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Healing Tao USA Stone Circle & Jade Tree Immortal images

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May 2004 Crystal Stone Circle warming. I put on my silk robes covered with my design - I Ching and alchemical symbols, sewn by a Taoist nun from Xian's 8 Immortals temple.
Stone circle as quiet sanctuary for meditation & qigong practice.
Jade Tree Immortal petrified tree trunk from China, now green quartzite, after 200 million years.
Detailed blowup of the lightbodies of spirits that showed up for my Winter Solstice ceremony 2006. My tech expert says image is not a refraction from candle in circle or from camera lens.
Sunset over stone circle, winter solstice 2006. (see the changes in photos taken later this day).
Darkness falls over stone circle, winter solstice 2006. One candle burns in center of circle.
Photo taken without flash, it came out totally black except for candle. When exposure was increased, the spirits showed up - the light bodies of the Beings of All Directions and All Dimensions?
Stone Circle heart-warming initiation in May 2004.
Getting stoned. This stone circle is energetically wired into the ascension site of Lao Tzu in Louguantai, China .
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