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To spread the principles of Tao, the Natural Way, by transmission of a deeply embodied Natural Truth to all beings desiring to experience their Whole, True, Original, and Immortal Self.

Please read this letter from Michael Winn on walking the path of Tao (Dao).

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Michael Winn is founder and President of Healing Tao University. It has a successful 15 year history, a top faculty of 20 masters. All levels welcome, beginner to advanced.
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Unable to attend retreats? Take Michael Winnís Taoist Energy Body workshops (audio & video) in the privacy of your own home. They are fun, lively, and easy. They take you step-by-step into the profound depths of yourself. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Dear Seeker of the Natural Effortless Way,

There is a saying in China: "Talk does not cook the rice". Likewise, reading Taoist philosophy or thinking "I am a Taoist" is not to be confused with the experience of Tao. Tao is more than a head trip. Scholars have shown Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching (Daodejing) was not a philosophical text, but a practical meditation manual. (See Original Tao by Harold Roth).

Tao is a way of life, based on the natural spiritual science of chi (qi) flow. Cultivating chi flow spontaneously unfolds one's original spiritual essence. It empowers us to shape our worldly destiny.

Without a guide, you can waste a lot of time and effort finding out what is hidden at the core of Taoism (Daoism). You need deep centering and grounding on this path. The Healing Tao has been a pioneer since 1981 in bringing practical methods from China to the west, beginning with Mantak Chia's transmission of Taoist hermit One Cloud's Seven Alchemy Formulas of Immortality. But the number of books and videos can be dizzying, even scary. I am also responsible, having co-written seven books with Mantak Chia. Plus there are hundreds of other chi kung (qigong) forms and meditation styles. How to choose, where to start?

The One Cloud transmission was just my starting point. It provided a superstructure for the many refinements I have since discovered along the path of cultivating the Taoist Energy Body. The Tao Home Study course is the distillation of 25 years intense searching out many different masters, and study of dozens of chi kung and meditation systems. I made 7 trips to China to study with Taoists and deeply attune to the source in Taoist caves and mountains.

If you read each course description, in sequence, you will intuitively know if these tools will assist your unique path though life. There is a profound synergy between all the courses. The material was recorded AFTER 25 years of continuous refinement. I don't rush things into print to make a quick buck. I sincerely want you to get it. Getting Tao means "getting oneself". This requires diving deep into the Unknown Center of your chi field. Consider me a diving guide. The audio & videos contain a fabulous collection of pearls I've discovered and want to share with you.

Winn Letter, cont.