Healing Tao University offers
30 Summer Retreats

Largest Tao arts program in the world, 25 years successful history.
Open to the public – beginner to advanced levels, in N.Y. Catskills.
info@healingtaousa.com 973-777-4442, 888-999-0555 in USA
Dao Mountain retreats in the incredible Catskills
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Enjoy a Healing Chi Retreat!

From: Michael Winn,
Founder & Director, Healing Tao Summer Retreats


Are you ready to quicken your path to radiant health? Want to relax in a sunny mountain setting, while you have fun learning Tao subtle energy healing and meditation arts? Curious to learn the science of inner sexual alchemy, and self-generate a feeling of “whole-body bliss”? Want to permanently “breathe” 6 to 10 lbs. of fat away each week with weight-loss chi kung? Want to feel your body move gracefully in a tai chi form? Seeking a new career in energetic bodywork and personal development? Interested in taking charge of both your worldly and spiritual destiny?

If you answer “YES!” to any question, our summer retreats are the right place for you. Whether you are a beginner who wants guidance from top masters or a professional seeking to refine your skills and gain certification, at Heavenly Mountain you will receive the best possible training at the lowest possible price. The Healing Tao USA retreat program was described by one student as “the most fun, the most grounded, the most effective, and the most advanced energy body work on Planet Earth”.

With an average of 30 retreats, we offer the largest summer program of Tao Arts & Sciences in the world. Even in China you cannot get under one roof what is offered here – and its in clear English! We have a faculty of twenty top tai chi, chi kung (qigong), energy healing and meditation masters that collectively have over 500 years experience. These Healing Tao retreats have a 20 year history of success.

Regardless of age, sex, race, or spiritual path, you will be welcomed into a warm and friendly community of Tao practitioners that laughs a lot and knows how to have serious fun. Laughter centered in your belly happens to be a great way to circulate your chi and stay healthy. Along with the serene Inner Smile, these are two typical Tao methods – so simple a child can master them, yet powerful. Many people think they cannot meditate. But when they try an easy body-centered meditation – sitting, standing, or moving (tai chi or chi kung) - they quickly feel successful, and their chronic diseases and emotional problems magically melt away.

Enjoy a Spiritual Learning Vacation

These Tao summer retreats are not for austere monks. They are more like a spiritual summer fun or a “learning vacation". Yet the incredible experience people have at these retreats is beyond words. The chi field at Heavenly Mountain is very focused and coherent, unlike retreat centers that sponsor a mishmash of dozens or hundreds of different teachings - causing the chi to get mixed up.

Heavenly Mountain is truly extraordinary. The chi field is amplified by the largest Amethyst Crystal in the world. We also have a giant two ton clear quartz crystal (see photo on right). These crystals help to "tune" the energy frequency of the space where we are learning qigong, tai chi, healing, and meditation. When you show up at Heavenly Mountain, your "soul crystal" begins to hum and awaken to its innate power and spiritual radiance!

We cultivate a chi field at Heavenly Mountain that is unified and far more potent for healing or self-realization. Every course you take – even if years apart – builds and adds onto what you’ve already learned. It is one reason why so many students return. You don’t need to work at figuring out how everything fits together – many seekers struggle to re-invent the wheel. A wide array of body-mind-movement arts have already been integrated by Chinese masters over the last 5,000 years! Each retreat you take will polish another facet of the same jewel.

Tao may be the oldest living tradition in the world. Its simplicity and wisdom has been hard-earned over the last 5,000 years. Called the “pathless path”, Tao embraces all paths. Tao is pronounced “Dao” and spelled that way by modern scholars. The term Tao historically functioned in China as a kind of divine natural umbrella embracing all religions and all seekers.

Qigong (Chi Kung) means “skill at cultivating the subtle breath or universal life force”. Taoist “chi cultivation” is the grandparent of many Chinese arts: acupuncture, feng shui, martial arts, nutrition, massage, herbology, meditation and sexology. Yin-yang and five element/phase theory of chi field behavior are the fundamental principles unifying all Chinese culture and are in the process of being recognized by modern natural sciences. More about Tao & Qigong (Chi Kung), click here.

Women's Earth Qigong class at Heavenly Mtn.

Tao is also about change. Our faculty of top modern Taoist masters are busy integrating western discoveries and their personal insights. They make ancient Tao methods more accessible to westerners.

So Heavenly Mountain is a virtual “cauldron of transformation”. Choose from thirty different six day or weekend retreats. All this at a remarkably low cost – multiple tuition discounts go as low as $70 a day. As a non-profit (501c3) spiritual university, the low cost of retreats can be further reduced by a 40% tax deductions.

Add in a lot of friendly, good-hearted people, great food, outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, miles of pristine hiking trails, a swimming `pond and fabulous waterfalls in a sunny Blue Ridge mountain setting – and bingo! - you have a WINNER. Our housing is much higher quality than the local hotels, and yet much cheaper. Some people come to take a personal retreat only, but still enjoy at meals interesting conversation with the wide range of independent-minded spiritual seekers who are attracted to Healing Tao Retreats.

Getting there is easy - 2 hours by shuttle bus from Charlotte Int. Airport, or a cheap local bus from Greensboro regional airport. If you have a car, you can take the Skyline Drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, widely considered the most beautiful drive in America. A car is also useful to visit the many beautiful sites near to Heavenly Mountain, such as Grandfather Mountain, Linville Falls, Blowing Rock precipice, white water rafting, fabulous hiking.

For Photos of people at Tao retreats at Heavenly Mtn, click here
For Photos of Heavenly Mountain facility, click here
For Photos of Healing Tao faculty, click here

I guarantee you that these retreats will be the energetic highlight of your year. I personally feel a super-high energy charge from them that lasts the rest of the year. I know many others have a similar experience. You will leave feeling younger, healthier, and more enlightened. Weekend workshops in cities are convenient and valuable, but the live-in experience of these retreats is of a much higher order. Folks coming here breathe chi, eat chi, and dream chi together.

Mantak Chia leads tai chi in One Cloud's Sanctuary

The full description and date of each retreat is posted below. Many people buy the home study audio-video-DVD courses & books in advance to get a head start, which I highly recommend. You’ll be able to absorb a lot more chi at the retreat if you have already absorbed the background information. Check the product listings after each retreat for special offers on some home study courses – up to 50% REBATE on a homestudy course if you take the retreat within the year.

Feel free to call our registrar at 888-750-1773 to get some expert advice.... 4 Ways to Register, click here.

I am looking forward to Smiling and Laughing with you this summer.
I am especially excited about the amazing experiences you will have feeling your chi flow in so many healthy and enlightened new ways!

Michael Winn

Founder & Director,
Healing Tao University

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Select Retreat Code to Register. (Removable later)
Retreat Code
Retreat Title
Select Title to view detailed
information about the Retreat
Dates Instructor(s)
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 1
Medical & Spiritual Qigong: Fundamentals 1-4
Certification Course. 4 Video links.
June 21 - June 26, 2013 Michael Winn
Rejuvenation Qigong + Fusion 2 &3 + Primordial Qigong
June 21 - June 26, 2013 David Twicken
Medical Qigong for Energy HealersJune 21 - June 26, 2013 Minka de Vos
Qigong Fundamentals: Levels 1 & 2 WeekendJune 21 - June 23, 2013 Michael Winn
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 2
Healing Love: Taoist Sexual SecretsJune 28 - July 03, 2013 Michael Winn
Minka de Vos
Fusion of Five Elements 1 + Iron Shirt 1 Rooting
Emotional Alchemy. See Video link.
June 28 - July 03, 2013 Andrew McCart
Steven Sy
Chinese Medical & Spiritual Astrology
+ 5 Elements Qigong (15 CEUs)
June 28 - June 30, 2013 David Twicken
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 3
Tao Qigong Basics & Sexual Energy YogaJuly 05 - July 10, 2013 Minka de Vos
Tai Chi Qigong Short Yang Form
Move with Ease, Power & Grounding
July 05 - July 10, 2013 Andrew McCart
Inner Sexual Alchemy: Lesser Kan & Li (Water & Fire)
Get Pregnant with your Inner Sage
July 05 - July 10, 2013 Michael Winn
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 4
Chi Nei Tsang 1: Deep Organ Massage
Practitioner Certification
July 11 - July 16, 2013 Jampa Stewart
Chinese Yoga / Tao-Yin: Free Your Psoas!
Certification Course. See Video link.
July 11 - July 16, 2013 Andrew McCart
Planetary Soul Alchemy: Greatest Kan & LiJuly 11 - July 16, 2013 Michael Winn
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 5
Chi Nei Tsang 2: Opening the Wind GatesJuly 17 - July 22, 2013 Jampa Stewart
Legacy Form: Taiji + Wu Xing + Bagua ZhangJuly 17 - July 22, 2013 Frank Allen
Classical Northern Wu Style TaijiJuly 17 - July 22, 2013 Tina Zhang
Heaven & Earth AlchemyJuly 17 - July 22, 2013 Michael Winn
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How to Register

There are four different ways to register for a summer retreat.
All four ways are simple and easy:

1.Phone. If you have questions or need advice, our registrar can assist you in choosing the correct retreat(s) for you. Best to have a printout of the retreats list handy when you call.

  • Office Hours:
    Monday – Friday, 2 - 6 pm EST (Eastern Std Time)
    call 973-777-4442
    fax 973-777-3753
    Within USA: 888-999-0555

    Note: It’s safe to leave credit card information on our answering machine.

  • 2.Email your registration and $100. deposit for each retreat (or to buy products): info@healingtaousa.com

    3.Internet. Register online on at this site. Just go to the “retreats descriptions” button and click on the code number in the left column (example: DM-0402). A special “retreat shopping cart” form will appear for registration.

  • Add as many retreats to the shopping cart as you like.

  • You can CHANGE YOUR CHOICE OF RETREAT at any time to this summer or the next summer WITHOUT PENALTY. (please notify us 30 days in advance)

  • Online registration will only charge you a $100. deposit per retreat. The balance must be paid by credit card, mailed check, bank wire or cash. Please read our Cancellation Policy and the conditions under which your deposit could be forfeited.

  • Please DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK the final SUBMIT button, you may get charged twice. Be patient and wait for confirmation. If you don’t get it, call or email us and let us know what happened.
  • 4. Postal Mail. Print out the Registration Form (click for download) and deposit and mail it to us at one of our two seasonal locations:

    SUMMER ADDRESS June 10 to Aug. 15:
    Healing Tao USA, Box 5, Walker Valley, New York 12588

    WINTER ADDRESS Aug. 16 to June 9:
    Healing Tao USA, Box 24, Lodi, New Jersey 07644

  • Don’t worry about filling out the registration form wrong using any of the above 4 methods. When you register in person at Dao Mountain, we will double check to make sure you have taken all discounts possible and that you get the lowest price possible.

  • Last minute registrations on retreats are accepted if there is space available. Call or email to find out.
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    Early Registration: Money Saving Tips

  • Register Early! The most important thing is that you reserve your space by sending in a $100. DEPOSIT for EACH course you want to take. The balance should be paid as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days before the retreat starts.

  • Space is limited! Secure your spot with 50% payment. You need to make at least 50% payment of total room & tuition 30 days in advance to reserve your space. Late payment could cause someone else to get your space on a popular retreat.

  • Pay in Full 60 Days early - it pays you back! You get an additional $20. REBATE off EACH full room & tuition payment made 60 days before the start of that course. This saving is beyond any other multiple discount or foreign/senior discounts. If you’re taking several courses, that adds up to a lot of savings.

    Get FREE BONUS Video/DVD
    for Early Bird Registration

    April 30 at midnight is the cutoff date!

  • Call/mail/wire ONE retreat deposit POSTMARKED by April 30.
    GET FREE $40. VIDEO/DVD: Michael Winn's Sexual Vitality Chi Kung.

  • Call or mail deposits for TWO retreats by April 30.
    Get a 2nd FREE VIDEO (or DVD) by Michael Winn
    (choose from 8 videos available). That’s an $80. total value!

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    Tuition & Discounts

  • Tuition is $440. for a 6-day (5-night) retreat, only $70. per day.

  • Tuition is $190. for a 2.5 -day (2-night) weekend retreat.

  • There are exceptions to these standard prices, noted in the list of retreats below.

  • If you take multiple retreats, the price goes even lower. Given the extraordinarily high quality of the faculty, it is truly a bargain.

  • The cost is kept low by support for Healing Tao University from its parent non-profit organization (501c3), the Dao Alchemy Research Institute. Your donations are greatly appreciated and 100% tax deductible. If you take a retreat, you may generally deduct 40% of the cost.

  • Multiple Attendence Discounts on Tuition in 2005

    Discount Price
    60 Days
    Prepaid Price
    (Biggest Discount)
    1 X 440 440 420
    2 X 425 850 810
    3 X 410 1230 1170
    4 X 395 1580 1500

  • No prepaid or multiple discounts for Mantak Chia’s or weekend courses.

  • To get the $20. pre-paid discount, full payment must be received by us 60 days in advance of the start date of the retreat. Room/board must also be prepaid.

  • Room & board must be added to above tuition (see Housing & Meals) unless extended payment is arranged.

  • Tuition costs may be further offset by “Early Bird” bonuses if you register by April 30.

  • The other offset is claiming a tax deduction for any retreats taken from our non-profit 501c3 (40% deduction is general rule when “value” is received for contribution).
  • Special Category Discounts

  • $75. discount per week long retreat if you are:
  •  - a needy senior 63 & over.
  •  - a needy junior under 25.
  •  - a foreign citizen living abroad who must travel to the USA.
  •      (temporary residents living in USA do not qualify)
  •  - a certified Healing Tao Instructor with dues paid current.

  • $100. discount off tuition to review any retreat previously taken at Dao Mountain within the previous two summers (3 years).

  • $145. is the maximum total discount allowed off the base tuition per retreat, even when combining multiple and special category discounts. The only way to get an extra $20. discount is by pre-paying 60 days in advance.

  • No discounts of any kind on weekend courses.

  • Generous Extended Payment plans are available, please contact the office. There are also work study positions available (see Staff & workstudy program). Don’t let money stop you from following your path!
  • Exceptions to Retreat Pricing

    The standard tuition is $445. (6 day retreat).

    The standard weekend tuition is $225. (2.5 days).
    Some week long courses involve bringing in teachers from abroad or offer professional (CEU) credits.

    Those courses listed below have a unique pricing in either their tuition or their room & board due to different length. Call Registrar if you have any questions:

  • All prices are before any discounts.

  • Retreat code is by week
  • 1a. Cosmic Chi Healing 1 (dbl room & board reduced to $380. due to 4 nights instead of 5)

    1b. Tao Instructors (call for prices)

    2. Cosmic Chi Healing 2 (dbl room & board reduced to $380. due to 4 nights instead of 5)

    3c. Tao Astrology for Diagnosis & Healing

    Medical Qigong, Diet and Feng Shui
    (Dr. David Twicken) $550. for 6-day tuition.
    30 CEU credits.

    10a. Weight Loss & Medical $545. for 6 day tuition.

    Email: retreats@healingtaousa.com

    Call registrar at
    Within USA only: 888-750-1773

    Cell phone April 7 - June 15 only: 828-242-0968

    Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 12 - 4 pm EST

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    Housing & Meals

    Typical hotel quality bedroom with mountain views


    Dao Mountain is wonderfully cozy, an intimate place in which you quickly feel at home. There are 33 rooms with 70 beds, mostly queen sized. All rooms are lovely, hotel quality – the center is used for corporate retreats when not in use by Healing Tao University. Most rooms are set naturally into the wooded landscape in semi-private cottages, with beautiful mountain and meadow views.

  • All rooms have a private bath, telephone & TV, heating and air conditioning, with a small surcharge for A/C use. You can plug your laptop computer in or use the high speed hookup in the main building. These accommodations are far superior to the large “summer camp” spiritual retreat centers found across the US.

  • Housing includes FREE use of pools (indoor & outdoor), two saunas, hot tub, tennis & basketball courts, horseshoes, and access to the 63 acres of rolling hills. Easiest to take short hikes on back country roads with little traffic, gorgeous views, and little chance of getting lost!


    Meals are part of the housing package - three delicious meals daily, served banquet style. The cuisine is international, with offerings that vary between Italian, French, Cubo-hispanic, Asian, Mexican, California salad bar and other exotic dishes that may strike the chef’s fantasy.

  • You choose what suits your body and diet, with daily home-cooked fresh local vegetables, soups, grain & legumes, egg, fish and poultry dishes. Breakfasts include your choice of hot porridge & cold cereals, fruit juices, fresh local cantaloupes and melons. Occasionally there are blueberry pancakes or French toast.

  • Red meats are available for high protein diets on a short order basis, and cost extra).

    Room & Board Packages

    For 6 day retreat (5 nights):

  • Double room (& the few triples): $440. includes all meals.

  • Single room IF AVAILABLE: $640 ($40. nite extra).
    Must prepay to hold a single. Includes all meals.

    For 2.5 day Weekend (2 nights):

  • Double room is $185.

  • Single room is $265. (must prepay to reserve)

    For rooms between retreats:

  • ROOM ONLY: $45. per night (double), $90. (single).
    Meals are NOT SERVED between retreats.
    You can get Chinese and Italian food delivered from nearby Pinebush.
    If a small group of people orders meals in advance, Jeronimo may serve
    meals at restaurant prices between retreats. Otherwise you need a car
    to visit restaurants.

  • Important: book & PREPAY far in advance to guarantee extra nights between retreats. On days when no Healing Tao retreats are in progress, the rooms may be rented to others. Hotel are in high demand in the Catskills during the summer.

    You may be forced between retreats to move out (by taxi, if you have no car) and stay in a more expensive hotel if you do not PREPAY for rooms between retreats. You may cancel your prepaid reservation for rooms between retreats without penalty 48 hours in advance.

    Some people take a bus to NYC for the day(s) between retreats or go sightseeing elsewhere in the Hudson Valley. You can store baggage.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Can I stay at Dao Mountain without taking a course?

  • Yes, if there is space. You may come to do a private retreat and share meals at the same room & board package costs listed above. You must respect the quiet and schedules of those taking retreats.
  • 2. Can I bring children?

  • Yes. Sometimes a spouse comes along to watch the child.
    We cannot guarantee babysitters, although the chef has teenage daughters who may be willing to babysit. For older children, the area is safe to roam and play without supervision, with low (and very slow) traffic.
  • 3. What should I wear/pack for Dao Mountain?

  • A suggested packing list will be sent to you after you register.
    Generally it is an extremely comfortable summer climate, warm and Sunny by day (t—shirt/shorts) and cool at night (bring a sweater/jacket).
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    Schedules & General Information

    The information below is given everyone registering at Dao Mountain.
    We call it the “Rules of Harmony at Dao Mountain”.

    Please radiate Inner Smile at all times!

    Typical Daily Schedule

    Morning practice: check with instructor

    Breakfast 8:30 am - 9:30 am
    Class 9:30 am - 1:00 pm
    Lunch & Break 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
    Class 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm
    Dinner 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Evening: free time or class, check with instructor

    Tao Bookstore

    Hours: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
    7:30 pm - 9:30 pm (approximately!)

    It may open after breakfast or during morning break, by announcement.

  • There are substantial bookstore discounts up to 25% off on many audio and videos for registered students (cheaper than web prices, no shipping).

  • Tao Bookstore has one of the largest collection of hard to find Tao books, music, posters, training equipment, very cool Taoist t-shirts, feng shui items, Taoists statues, everything found on the website and much more! Bring extra money, the goodies in this store are irresistible.
  • Swimming Pool Rules

    NO SWIMMING ALONE, even after sauna. State law & insurance rule.
    Indoor & outdoor pool (sauna, hot tub) hours are as posted.

  • Bring your room towel to the pool & sauna.
    Only one of the two saunas will be heated daily.
  • Room Rules

  • Quiet Hour: after 10 pm. For late night activity, please use dining room/lobby areas so as not to disturb others. Tea, coffee, and light snacks are available at all times.

  • Please UNPLUG YOUR TV. This is a retreat. If you absolutely must watch it briefly, use very low volume or bring headphones so as not to disturb others. There is a TV in the lobby you can watch.

  • CONSERVE ELECTRICITY: PLEASE TURN OFF ALL ROOM LIGHTS and A/C when not in room. The electric rates in this area are amongst the highest in USA.

  • AIR CONDITIONERS. To keep average housing costs down, there are two A/C plans:
    Plan A: $30. prepaid for week, or $15 for weekend, with unlimited A/C use.
    Plan B: $10. per day of useage, you can run it only on hot days.
    Max charge on Plan B: 5 days/ $50. for full week, $20. for weekend.
    All rooms have fans and most people can get by comfortably without A/C.
    There is usually a comfortable summer breeze in the mountains. Many people
    swim on hot afternoons during the long lunch break.

  • No candles in rooms. No hotplates/cooking in rooms.
    No smoking in your room or any buildings. Please take a walk outside in the fresh air if you need to smoke, away from housing where windows may be open. Best solution: deep chi kung breathing can help cure smoking habit!
  • Telephone/Internet

  • Room Telephone: No charge for calls between rooms, or local calls to Pinebush. 800 calls are free for first 5 minutes, after that $1. per five minutes (to discourage laptop users from tying up the four campus lines).

  • There is a high-speed internet computer and module for hooking up laptops in the back of the large meeting room (Tai Chi Palace) upstairs.
    Keep track of your own time, $5. per half hour/ $3. per 15 minutes, pay directly to Jeronimo staff.

  • FOR SOMEONE TO CALL YOU: Give them 1-845-733-5652 and your tel. ext. number (NOT room #). Room numbers are NOT the telephone ext. numbers. Check the listing beside your phone for tel. extensions of all rooms.

  • To DIAL OUTSIDE: "9" + NUMBER. $1. surcharge for outside calls. Calls to many nearby towns with same area code will cost $1.

  • NO INCOMING CALLS AFTER 11 PM (except emergency). Tel. switching system is manual.

  • Payphones: one is located upstairs in vestibule outside Tao Bookstore, another near the grand piano in the back dining area.

  • Settle your telephone bill directly with Jeronimo staff before you leave.

    Housekeeping & Misc.

  • During retreats there is no maid service. You may exchange towels mid-week in the laundry area behind the kitchen. Sheets are changed at end of each retreat.
    For housekeeping problems or medical emergency, call "O" from room. If no answer on "0", then reach owners Corky or K.C. at: 9 - 733 - 5352.

  • Laundry: No in-house service. Bring enough clothes for your retreat. If you are staying longer, Wishy Washy Laundry (744-6449) has self serve or drop off in Pinebush (5 miles away). On Rt. 52 past main traffic light in Pine Bush, on the left side, next to Ellenville Nat. Bank.

  • Staying over between retreats:. If you want weekend meals, ordinarily none are served unless there is at least a small group of people requesting them (at restaurant prices). Jeronimo staff must be notified well in advance. Otherwise meals must be delivered from Pinebush (Italian or Chinese).

  • CHECK OUT: LAST MORNING DURING BREAKFAST move your luggage to TV room/lobby or your car, so rooms can be cleaned for new arrivals. Please BRING DIRTY TOWELS ONLY to TV lobby in morning. Leave sheets/pillow cases in room. You are welcome to stay on campus and swim, etc. even after checking out of your room.

  • Photocopy (upstairs in Palace of 3 Pure Ones): 10 cents per copy, pay direct to Jeronimo staff.

  • No one allowed in kitchen area at any time.

  • Bar is not open during retreats.
    No alcohol or drug use permitted while on retreat.

  • Hiking: Please do not hike alone in woods, it is easy to get lost.
    May be danger of lyme disease from ticks, although no one in last four years of retreats (since we moved to this location) has had a problem. Safe alternative is to hike on quiet country roads.

  • Shortest walk: there is trail to Pole Star Pond beyond the outdoor pool.
    Longer walk: If you exit the center and go south (to the right), and then take every left turn, it makes a 4.4 mile loop.

    Questions? Call registrar at 973-777-4442
    or 888-999-0555 (from U.S.) or FAX: 973-777-3753
    Email: info@healingtaousa.com

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    Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel for ANY reason, without re-scheduling a different retreat, the fee is $100. per retreat.

  • There is no penalty to change courses/dates before start of retreat. We strongly request that you make any changes 30 days in advance of retreat start, so we can plan meeting space size, etc. After retreat begins, you need permission from any instructor to transfer into their retreat. This generally must occur on the first day of the retreat, and only if someone realizes the course is truly not suitable for them.

  • EARLY CANCELLATION: If you cancel 30 or more days in advance, the rest of your deposit (whatever amount you’ve paid) is refundable (less $100.). You may cancel by letter, stamp-dated fax, email, or phone message and must clearly identify your name and retreat. We must RECEIVE your cancellation by midnite of the 30th day – its NOT WHEN YOU POSTMARK your letter.
    We do NOT accept responsibility for technical difficulties in delivering your message unless they are caused by us (i.e. our answering machine is not working properly, etc.).

    How to Keep the Early Cancellation date clear:

  • For all retreats with start dates in July, Early Cancellation must be on the same date in June. Example: July 5 start date, early cancel is by midnite June 5.

  • For all retreats with start dates in June or August, Early Cancellation must be maximum of one day later in May or July. Example: June 15 or August 15 start date, early cancel is by June 16 or Aug. 16 midnite (due to 31 days in preceeding month).

  • No refunds given after retreat starts. This applies to both housing and tuition. Occasionally credits for future retreats are granted for exceptional emergencies, such death-in-family or medical emergencies, at the discretion of Healing Tao USA. We will do everything reasonably possible to help you continue/finish the course at a future date.

  • LATE CANCELLATION: If you cancel less than 30 days before retreat starts:

    Option A: DEPOSIT APPLIED TO FUTURE RETREAT. 100% of your paid deposit (less $100. cancel fee) is automatically credited to future retreats taken within 24 months (within next two cycles of summer retreats).

    Option B: 50% CASH REFUND. If you don’t intend to take a future retreat within the next two summers (your best deal financially), you may request instead a 50% cash refund of the total cost of room/board + tuition due for that retreat. Payment will be made promptly to you.

    If you have not paid 100% of that retreat at the time of cancellation in the last 30 days before retreat start, you still legally owe 50% of the total cost of that retreat. Even if you’ve signed an extended payment agreement or failed to pay that 50% in advance for some reason.

    People who cancel late are naturally unhappy about this, but we assure you that 50% cancel fee is just to cover our overhead. Running a large retreat program is economically marginal at best, and becomes a losing proposition without long term planning stability to enable us to control costs of food, housing, marketing, staff and faculty. We rent the Dao Mountain facility for a hefty fee under certain performance expectations that do not allow us to underwrite last minute life changes to your plans.

    Questions? Call registrar at 973-777-4442
    or 888-999-0555 (from U.S.) or FAX: 973-777-3753
    Email: info@healingtaousa.com

    Note: in summer time (usually around June 10-12) we forward all our phone lines and mail from our New Jersey office to our Dao Mountain retreat center, and back again around Aug. 25. These transfer periods may causes technical glitches or delays in responding to you.

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    Dao Mountain Staff & Workstudy Program

    Healing Tao Staff

  • The founder and Director of Healing Tao University and the summer retreat program is Michael Winn. He coordinates the faculty and the programs and lives at Dao Mountain all summer to oversee its smooth operation. He teaches part of the core curriculum of chi kung and inner alchemy, sometimes with his partner and advisor Joyce Gayheart.

  • The Registrar and Retreat Manager is Karin Sorvik, who wears many hats. She is a Healing Tao Instructor, faculty member and full time employee of the non-profit (501c3) parent company, the Dao Alchemy Research Institute. We imported this Swedish-Dutch efficiency whiz from Argentina, and she is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. She is extremely knowledgeable about all the teachers and the retreat courses. She also manages the workstudy program.

  • The Assistant Retreat Managers this year are Rob Renahan and Sun.
  • Staff can be contacted at info@healingtaousa.com or telephone (see Contact)

    Healing Tao Work-Study program

  • This program is designed to help subsidize course tuition for those who cannot otherwise afford to attend. Basically, you wash dishes three times a day in exchange for your room & board (see “Housing & meals” for the Current weekly costs of room & board. That is the dollar amount of your saving.

  • You still pay tuition and attend the full course training for that week, but the work study effectively reduces your cost by about 50%.

  • Apply for this program as early as possible, as different weeks get taken. Email the registrar at info@healingtaousa.com or call at 973-777-4442.
  • Jeronimo Center Staff

    Healing Tao rents this center in the summer from Corky and Casey Jeronimo, who naturally call it Jeronimo Conference Center the rest of the year. Their family has owned this lovely Catskills conference center for over 40 years, with many new modern buildings added over time. The main meeting hall was built just three years ago, with solid windows on three sides surrounded by forest and meadows. The Jeronimos take pride in keeping it in immaculate condition and during retreats work fulltime to make sure your stay is comfortable and that you are well fed.

    They are fun, casual, eclectic people with two friendly golden Labrador retrievers and a cat that roam the property. Occasionally some of their kids – Nick, Matt, or Alexandra - come back to help out at the center. This not like those big impersonal retreat centers with an invisible staff and changing faces every week. This is a place smothered with personal love and attention – everybody is on a first name basis. The Jeronimos love the interesting variety of the approximately 400 people who are attracted to our Tao retreats each summer. Their website is www.Jeronimo.com and features a video of the center.

    The cook is Betsy, naturally the most important person on campus! And she knows it. She is a big-hearted Mama who dearly loves her little Taoist ducklings, even as she waves her big knife if they cross into her sacred territory. Her kids and tiny grand-daughter add to the multi-generational feeling of the place. The food she serves is international, eclectic, and delicious. Each meal is a buffet banquet so you can choose what suits your diet. Mostly importantly, the chi she puts into the food is filled with love.

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    a.k.a. Jeronimo Conference Center
    3 Hotel Road, Walker Valley, NY 12588
    Located between Pine Bush and Ellenville, NY (route 52)

    If you get lost, be sure to ask directions for Jeronimo Conference Center, it’s local name - not Dao Mountain.

  • Healing Tao Office at Dao Mountain: 888-999-0555 or 845-733-5729
    If no answer, call Jeronimo Center tel: 845-733-5652

  • AIRPORT BUS: Take shuttles ($11. - $14.) to Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd St. and 8th Ave. in Manhattan. Info can be obtained from Ground Transportation Desk at Baggage Pickup Area in the following airports:

    1. La Guardia and JFK: Express Bus (718-875-8200) to Port Authority Terminal runs every 20 minutes from 6:40 am to 11:40 pm. From La Guardia it takes 30-50 minutes depending on traffic; from JFK it takes 50 min –1+ hours depending on traffic.

    2. Newark, NJ: Olympia Airport Express (212-964-6233) to Port Authority Terminal runs every 20 minutes from 6 am to midnight. Takes 40-50 minutes, more at peak hours.

    3. Newburgh, N.Y. The closest regional airport to Dao Mtn. is Stewart Airport which has major airlines. Taxi is about $40. – about half hour drive. Hudson Valley limo is only $35, see below.

    AIRPORT LIMO: for reliable local limo service that knows the way to the retreat center, call Karin or Joe Fox at Hudson Valley Car Service at 845-744-2991. Newark is $120., LaGuardia $160., JFK $200., downtown NYC is $220. (prices subject to change).

    BUS from Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd St. and 8th Ave. in Manhattan. Take the SHORTLINE bus to “Bloomingburg, NY”. Buy ticket ($26.50 one way in 2003) in the south (downtown) terminal at Shortline ticket office. Bus leaves from north (uptown) terminal, check for gate # (usually 3rd floor). Short Line (201) 529-3666: TIMETABLE is SUBJECT TO CHANGE –PLEASE CALL THEM TO CONFIRM.

    Leaving NYC Arriving Bloomingburg Shortline Bus schedule:
    1. LV: 8:30 am, AR: 10:10 am
    2. LV: 11:30 am, AR: 1:15 pm - Jeronimo pickup free (day retreat starts)
    3. LV: 2:30 pm, AR: 3:55 pm in Middletown (take $20. cab to center)
    4. LV: 5:30 pm, AR: 7:30 pm - Jeronimo pickup free (day retreat starts)
    5. Possible late bus: LV NYC 7:30 pm AR Middletown 10 pm (need taxi).

    Leaving Bloomingburg Arriving NYC Port Authority:

    1. LV: 8:32 am, AR: 10:15 am
    2. LV: 10:32 am, AR: 12:15 pm
    3. LV: 1:32 am, AR: 3:15 pm - Jeronimo drop-off free (day retreat ends).
    4. LV: 4:47 pm, AR: 6:41 pm - Jeronimo drop-off free (day retreat ends).
    5. LV: 7:32 pm, AR: 9:30 pm

    For PICKUP in Bloomingburg: Best to call in advance (845-733-5652) to let Jeronimo know on which bus you will be arriving. Transportation to and from Bloomingburg is provided by Jeronimo Center on retreat start and end dates.

  • If you arrive on the 1:15pm or 7:30 pm buses the day the retreat starts, the pickup is free. If you depart on the 1:30pm or 4:47 pm drop off is free. All other pickups and dropoffs cost $10. per van (can be shared if more than one person).
  • You MUST call from Bus Stop in Bloomingburg when you’ve arrived, they will NOT pickup until they know bus has arrived. Phone from Pizza shop, or at Chinese restaurant around the corner, or cell phone. Center is only 10 minutes from bus stop. No pickup service after 7:30PM.
  • If you are arriving on late bus then taxi from Middletown or elsewhere, call in advance as no one will be there to register you. Your room assignment and map of grounds will be posted on main door or on dining room table. Late night arrivals can register next morning.


    Driving time approximately 2 hours. As approaching the George Washington Bridge stay in the lane for upper bridge level. Get in far Right lane as you cross Bridge. At end of Bridge, take Palisades Parkway North (if you miss this exit, go 10 minutes further and take Garden St. Parkway North to 87 W) . Drive 20 minutes and take Exit 9 (follow signs to Albany on New York Thruway/87W). Take Exit 16.

    After toll booth follow signs to Route 17 W . Drive 30 min. Take Exit 119 to Pinebush. Turn Right on Route 302 and go 12 miles to Pinebush. At 3rd traffic light, turn Left onto Route 52. (Intersection has gas station on right and custard stand on left).

    Go 5.5 Miles through Walker Valley, you will see small Jeronimo’s sign on right. Make next left on Grau Road. Resort is 4/10 mile on Right. It has a big lawn on both sides of road. (Grau Rd. becomes Rosso Gap Pleasant Valley Rd.)

    Driving time is 2 hours. Take Grand Central Parkway West to 278 (Triboro Bridge) to 87 North (Major Deegan Expressway). *See JFK directions below.

    Driving time is 2.5 hours. Take the Van Wyck Expressway (678 North) across the Whitestone Bridge. Follow signs to Cross Bronx Expressway (95 West) to George Washington Bridge. Before bridge take 87 North (Major Deegan Expwy) and go up 45 minutes to Tarrytown/Tappan Zee Bridge – 87/287 West crosses the Hudson River. Follow 87 to exit 16. Alternative: From Whitestone Bridge take 95 West across George Washington Bridge, then up the Palisades to 87 West. *See NYC directions.

    Driving time is 2 hours. Take New Jersey Turnpike/95 North to where it intersects 80 just before the George Washington Bridge. Go West on Interstate 80 for 10 minutes, then North on the Garden State Parkway to 87 West and Exit 16. See NYC directions.

    You may alternatively be able to get on Garden State Parkway closer to Newark and go straight up to 87W (NY Thru way) without the dogleg on I-80.

    CAR from BOSTON:
    Driving time 4.5 hours. Take Mass Pike to 84 West, then right onto 208 North. Then left onto 52 West. Follow signs to Pinebush. *see NYC directions.

    CAR from ALBANY:
    Driving time is 2 hours. Take 87 south to exit 17 (Newburgh, Route 300). Go through the toll, take right at stop sign onto 17K. Take 17K to 302 towards Pinebush. *see NYC directions.

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    Healing Tao Instructor Certification

    Content not yet sent.

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    Healing Tao University Faculty

    Note: Each year there are some changes in the faculty. The list of faculty is updated around February prior to the summer retreat session. Until then, the previous year’s faculty will be posted.

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    CEU’s and Academic Credits

    content to be sent

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    Retreat Brochure (Downloadable)

  • You may download the 12 page brochure in 4 sections. (Requires Adobe Reader).
  • Note: The current year’s brochure is not available online usually until February. Until then, the previous year’s brochure will remain posted as a sample. Please do NOT CONFUSE last year’s courses!

  • 1. Front/back cover & introduction to Healing Tao System (pg. 1,12, 2,3)

    2. Retreat description (pg. 4-7)

    3. Registration & Faculty information (pg. 8 & 9)

    4. Short catalog of Michael Winn & Mantak Chia products (pg. 10, 11)

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    Healing Tao Audio-Video-Book Products

    Not everyone can make it to a retreat. Many people want to start studying in advance of attending the summer retreats – they can’t wait to start their chi cultivation practice.

    The perfect solution are the Tao Home Study courses listed below. Plus you get a nearly 50% rebate for many audio-video courses if you take that instructor’s retreat within one year of your online purchase.

    1. Michael Winn’s Tao Home Study courses

    2. Mantak Chia products

    3. Other Instructor products

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    By PHONE:

    Office Hours: Mon – Friday, 2-6 pm EST (Eastern Std Time)
    call 973-777-4442
    fax 973-777-3753

    Within USA only: 888-999-0555

    Note: It is safe to leave credit card information on our answering machine.

    By EMAIL. Email all questions about retreats or products:


    To receive printed brochure (usually ships mid to late March),
    send your mailing address to the email address above.

    By MAIL. Note that our address changes seasonally.

    June 10 to Aug. 15: Healing Tao USA, Box 5, Walker Valley, N. Y. 12588

    August 16 to June 9: Healing Tao USA, Box 24, Lodi, N. J. 07644