina's Personal Home Page
Pooled Resources Routes to the Self on the Healing Journey
with Judith Poole
Authentic Breathing Resources Dennis Lewis' Authentic Breathing site
Paradise Chiropractic A Healing Center run by a Chiropractic Doctor.
Dr. Linda Berry, Healing Tao Instructor
Chiropractor and Health Coach
Pacific Healing Arts Lee Holden
Healing Tao Instructor
Silent Ground Retreats at Silent Ground in the beautifully wild Discovery Islands of British Columbia.
The Center for Holistic Instruction Associate Instructor Joe Martin's Site
International Instructor Sites
Healing Tao Britain Barry Spendlove's site in the UK
Rundbrief 2001: (with English translation) German Speaking Instructors Network
Cristiano Palazzini
Healing Tao Instructor
Universal Tao UK Salvador March site in Great Britian
Tao Motion Gabrielle Krebbers' New Zealand Site
Healing Tao Mexico Senior Instructor Janette Nutis and other Instructors in Mexico City
(many speak English, site in spanish).
Healing Tao Brazil Ely Britto's I Ching and Healing Tao Site (Portugeuse)
Healing Tao Brazil Eduardo Alexander, organizer for Michael Winn)