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Healing Tao USA Stonehenge & Scotland images

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Communing with the Henge beings.
private moment, Stonehenge, 5000 year old ritual site.
2006 Equinox ceremony. Stonehenge, 5000 year old ritual site.
Michael Winn, before Equinox ceremony. Stonehenge, 5000 year old ritual site.
Qigong player absorbing solar chi.
Atop Silbury Hill pyramid, sunrise above the fog. Barry Spendlove & Michael Winn.
Reinoud from Holland plays tai chi chi kung. Silbury Hill, 3000 B.C. pyramid.
Barry the Welsh Elf sits and smiles with a smiling rock.
Winn returns to his celtic roots, Isle of Skye, Scotland.
Barry Spendlove tastes a chunk of local peat, ancient bogs used like coal.
Meditating in the "barrens", Isle of Skye, Scotland.
When men were real men. Did the ancients have a thing about Stone phalluses? Scotland.
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