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Michael Winn's Chi Kung and Tao Home Study Series.

Complete weekend Chi Kung (qigong) workshops and week long Daoist alchemy retreats on audio tape and video. By Healing Tao Senior Instructor Michael Winn, well known for his skill as a teacher. He has a knack for making subtle Daoist practices simple and accessible to westerners.

Winn co-wrote many of Mantak Chia's books, is the founder and director of Healing Tao University summer retreat program and past president of the National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association USA.

This is all brand new material, previously available only through attendence at Michael's workshops.

Clothing and more with a distinctly Taoist theme.

These T shirts are the coolest and most sophisticated Tao wear on the planet. Taken from Michael Winn's vast Tao T-shirt collection (over 60 and climbing, gathered from the far corners of world), only the very best are included. Great for doing chi kung or meditating in, for making a statement, as a conversation piece, or as teaching aids. More are added constantly, so check back for the latest!

Mantak Chia's
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Best of Mantak Chia's Healing Tao Products.

Order the best of Mantak Chia's books, videos, audiotapes, posters and other products (jade eggs, iron shirt equipment) to support Healing Tao chi kung and meditation practices.

Mantak Chia is the founder of the powerful Healing Tao system, and these products are what made the formerly secret Daoist practices available to westerners.

Healing Tao Instructor
Courses and Products
Healing Tao Instructor Products.

The top products from other Healing Tao instructors, who have been integrating Daoist practices with many other energetic healing and divinational arts. Includes books, videos, audiotapes, meditation music and software. Includes I Ching and Chinese astrology products not covered by other Healing Tao products. Stay tuned, new product added frequently.