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Healing Tao USA
Yin & Yang flow ceaselessly and effortlessly in eternal play.
North Vietnam 2009
China 2009
Healing Tao USA China 2008 Lao Shan, Tai Shan
China Dream 2007
China Dream Trips
Copper Roof, Sun, the Alchemist
Cosmic Eggs, Lao Tzu, Mexico, Holland
Heavenly Mountain
Heavenly Mountain Instructors
Heavenly Mtn 2007
Personal adventures - Michael Winn
Stone Circle & Jade Tree Immortal
Stonehenge & Scotland
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Healing Tao USA Mission
To cultivate Tao, the Natural Way. To assist all beings experience their Whole, True, Original, and Immortal Self. To unfold and embody human virtue as our Natural Truth.

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- 13th cen. Book of Balance & Harmony
Li Daochun, famous Tao Alchemy adept