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Course Material presented by Mantak Chia

The Healing Tao is a system derived from ancient techniques rooted in the processes of nature, gathered and integrated into an accessible coherent teaching by Mantak Chia and his students in the USA and around the world.. The practices are designed to improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is not a religion and does not require the belief in any set of dieties or Gods. The techniques work directly with the life force or "Chi" flowing through the meridian system of the body. The aim of the Healing Tao is to restore the individual to a position of harmonious flow with the forces of nature. Master Chia's method of teaching is direct and practical. Years have been spent developing and perfecting techniques for passing these traditional practices to Western students. The emphasis is always on mastering the actual practice.

  1. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation,
  2. The Inner Smile,
  3. The 6 Healing Sounds,
  4. Tao In,
  5. Tao Rejuvenation - Chi Self-Massage.
  1. Healing Love:

    Seminal and Ovarian Kung Fu (Taoist Sexual Practice for Single and Dual Cultivation).

  2. Iron Shirt Chi Kung

    Organs Exercise and Preliminary Rooting Paractice, Three levels.

    • Iron Shirt I,
    • Iron Shirt II
    • Iron Shirt III.
  3. Fusion of the Five Elements

    Cleansing and Purifying the Organs and Opening the 6 Special Channels; Three levels:

    • Fusion I,
    • Fusion II
    • Fusion III.
  4. Tai Chi Chi Kung

    The Foundation of Tai Chi Chuan.

  5. Taoist Five Element Nutrition

    Taoist Healing Diet.

  1. Cosmic Healing Chi Kung,
  2. Chi Nei Tsang

    Organ Chi Transformation Massage. Three Levels:

    • Chi Nei Tsang I,
    • Chi Nei Tsang II,
    • Chi Nei Tsang III.
  1. Lesser Enlightment of Kan & Li

    Opening of the Twelve Channels, Raising the Soul and Developing the Energy Body,

  2. Greater Enlightenment of Kan and Li

    Raising the Spirit and Developing the Spiritual Body.

  3. Greatest Enlightenment of Kan and Li

    Educating the Spirit and Soul, Space Travel.

  1. Sealing of the Five Senses
  2. Congress of Heaven and Earth
  3. Reunion of Heaven and Man

Students are encouraged to advance at their own rate. There is no secrecy and no details are withheld. Master Chia maintains the Tao Garden Retreat Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A program of Summer and Winter retreats is scheduled each year. Master Chia also travels several times each year presenting workshops and helping local instructors develop their teaching practices.