Inner Sexual Alchemy

Inner Sexual Alchemy

Lesser Enlightenment of Water & Fire
with Michael Winn

Couple Your Inner Male and Inner Female
Spiritual Conception of an Immortal Embryo

ē Heal Deep Sexual Identity Issues
ē How to Initiate Spiritual Pregnancy & Rebirth
ē Heal Chronic Diseases & Dissolve Inner Demons
ē Worldly Destiny vs. Quest for Spiritual Immortality
ē Gods Play in Cauldron of Original Chi Qigong DVD

19 audio CDs 25 hr
Holland 2005

13 audio Cds 18 hrs
Dao Mtn. 2005

12 audio tapes 18 hrs
Glastonbury 2001

2 hr DVD

2 hr. VHS video





9 Major Benefits of Inner Sexual Alchemy Audio

Once the Lesser Kan & Li ignites a special alchemical process within your dantian, you will understand that the entire 1st formula - Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Orbit, Fusion of Five Elements, Healing Love - is just preparation for the Inner Sexual Alchemy of Water & Fire. The 1st Formula practices are highly energizing and enlightening in themselves Ė yet hindsight will reveal their limits, once the profundity of inner sexual alchemy is grasped. It is impossible for the intellect to feel what is implied by these words; only direct experience can reveal the truth. It is the experience of a deeper dimension of self where ordinary mind cannot easily function.

We need the foundation of the 1st Formula, it is like our best friend. But the 2nd Formula practice is like our spiritual partner that we marry because we know s/he is the right one to carry our child. It requires a similar long term commitment to raise up our Immortal Child to become an Inner Sage. It is the core process the 2nd formula that ignites spiritual pregnancy. From this orgasmic inner opening spontaneously unfolds the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th alchemy formulas, up to the 7th formula of Union of Human & Tao.

9 Major Benefits of Lesser Enlightenment of Water & Fire:
  1. Shift your functional level of consciousness to include your formless soul. The Five vital organ spirits of heart-mind (xin) transmute into the Three primal soul forces (ling). These Three forces Ė Primal Water, Primal Fire, and Primal Earth Ė produce the Golden Elixir, the divine seed-egg, our Immortal Embryo, that will mature into our Inner Sage. Learn the difference between mind enlightenment and spiritual immortality. How the five shen continue to function in the post-natal (physical) realm simultaneously while the three soul forces mediate chi flow to and from the pre-natal (formless) realm.

  2. Experience a higher spiritual level of sexual practice inside your body: "self-intercourse" between your inner male and inner female. In effect, enjoy as much sex with your "perfect inner lover" as your heart desires. Simultaneously resolve the deep and universal human identity crisis: the split between male and female mind-bodies. Complete lifetime(s) of unfinished sexual relationships - a huge claim to make, but possible when you begin changing yourself at the level of essence (jing). Learn to re-direct the unconscious habit Ė of suppressing, scattering, or projecting sexual energy Ė into cultivating your original androgynous self.

  3. Practical secrets of quickening the "pregnancy" and rebirthing phase of the true self ("immortal embryo"). Give substance to an authentic self (zhenren) that seems to arise out of nowhere. Embodiment of our true self is initially experienced thru its three-fold power as:
    a. Original Essence (yuan jing) - inner steam.
    b. Original Breath (yuan chi) - inner light.
    c. Original Spirit (yuan shen) - inner sound.

  4. Circulate a golden elixir as the "internal medicine" - the true microcosmic orbit. Acquire the power to change yourself at the genetic level of your deep jing (essence) within the bone marrow and blood. Opens possibility to heal chronic illness at the pre-natal (= stem cell) level, including genetically inherited diseases. How to "power steam" the macro-cosmic orbit (8 Extraordinary Vessels of Fusion 2/3). Numerous bio-energetic applications improve heart circulation, strengthen lymph/immune system, and clear deep, superficial meridian, and vital organ blockages.

  5. Clarify issues of different time zones (linear, cyclical, eternal) that our different subtle bodies live in. How reincarnation really works, why it exists and why past lives are not important, only the present moment. What can happen at death to our core soul aspects; whether they stay "married" or separate. How to manage hungry ghosts that may show up in our space, attracted by inner light in eye of your kan & li cauldron.

  6. Gain the ability to dissolve your worst Inner Demons without any resistance or struggle, using the Black Pearl meditation I've developed in recent years. Demons are mostly the shadow side of our five shen. They have no defense from Kan and Li process, which functions at a deeper level of psychic structure. Secret of dissolving demons with permanent results: work from the inside out, and show your demons how to complete their genuine spiritual needs.

  7. Transform and refine your innate spiritual powers/virtues. False Yin (self- contraction) and False Yang (over-expansion) can be dissolved by the neutral force released from the reversal of Primal Water and Primal Fire. True-Yin-within-Yang Water and True-Yang-within-Yin Fire emerge from hidden soul layers within our body-mind. Explanation using I Ching trigram symbols. Cultivation of these inner essences allows rapid healing, true soul expression, and gradual development of inner wisdom.

  8. Open pathways of communication between three dimensions of the whole self: the Original Spirit, the pre-natal soul, and your post-natal (physical) self. How the human soul is binary in nature: polarized male-female on horizontal plane, heaven-earth or formless-form polarized on its vertical axis. Why a third integrated self - our Inner Sage - must be cultivated to resolve the split between left & right brains/selves. Exercising the Inner Eye/Neutral Observer at different levels of core channel (navel up to crown) makes this communication practical in the physical plane.

  9. Gods Play in Cauldron of Original Chi qigong form supports the kan & li process and makes it much easier to initiate spontaneous deep meditation. This powerful six movement form activates the creation and counter-creation cycles, the primal coupling of Fire & Water, and opens the relationship between neutral core and exterior yin-yang aspects of the body/personality.

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Lesser Kan & Li Course contents

Get the package? I recommend you get the 19 CD (25 hours) audio Holland Winter Solstice Lesser Kan & Li Retreat 2005, together with the qigong DVD Gods Playing in the Original Cauldron.

That was taught to a group of very dedicated students who had average 5 to 7 years preparation in the foundation 1st Formula Tao practices. The Winter Solstice is a powerful time to practice. Their questions were high level and the course covered all the refinements Iíve made up to that date. Itís a longer course, so costs a little more, but it covers the material more thoroughly. If you can afford it, its worth it. There is a sizeable audio-video package discount.

The Dao Mountain 2005 course is 14 CD's (20 hours), a bit shorter and thus less expensive, but also very powerful. The practitioners (and thus questioners) here are primarily American, so their orientation may be slightly different than the English or Dutch versions. The Dao Mtn. lectures (CD 1-6) and meditations (CD 7-13) were recorded separately, making this course more difficult for first time learners. This course is better suited for reviewers seeking integrated set of meditations (note: any second set of audio is half price).

The Glastonbury, England September 2001 Lesser Kan & Li 12-cassette tape (18 hours) audio course is also exceptional, and a slightly cheaper option. Many students have learned to practice from those tapes, as it was the sole offering for the last four years. The course was taught a few days after the 9-11 attacks on the WTC, the planet was in a state of shock. Humanity was also in a state of open-heartedness, and I put the shifts in the energy field to good work. These students were also highly qualified, so there was a powerful transmission. The questions asked were quite different from the other kan & li retreats.

There is a transcript of Glastonbury that will be sold as an ebook soon to purchasers of any of the audio retreats as a study aid (but not to replace the oral transmission - the intellect interferes!). Those who take any Lesser retreat live receive this 175 page transcript for free. Glastonbury 2001 was the first course in which we rented Stonehenge and re-activated it with a powerful Taoist ritual alchemy ceremony that embraced Celtic elements as well. The giant Stones literally came to life, awakening the energies of thousands of years of ceremonies performed there.

NOTE ON COURSE UPGRADE: If you have purchased one Kan & Li weeklong homestudy course from Healing Tao USA and wish to get a different version, you may purchase the second version at half price. There is no time limit on this upgrade option. Itís designed for students who want to get a different perspective on the practice, with different questions & answers, and variations on guided meditations.

2 hour qigong DVD: Gods Playing in the Cauldron of Original Chi is one of the most beautiful in the qigong series, with scenes shot in the high Swiss Alps, on the Great Wall of China, and in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Michaelís home in Asheville, North Carolina. The qigong form can be done by anyone, even a beginner in qigong. But it wonít trigger the same internal response as it will for someone who has taken the Inner Sexual Alchemy training.

Summer retreat rebate: If you buy the homestudy course and later take the Inner Sexual Alchemy summer retreat within the year, you get half your money back. This is highly recommended strategy for getting the most out of the live course. No two courses are the same, so you wonít be feeling bored! Youíll feel grateful for the headstart.

Lesser Kan & Li Pre-requisites: One Cloudís seven Tao Formulas for Achieving Immortality are a progressive training. Lesser Kan & Li course should be purchased only after the adept has learned the minimum pre-requisite practices: Qigong Fundamentals 1 & 2, Healing Love/Taoist Sexual Secrets, and Fusion of Five Elements 1-2-3. And optional, but strongly recommend you include Qigong Fundamentals 3 & 4 for extra grounding as part of your preparation.

The better prepared you are, the more you will get from the course. Note that Mantak Chia in the 1980ís required students to practice for TWO YEARS before he would teach them the next level of Kan & Li.

NOTE ON MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: The standard Healing Tao USA total satisfaction guaranteed or your money-back-within-one-year no- questions-asked policy applies to anyone who has taken the three proper prerequisite courses (Orbit, Fusion, Healing Love), either live or by home study course. Live study may be with other qualified Healing Tao instructors.

IF YOU DO NOT TAKE THE PREREQUSITE COURSES, THE GURANTEE DOES NOT APPLY. Purchase at your own risk. The purpose of this is to discourage people from buying this course before they are ready. Some folks are in a rush and think they are special and can skip the foundation practices. In the past we tried to filter the sales only to those who were properly prepared, but we simply donít have the time to do that.

Internal Alchemy is NOT a simple process of acquiring intellectual information. It is a progressive training that develops whole body-mind skills needed at higher levels of practice such as the kan & li formulas. If you donít have the skills, the process will most likely not work, or not work well. The head-trippers who think they are just acquiring information invariably drop away from the alchemical path, as the process does not become spontaneous and self-regenerating.

Other types of qigong, tai chi, yogic or other types of meditation skills are all good background in relaxation and concentration. They may speed up your progress with learning inner alchemy. But they do NOT REPLACE the need for the specific energetic skills developed in the healing sounds, inner smile, orbit, fusion, and healing love.

Time Frame: Once youíve got a good grasp of Lesser Kan & Li, the Fusion and Healing Love, and Orbit practices from One Cloudís First Formula for Immortality become much easier. A reasonable course of practice would be to learn one level of Kan & Li per year.

Adepts who are serious practitioners and find it easy to digest, could handle a maximum of two Kan & Li courses per year. This is feasible with live retreat study or extensive review of audio home study courses. Two Kan & Li retreats is the maximum that I allow students to take live at the summer retreats, and that is simply to reduce the burden of travel costs for those coming for live transmission.

Each individual progresses at a unique pace. Time frame may be affected by personal nature, health issues, your openness to subtle energy, and amount of time spent practicing. Those who take a Healing Tao kan & li retreat, with its live transmission, may progress much faster. Live work with a group adds momentum to your chi experience.

The rule of thumb is to experiment with a new method until you feel you ďown the practiceí. This means the chi flow of that practice is inside you, you can tap it anytime, it feels comfortable and familiar. Itís become a tool, you can use it when needed. At the Kan & Li level, there may be sudden spontaneous leaps that activate higher formulas.

You do NOT need to ďmasterĒ or ďperfectĒ these practices before learning the next course Ė which in my sequence is Sun-Moon Alchemy, or Greater Enlightenment of Kan & Li. Just as the ďselfĒ is a fluid process, ďself-masteryĒ is a continuous, lifelong process. Please, donít use ďlack of masteryĒ as an excuse not to try the next method.

I am still in process of mastering these practices Ė after 25 years! No matter how advanced you become, life will continually serve up new challenges to your soul, to force you to find an even deeper clarity of being than youíve previously achieved.
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Lesser Kan & Li Course Handouts Handouts:

  1. Four page handout detailing the main practices.
    Outline of handout is below (most details removed).
  2. Diagram of relation of five shen to original shen, their qualities.
  3. List of Yin-Yang Pairs: qualities of primal fire and water soul aspects in our life.
  4. Three Methods of Alchemy Practice: Yin, Yang, & Wu Wei. (see below)
  5. The Five Major Energies That Shape Our Destiny (see below)
Methods of Coupling Primal Water & Fire Inner Sexual Alchemy (Lesser Kan & Li) By Michael Winn Preparatory Methods
  1. Inner Smile:
    1. Original Spirit is Formless Fire, the 5 Jing Shen (Body Spirits) are Form/Water; they dissolve each other to birth Elixir.
    2. The ordinary heart-mind (xin) is Fire, the physical body is Water, the heart-mind and body both dissolve to reveal Original Spirit.

  2. Five Animals Qigong, Alchemical Crane movement. Mixes post natal fire & water.

  3. Gods Playing in the Cauldron of Original Chi (qigong) form): does it all.

  4. Fusion: post-natal Fire & Water help crystallize post-natal Pearl of Original Spirit
  5. Water & Fire ďvisual-actualizationĒ training of the five shen.

  6. Pangu Mystical Qigong: capture male-female, sperm-egg double spin. Methods of Refining the Three Forces
  7. Kan & Li, short cut FIRST COUPLING.
    Kan & Li Elixir as Internal Medicine

  8. First Refining of Body-Mind Water & Fire
    1. a. YANG body spirits & bio-energetic functions:
      ē heart,
      ē adrenals
      ē brain
      ē liver
      ē spine
      ē yang meridians (all 12 regular)
      ē yang qualities heart shen:
      fiery, electric, warm; radiant lovingness, joy
      ē yang qualities liver hun:
      kindness, social & spiritual ambition
    2. b. YIN body spirits & bio-energetic functions:
      ē kidneys
      ē bladder
      ē sex organs (testes/ovaries)
      ē bone marrow
      ē yin meridians
      ē yin qualities of kidney shen:
      magnetic, fluid, cool; will to survive & procreate body/children
      ē yin qualities of lung po souls selfish personal desires of body,
      personal strength & beauty, desire for moral righteousness/integrity.
  9. Psychological application: How to Dissolve RESISTANCE to changing your self.
  10. Biological-Energetic applications of Fire & Water process:
    1. a. Steam 3 dan tian simultaneously.
      ē how to steam spine, creating a ďpower orbitĒ.
      ē how to steam in reverse orbit.
      ē how to steam orbit using spinning ball method.
    2. b. Steam kidneys, spleen, and heart, thymus, face, central core channel.
    3. c. Steam lungs, liver and left/right core channels;
      then rest of 8 Extraordinary Vessels. (Fusion 3 pathway).
      Steam Bladder meridian in reverse for clean out, and to release trapped heat.
    4. d. RED Steam circulatory system to heal heart.
      BLUE steam lymph nodes/vessels to strengthen immune system.
  11. Kan & Li for completing sexual identity of Inner Male & Inner Female. Sexual ďinner-courseĒ that also resolves all old past sexual relations. Discussion of higher soul sex, and subtle-body sex at a distance. Effect of Inner Sexual Alchemy on outer sexual relations.
  12. Dissolving Your Inner Demon: Black Pearl Meditation to Complete the Dark Side. How to find the weakest point of your resistance, and transform it without any struggle.
  13. "Inner Eye - Neutral Observer" exercises practiced from eye of the cauldron:
    1. navel: x-ray vision inside physical body: organs, cells, etc.
    2. solar plexus: Will manifesting in outer world.
    3. heart: feeling inside the heart of someone you love and someone you hate.
      Feel the level of their Original Spirit.
    4. Base of throat: express & receive communication with nature, beings.
    5. 3rd eye: Time travel to future place where you are practicing kan & li meditation.
      Look back from future into present moment.
    6. Crown: watch your future arriving as subtle energy patterns.
      Download the future experience of your inevitable immortal self.
  14. SECOND REFINING OF WATER & FIRE Assists crystaliization of inner elixir. Meaning of alchemical codes for dragon and tiger, the yang within the yin and yin within the yang. Interfaces pre-natal and post-natal fire & water.
  15. Three Ways to Close Kan & Li meditation:
    1. Turn the Wheel of Spiritual Law. Integrates orbit and creation cycle.
    2. Unite the 3 Core Channels. Double spinning pearl method fuses at crown.
    3. Radiate Golden Elixir from the stillness of pre-natal cauldron to:
      1. whole body 2. whole community 3. whole cosmos
  16. Discussion of best times to practice kan & li coupling, aligning to natural cycles

Three Methods of Tao Inner Alchemy
By Michael Winn

Yang Practice: The Creative

I smile at everything around me.
I initiate change. Primal fire (li) moves me.
I project my mind-intent (yi) to shape the rhythm of time.
I joyfully quicken the speed of transformation.
I am a radiant spinning double vortex of light.
I actively guide natural forces to create new harmony & balance.
I expand myself out to embrace the whole.
I probe into the unknown, transforming it into the known.

Yin Practice: The Receptive

I smile at everything within me.
I allow change. Primal water (kan) moves me.
My mind-intent calmly manifests as the space where change happens.
I invite gradual change by surrendering and merging with space/body.
I am a river of liquid essence flowing in orbits, in spheres of influence.
I align with natural forces, shaping them as they flow harmoniously within.
I embrace the whole by slowly gathering and fusing it within myself.
I discover the unknown by allowing it to reveal itself to me.

Wu Wei Practice: The Effortless

We are the Original Inner Smiling, before division.
We are the unchanging Source of change. Original (yuan) chi moves us.
We are a whole, embracing its parts: jing, chi, shen. Body, energy, spirit.
We experience everything and everyone as aspects of the Original Self.
We witness and support yin and yang as the resting and moving self.
We are the Stillness within the stillness, and the Music of the Spheres.
We arise from Source, Create, and return to Source effortlessly.
We embody the Unknown as the Knower, the Knowing, and the Known.
We are the Presence experiencing the None, the One, and the Many.
We are Grace, and Gratitude for grace.

© Michael Winn 2002

The Five Forces Shaping Human Soul Patterns & Taoist Alchemy Formulas for Completing Oneís Destiny
By Michael Winn

  1. 1. ACQUIRED patterns this lifetime (post-natal).
    Physical, emotional, sexual and mental experiences that are not completed, often as traumas pretending to be a stuck ďpastĒ ego self. Stored in 5 phase & yin-yang patterns by vital organ spirits & meridians.
    ē Completed using first alchemy formula (Healing sounds, Orbit, Fusion).
    ē Sexual identity completed with Inner Sexual Alchemy (Lesser Kan & Li).
  2. 2. ANCESTRAL biological & psychological patterns (pre-natal).
    Experiences of parents, grandparents, relatives and unknown distant ancestors that are stored and shared genetically in the blood. A collective pool of issues awaiting completion by anyone in that biological lineage.
    ē Completed with all three Water & Fire (Kan & Li) formulas.
  3. 3. GEOMANTIC forces (deep earth, or geo-natal patterns).
    Deep earth directional forces control five phase outer weather cycles & inner ďpsychic weatherĒ. Planetary feng shui is imprinted at birth on your constitution and reinforced by geography where you live. Embedded in global social and environmental struggle by collective negative thought forms.
    ē Completed with Sun-Moon Alchemy (Greater Kan & LI).
  4. 4.ASTROLOGICAL forces (planetary patterns, a.k.a. ďkarmicĒ).
    Solar system is 5 phase processes embodied within individual souls.
    Planets are your cosmic vital organ spirits, how your subtle bodies step themselves down thru the sun & planets.
    ē Completed with Planetary Alchemy (Greatest Kan & Li), by fusing the five planetary spirits and opening direct Sun to heart-mind (xin) communication.
  5. 5. STELLAR forces (spiritual lineage patterns).
    ďEssencesĒ embody spiritual qualities in collective galactic & star soul patterns flowing through different dimensions (ďheavensĒ) of space/time.
    ē Completed with Star Alchemy and Heaven & Earth Alchemy. ©Michael Winn 2002

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Lesser Kan & Li
Inner Sexual Alchemy

By Michael Winn

Introductory Talks 2001,
Glastonbury, England

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Seven Dao Alchemy Immortality Formulas

In my assumed human persona as Michael Winn, for more than twenty years I have tried to figure out what the elusive inner alchemist-Daoists from ancient times were really doing. In 1980, I was already rather firmly on a path doing kundalini, and other forms of tantric and kriya yoga. Iíve always been eclectic and have never really trusted any one teacher or tradition to know it all, and I thought I had better keep checking out people who I was attracted to, to see what else was inside these mysteries. The point was not to become a cosmic know-it-all, but to deepen my spiritual experience.

I originally started doing Daoist alchemical practices thinking I will just test them out. Testing a new car out for a spin, to make sure it went smoothly or something. What I found out was that they began to grow on me, and my other practices began to drop away. Why? These practices embodied what I was most looking for. They qre not really about transcendence, but more about ďdescendenceĒ, descending the spirit into matter, into body. Growing the spirit into the body, awaken it within the body. Find out how to allow spirit to fully live right here. How to strengthen the body, the mind, and the spirit simultaneously, yet not sacrifice one for the other.

It has been a long journey, and along the way I took some pauses, and checked out some other things as well. Various forms of Fire & Water alchemy taught in western traditions. But I kept returning to the Daoist path of Water & Fire alchemy Ė note the sequence is reversed between east and west - because I feel that at this time in planetary history, it is what is most needed, and most effective.

I think all the paths are wonderful, and they all have something very precious to offer. Daoist alchemy has something that is very rare and difficult to find. It has taken me quite a while to understand it, because it is very deep and profound. What it is ultimately about is the spirit, or the consciousness trapped within matter, within the body. Itís about raising our awareness from the personal self and connecting to the universal process. At the same time, not leaving the personal, and not abandoning it, but in fact gathering some universal essence within ourselves, and finding that, using that to guide the process of living both in the physical plane and in the continuum of other planes that most people identify with death.

This path is not for everybody. It requires more discipline and longer training than some other paths that Iíve investigated. It is requires that you reverse the flow of chi that your personality wants, which is to flow out through the senses into the physical plane. We begin to reverse that flow with fusion practice, but the reversal in Kan & Li requires far more inner will. It is not enough to merely look inside, to turn the senses inward. We must now will ourselves into a deeper dimension, shift from the post-natal into the pre-natal, and then function from that level.

The other reason why inner alchemy is so difficult is that is involves extensive development of the physical body, and the spiritual nature. It is very easy in some ways to tune in to spirit, and allow yourself to simply dissolve into that. The problem is when you come back, and find out what you are living in, and then realize that there is a split between this body you are living in, and your idea of that perfect spiritual realm. There shouldnít be any split. Dissolving that body-soul or matter-spirit split and growing the integration of the two into something marvelous yet functional is my idea of spiritual development.

The title of this retreat is taken from one of seven Daoist alchemical formulas for achieving immortality. These formulas have a very specific method of development, and take you through different stages of consciousness. They start off with the energy patterns within the body, and then gradually take you into other dimensions within this body, and then from there to inner dimensions of planet, cosmos, sun, moon and stars, constellations, and into the universal body of nature.

The Daoists developed a language that allows this to be talked about and discussed, which I find quite useful. Even though at the same time the alchemical language that you are learning here is silent: learning how to open up energetic pathways, learning how to communicate with different aspects and levels of your own consciousness.

One of the things that is so powerful about this work is what we can call a Daoist depth psychology that is buried inside it, which is very different than western religious and psychological ideas. This Daoist depth psychology involves getting to know and recognize that there is not a single human soul, and the human being is in fact a collective. That collective reflects the fact that we are in a microcosm; we embody all the different forces and patterns of the universe.

The universe is a collective, the same way society is a collective of many individuals, the planet is a collective of species, solar system is a collective of planets, the galaxy is a collective of many stars. An individual human being is also a collective, and this is why we are so confused. It is confusing to be a collective, especially when all those parts of the collective donít agree with one another.

The ingenuity, the spiritual depth of the ancient Daoists was to understand that there is a way that this collective could be harmonized and brought to peace within ourself individually. The alchemical wisdom is to know that by resonance that personal inner peace would begin to extend out to the family, to the society, to the planet, to the cosmos. Many people try and skip that step, because that is the most difficult step, finding peace within your self.

They work very hard for peace outside, they project perfect peace into another dimension, a spiritual dimension that they donít live in fully. At the end of the day they are still left with this conflict within themselves. It is a little bit like deciding that if you are going to build a house, are you going to build it from the roof down, or from the floor up? Daoists start from the floor, and cultivate the physical body first as the foundation and later the vessel for cultivating spirit. Some other paths worship sky gods and tend to build their spiritual dwelling from the top down.


These seven formulas are about how to build the house from the floor up. The first formula is about learning the rudiments of managing your energy body. This involves the microcosmic orbit, learning the Yin-Yang basic polarities in your body, the spine and the front channel. It involves the healing sounds, how to connect to the different organs and their intelligences. First formula also involves the fusion of the five elements, and how to dissolve emotional patterns of reactivity that imprison people. Also opening up the eight extraordinary channels, or macro-cosmic orbit. We will go much deeper into the five shen this week, and take them to their next level of depth as a trinity relationship.

The microcosmic orbit is the first two channels, the spinal channel and the front channel. The other six channels: the thrusting channels, in the core of the body, the belt channels spiraling around the body, and the positive and negative arm and leg channels. These allow us to extend our spiritual being out into the world, both to project ourselves, through the arms and legs, and to draw in. The legs are drawing in energy from the Earth, the arms from society, the crown of our head from heaven.

This matrix of these eight deep channels, and the rhythm of the five elements or five intelligences that govern their cycle would allow us to begin to perform a different level of alchemy. The first formula is about learning to manage your energy field, how it is connected to your body, and getting to a certain level of comfort with the fact that there is continuity between your physical body and your energy field. We are also open and smiling to higher spiritual levels, to our spirit body.


The second formula is what we are studying this week, the lesser enlightenment of water and fire. So you have to ask the question, what is this about lesser enlightenment? The Daoists draw a distinction between enlightenment and immortality. In these seven formulas, there are three levels of water & fire enlightenment Ė lesser, greater, and greatest. Those three kinds of enlightenment are just prerequisites laying the ground work before you can begin to contemplate achieving what they call heavenly levels of immortality. The last three formulas are about immortality Ė Star alchemy/sealing the shen, heaven & earth alchemy, and union of human with Dao/Tao.

What is the difference between immortality and enlightenment? Many paths teach enlightenment. Most of them start with trying to open the third eye, or the upper chakras, and become aware of the universal levels of spirit. It is possible to do that, actually fairly easy to open it. To keep it open is a little more difficult. Many of you may have had powerful experiences, some vision or expanded feeling, and then found the next morning when you woke up that it had gone away. Why? What is working against you invisibly? What is stopping you from staying in that space, or if you havenít been in that space, what is stopping you from getting there?

It involves dealing with the rest of your being, the rest of our inner collective. The Daoist practices start with the so-called lower centers. They focus on building a very solid foundation in the lower cauldron, and actually having the experience of them being high spiritual centers from which you can function. Then you have a good foundation to connect to high levels of consciousness, and it becomes very easy to advance to higher levels.

The problem is when growing the upper levels first, they become like a sunflower, this huge flower that is a little top heavy, with a weak stem, maybe weak roots. The roots go down into our body, and down into our sexual energy, and if they are not connected, we donít understand how they work, and we can continue to harbor aspects of your consciousness that will sabotage your spiritual development. So if you deal with them first, then they are not there to sabotage you later.

The other thing to understand about the difference between enlightenment and immortality, is where these practices lead. Immortality does not mean that you are going to live in your physical body forever; it just means that you achieve free will in your relationship to matter and body. Most human beings would not choose to live forever in the physical body, as it has limitations. But having the freedom to shift dimensions or states of consciousness is something that most people want consciously or unconsciously, when they talk about achieving greater freedom.

Of course the big thing you run up against in terms of what is limiting your freedom is death. Immortality is about unmasking death, to see it for what it really is. So these practices are ultimately about spiritual immortality, not physical immortality. The intermediate level between these two is soul immortality, that involves keeping the soul integrated enough to keep recycling through, but still not completely integrated with its original spirit.

The early Daoists like Lao Tzu did NOT have a theory of reincarnation, because they didnít need one. Iíll explain more about that later. Basically death is an illusion. Nothing can die because the consciousness and spirit that is animating things cannot die. You cannot accept this however unless you actually have the experience of it, it will remain an abstract idea. Basically, everything is resolved in the present moment, not in some past life.

What alchemy does is take you through that experience. It begins dissolving what was the structure of your outer habitual self, your personality self. You give birth to a self that is immortal. At this level of the second formula, it is just the seed of that, but it is enough. Itís called the ďimmortal embryoĒ. If you can hold that vibration in your inner space, it will grow of its own accord.

I reckon it to learning a new language. You are actually learning to communicate with what is here, the pre-natal essence that is buried unconsciously within you. In learning how to communicate with this, like gradually learning any new language, you are a little uncomfortable or uncertain of yourself in the beginning. You gradually start to get more comfortable talking to the aspects of yourself that are not going to die, and are not afraid of death. Read More...

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Praise for Michael Winn's "Tai Chi for Enlightenment"


This Kan & Li course was fantastic!

This Kan & Li course was fantastic! Michael Winn is an extraordinary teacher Ė a modern day Taoist master. Having undergone the Tibetan three-year retreat, I was able to appreciate these profound energy and mind techniques as truly unique and transformative. ANYONE on ANY spiritual path can benefit immensely from Michaelís gentle, yet powerful wisdom teachings.

- Dr. Asa Hertshoff, author of ďHomepathic RemediesĒ and ďHerbal RemediesĒ -

40 Years of Practice: Kan & Li Works Best

I have had a strong daily practice for about 40 years. After 17 years of yoga (hatha and kundalini) I started studying Mantak Chia's methods in 1982. I practiced them steadily until 1992 when I switched to Bruce Frantzis's system. In 2001 I began to practice Dzogchen which included some tumo practice. About a year ago I returned to Kan and Li.

I relearned it from Michael's tapes (Lesser, Greater, and Greatest) and practiced it with very gratifying results. I practice Kan and Li daily for about three hours in the morning. I am amazed every day at its efficacy in supporting non-dual awareness that is inclusive of all kinds of energy - five shen, plus elemental, earth, heaven, planes, celestial, etc., etc. His tapes made it possible for me to get to the level I now enjoy.

I believe Michael's understanding of the method is quite profound. He understands the deep psychology behind the fusion practice and how the psyche evolves in response to experiencing non-dual awareness (yuan chi). He is knowledgeable about much of the scientific underpinning of modern physicists' attempt to understand the cosmos. He is a well traveled adventurer in both the outer and inner worlds. As a teacher and fellow traveler, he is profoundly experienced and sure footed. I highly recommend studying with Michael Winn.

Stephen Josephs


Michael Winn Embodies the Spontaneous Soul of the Tao.

Michael Winn is a creative force. He embodies the spontaneous soul of the Tao. Expect the unexpected with him. He teaches alchemy formulas, yet is deeply embedded in the Cauldron of the ďNo FormulaĒ tradition. He gives emphasis to BE HERE NOW. A masterful sage who fills the Cauldron with the rich ingredients of boundless love, soul, and humility. I have covered the metaphysical globe over many decades. I developed a powerful ďspiritual crap detectorĒ in the process. His Kan and Li workshop passed the test with flying colors. It added a tremendous dimensional enrichment to the unfolding of my global spiritual quest.

- Aida V. Nelson -

Inner Alchemy is an orgasmic Sea of Divine Sex!!!!

In Michaelís Inner Sexual alchemy training, my Divine Feminine and my Divine Masculine coupled in an orgasmic Sea of Sex!!!!

- ďStill Glowing and PulsingĒ, Asheville, N.C. -

I Truly Learnt How to Cultivate my Inner Space.

Michael Winnís teaching of Kan and Li is masterful. I truly learnt how to cultivate my own inner space.

- M. B., Chicago -

A Pioneer in Bringing Inner Alchemy to the West

Kan & Li are an excellent set of retreats - I've done them all by audio & video homestudy. The programs you teach are the most effective, innovative and direct methods of inner alchemy I have encountered in my long search. You are pioneering a new understanding of the alchemical process in the west, and probably in the world.

Using your home study courses, I have experienced a much deeper body awareness of different energetic and spiritual frequencies. These connect to my everyday life through a new feeling of vitality. I have been able to dissolve stuck and reactive emotional patterns, and feel more neutral when dealing with emotional extremes of others.

I felt the energetic transmission from the Lesser Kan and Li live retreat I recently attended opened up a new level for me. My goal now is to build each level of kan & li practice, first using the core inner sexual coupling method and then progress with the numerous practical applications you've taught at each level of alchemy.

C.D., Canada -

Michael Winn is an Amazing Taoist Sage

Michael Winn is a Taoist Sage. His understanding and competence are really amazing. He really lives what he teaches. I had to study Kan & Li alchemy with him to finally understand Fusion of the Five Elements practice. I had great success at first with Fusion, which I learned from another teacher. At last I thought I found a way to recycle my own darkness. But after a while my progress stopped, and I felt worse, Fusion was exhausting and boring. His Kan and Li teaching showed me how I was using too much mental energy, that I only need to talk to my vital organ spirits (shen) and let them do all the work. It was profound awakening to realize they each have their own will. We just need to learn how to ask for their help. I now have better grasp of the entire Taoist system of development. I experience more integrity in my core channel. I realize the true meaning of Tao ďreturn to originí. It is actually the reverse. Inner alchemy allows our original chi to ďreturnĒ to us humans in the physical plane.

- Jose, from Spain -

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