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Healing Tao USA Stonehenge & Scotland images

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River pours into the sea. Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Winn relaxes into Stone circle chi and Druid tree.
Painting on wall of original stone confirguation. Stonehenge, 5000 year old ritual site.
Getting support for your spine. Stonehenge, 5000 year old ritual site.
Absorbing the massive earth chi at Stonehenge.
Moonrise over Stonehenge, Autumn Equinox.
Praise the power of the Stones!Stonehenge, 5000 year old ritual site.
Stonehenge, 5000 year old ritual site.
Absorbing the sun and Stonehenge chi.
Kan & Li altar at Glastonbury retreat, Winn teaching beneath Russian icon (just another trinity, symbolizes the Triune Stream/Life Force).
High altar gives us a lift. We stay in the chateau in background.
Puzzling English street signs. I couldn't see any.
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