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Sexual Qigong — Both Sexes

Sexual Vitality Qigong DVD by Michael Winn
This 2 hour DVD collects 25 of the best sexual energy-building qigong exercises I could find or create in 20 years of search with dozens of qigong masters. This DVD is NOT a substitute for learning internal sexual practices taught on audio courses. But these graceful movement exercises powerfully complement the internal sexual energy work. There is nothing comparable to this DVD in the qigong marketplace.
Healing Love: Taoist Sexual Secrets
Weekend (7 CD) and weeklong retreat (17 CD) Audio homestudy
by Michael Winn & Joyce Gayheart.

These recordings offer updates on sexual practices for both men and women, practical improvements that came after SAFELY teaching thousands of Westerners over twenty years. Covers material not in any DVD or books. Goes deep into resolving the biological, psychological, and spiritual tension hidden within male-female relationships.

Couple serious about experiencing "whole-life orgasm" should gift themselves the week-long retreat. 4 of the CDs are Joyce training women-only circle, Michael has separate men-only circle. Very educational to cross-listen!

Male Sexuality

Taoists Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
Book by Michael Winn and Mantak Chia. Illustrated by Juan Li. 300 pg.
This is the classic that began the Taoist sexual revolution in the West. Often overlooked is the chapter emphasizing these powerful sexual methods should only be employed AFTER opening up the Microcosmic Orbit and releasing emotional tension with the Six Healing Sounds. This ensures sexual energy flows into safe, healthy channels and produces a more profound experience. The book is a valuable reference, but techniques have been replaced by superior methods. I've taken the teachings to a much higher level since this was published. You'll get best results following the audio-DVD homestudy courses, starting with Qigong Fundamentals and mastering your emotional body with Fusion.
The Multi-Orgasmic Man
Book by Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams.
In terms of techniques taught, this book is a partial re-write of Taoist Secrets of Love, re-packaged for mass audience. What is valuable is the interesting western scientific research into male sexuality and male multi-orgasmic potential. But I would not use this book to learn the practices, the audio-DVD course offers much better and more sophisticated learning tools.

Female Sexuality

Jade Eggs for Female Sexual Practice.
(Drilled hole allows use of string for easy removal of egg).
An extremely popular product that enables women to explore the hidden female power of the vagina and womb, through both physical exercises and in meditation.
Sacred Teachings of the Jade Goddess:
Emergence of the Sensual Woman & Awakening of Our Erotic Innocence. Book by Saida Desilets. 268 pages.
Saida is a Healing Tao instructor-goddess who seeks to empower women to go beyond. She has done a great job of experimenting with a wide array of techniques that push the envelop for what we can get from divine love-making, solo or with partner.
  Bells of Love (Breast Massage & Sexual Cultivation) for Women

Audio Double-CD by Minke de Vos.

Comforting Sexual Self-Care, Breast Massage, Genital Dance, Jade Egg Exercise, Healing Love Basics, Orgasmic Upward Draw, Creative Energy Channel Flows, How to Ground Emotions & Energy. 160 min.

Minke is a Senior Instructor with 20 years experience, a wonderful teacher who embodies the Taoist goddess "Queen Mother of the West" in magical ways.
Female Treasures: Practice Guide to Energy Cultivation for Women
Book by Minke de Vos. 70 pages.
An excellent companion to Minke's Bells of Love double CD. A compendium that digests a wide range of women's practices: Tao sexual energy cultivation, jade egg, yogic postures, Feldenkrais pelvic movements, valuable tips on women's sexual health.
Healing Love Through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy.
Book by Mantak & Maneewan Chia. 328 pages.
This classic is the original, "must-have reference" work for women. A bit dry, lacks a woman's voice. Maneewan did not write this; Michael Winn edited/ghostwrote the book based on research and talks with female Healing Tao adepts, and included a interview at the end with his partner Joyce on her sexual practice to juice it up. Covers energetic pathways of sexual exchange, ovarian breathing, breast massage, jade egg, how to manage menstrual cycles, and more. Beautifully illustrated by Juan Li & classical Chinese erotic drawings.

Couples Sexuality

Beyond Tantra: Healing Through Taoist Sacred Sex.
Book by Mieke Wik and Stephan Wik. 154 pages
A most engaging and readable account of a couple in their mid-40's with four kids learning the Healing Tao sexual practices after getting disappointing results from California-style Tantra.
I highly recommend this book for anyone, singles included, to get the "feel" of the Tao sexual cultivation process and its learning curve. The best book on Taoist sex for couples by an "outside practitioner" bringing clear focus to what works in real life.
Sexual Reflexology: Activating the Taoist Points of Love
Book by Mantak Chia and William Wei. 208 pages.

This book is for folks who like pictures — it has 214 of them. Many images are from a lovely 14th century Chinese erotic text describing love-making postures which have medical benefits, others map out points on the reflexology zones of the penis and yoni and how these affect the vital organs and rest of the body — useful improvements to love-making and whole body orgasm.